Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Governmental Corruption Is Nauseating

Within the past decade, we've had a commission chairman accused of rape. During the investigation, he claims it was nothing more than a Ménage à trois.

We've had a legally elected Sheriff gunned down in his driveway on the orders of his losing opponent.

The police department suffered through the public firing of a police chief, Terrell Bolton for incompetence.

One of Bolton's minions, Don Frank, who was appointed the rank of deputy chief and placed in charge of Homeland Security in the police department, has been indicated on federal bribery charges and subsequently terminated.

And now, Crawford Lewis, the superintendent of DeKalb County schools has been indicted along with three others for racketeering.

Makes you wonder what Burrell Ellis means by "Knowing that we need one another is the bedrock of our New Politics".

Welcome to DeKalb County.



His name is not Pappagiorgio! His name is Rusty Griswold and he's a C+ student! Now out of the pool, let's go young man! Now!

Wise Guy said...

What on earth is wrong with Mrs.Keys and her staff. If they can uncover corruption in the School System why can they not find it in the past administration. Federal law suits against some of the top level officials, Don Frank indited. Vernon Jones walked around for 8 years with a sign on his back that said "I'm guilty" . She is either blind, very stupid or just down right afraid.

I'm Ron Burgundy? said...

I'll have three fingers of Glenlivet, with a little bit of pepper... and some cheese.

Anonymous said...

For kicks and giggles, Good 'Ol Vern has been spending every evening this week on the corner of 138 and the exit ramp from I-20 East waving at people and scrounging for senate votes.

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers need to thank the whistleblowers that suffered retaliation for exposing this criminal activity within our DeKalb County School System. Several DeKalb School Board members and others knew of this activity...the truth will come to light.

The whistleblowers also need their jobs back. The people that were denied their right to due process by Ramsey in the internal investigation need to be compensated financially for the wrong done to them by the administration. It is clear the administration was covering their A__!

Senator Ramsey needs to resign! He is the reason these alleged criminals were able to hide from justice. His internal investigation was on the whistleblowers instead of the alleged criminals. Senator Ramsey, you need to be ashamed of yourself and you will be punished.

Mrs. Keyes-Fleming was informed of this criminal activity over 3-4 years ago and her staff told one of the whistleblowers to never return to the DA's office. Our DA seem to play politics before she decides to prosecute.

Anonymous said...

If you think looking at all this "nauseating goverment corruption" on TV every night is bad, you should have seen it play out in real life right before your very eyes as a police officer. The citizens of DeKalb County got exactly what they deserve by electing these fools based solely on the color of thier skin instead of the content of thier character. If you really want to see how bad it was/is then go after Vernon Jones. He appointed that moron as chief of police even though he had to reach all the way down to the very bottom of the barrel to get find him. I wonder how far down they had to dig to find this idiot of a school superintendent. Sad to say Ron, but most of the readers here dont have a clue what (the) Glenlivit is or how to enjoy it properly. I sure do!

LoFlyer said...

DeKalb has no leaders nowadays. I blame the citizens of DeKalb for consistently voting in people who do not lead by example, who many of us would not even trust in our homes. Sidney Dorsey, Vernon Jones, Cynthia McKinney and Pat Jarvis come to mind. Of the four I was disgusted with Pat Jarvis cause I was sucked in to believing he was honest. I knew the other three were bad news even before they were elected and was troubled that DeKalb citizens would continue to elect these people year after year.
My favorite CEO was Manual Maloof. You knew exactly where you stood with Manual and he would let you know in no uncertain terms when he was displeased with you. He expected competence from the county employees and kept our pay competitive with neighboring counties. Unfortunately Manny's legacy is the CEO position. Manny lobbied for it and the commissioners and GA legislature approved it. Manny made the position work because he was a great politician who had a clear vision of how the county should be run, and could gain consensus with commissioners and lead the county forward. Then we had Levitan who was actually a very pleasant person but got nowhere because the infamous "gang of four" female commissioners opposed her at every step.
This was the beginning of the downhill slide for DeKalb county government. The pay went to hell with the '97 Price/Waterhouse pay study that even HR admits was deeply flawed at the behest of our commissioners. DeKalb employees started "dumbing down" as it was nearly impossible to recruit anyone competent in the professional or technical fields. The really great ones we did get left as soon as they get a better job offer.
Vernon Jones drove the spike through the chest of DeKalb employees with the infamous "No pay for performance" plan ensuring that raises would not even keep up with inflation. DeKalb employees kept "dumbing down" even though Vernon instituted the requirement of a college degree for professional and management positions. Vern gutted the inefficient purchasing department and we watched our purchasing costs double as the new guys were even more clueless than the previous crowd. We watched Facilities Management go from PPM (Piss poor management) to just plain fracked up under George Salesky, world famous photographer and brown-noser-par-excellence. County maintenance costs trebled and our roofs started leaking.
My favorite commissioner Hosea Williams. I kinda thought he was the court clown or jester until I saw him at a BOC meeting and Hosea was the only making any sense. DKPD found Hosea passed out on the side of I-20 and some how he beat the DUI charges. I would see Hosea driving around in his bright red Cadillac convertible and the citizens would all wave and Hosea would wave back. I watched Hosea pull into the commissioners parking lot with two hot babes, he drove over a curb and shook them up a bit. They all laughed and so did I. I think we used to have a lot more fun then.

Anonymous said...

I was once assigned to a multi week think tank study conducted by the Brown Group (another Jones kickback). Of the assigned topics was deployment. The end result was a huge change needed as other departments have made in what is actually deemed a 911 call worthy of dispatch. When it was suggested by Brown Group associates (former Dallas Police management) that Dekalb Police stop responding to alarm calls and vehicle accidents not required by state law i.e. occurring on interstates or involving injury, our then Deputy Chief asked publicly, "But what would we tell our home owner association reps?" Brown Group response-"Who is in charge here, you or the citizens?" This simple change allowing alarm companies and insurance companys to do their own work would have eliminated 80% of our dispatched 911 calls. None of the suggested changes by The Brown Group have been implemented to date. Just goes to show the hypocrisy of politics in this ridiculous county government.

Anonymous said...

"For kicks and giggles, Good 'Ol Vern has been spending every evening this week on the corner of 138 and the exit ramp from I-20 East waving at people and scrounging for senate votes".

Then drive by and give him what he deserves. The middle finger salute.

Anonymous said...

I'm really offended that Gwen thinks these people deserve a $1 million bond, while murderers are routinely given bonds that are a small, small fraction of that! They're worried about them intimidating witnesses?? I'd be worried about murder suspects KILLING witnesses!!

Gwen, you need to get your priorities straight!