Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Haven't We Been Down This Road Before?

WSB channel 2's Jodie Fleischer followed in the foot steps of CBS Atlanta's Adam Murphy, gigging the folks illegally parking around the Fulton County courthouse.

Looks like the Atlanta police administration got the point across to their officers who were violating the no parking law in Adam Murphy's story, because Jodie walked around 3 blocks looking for one.

Hate to say it, but Jodie's story was lame. She would have better served the viewers and the officers attending court in Fulton County if she had done a story about how there is no parking available to the officers attending court. If the officers can find parking, they will pay up to $25.00 or more a day out of their pocket, which is not reimbursed.

But hey, at least she didn't stand in street with a box of donuts calling out for the police like a beer vendor at Turner Field.


Anonymous said...

You know, the simple fix for this is just to designate all parking around the courthouse as "Law Enforcement Personnel Only". Obviously, a marked patrol car would suffice. As for unmarked or POV's, then a traffic vest in the window should be fine. It's really stupid that this is not already in place and worse yet that the media, politicians and public would take issue with it.

For law enforcement officers to have to pay to park our vehicles (whatever vehicles) in order to attend court while on official business, in response to a subpoena under penalty of law or otherwise is ludicrous. Unless this parking issue around the Fulton County courthouse is addressed to accommodate law enforcement personnel while on official business on behalf of the public they serve and protect, then perhaps they all will be okay if we just stop creating the cases that might put us there in the first place. This issue is just plain stupid and disgusts me.

Hey Wendy, why don't you ask the "policy-makers" of these parking restrictions the "Tough Questions" why us LEO's aren't exempt instead of dogging us on the issue. Please feel free to respond here in this blog. Or better yet, be FAIR and do your story from both sides. I for one as an honorable officer am really getting sick and tired of 46 always giving us or trying to give us a black eye instead of just fairly reporting the news.

Anonymous said...

Been to an ALS Hearing lately? to park or take MARTA.

Anonymous said...

TV News Creeps. Get a real job. What you do is not journalism. I get my news from the internet anyway. TV news is going the way of print.

Anonymous said...

Fulton County Government is a mess....who cares, this is boring. Not that DeKalb isn't.

Anonymous said...

How pointless. Folks, I haven't watched news on TV or read a hard-copy newspaper in a long time. It's just not worth my time, which they continue to prove on a regular basis. It IS much more effective to pick and choose from the Internet. It's the only way we can quickly get at what's REALLY relevant. We don't have to listen to them talk ad nauseum about how they were "first", painfully endure the pointless nature of much of the coverage until they get to something really relevant, or watch them preen (MKP).
You residents of Fulton County should be calling your reps NOW to force immediate action to solve this problem. It's such a simple one to solve, why wouldn't you want to????????????
Wendy or Linda S - please come to the rescue!

Anonymous said...

For God's sake Jodie - did you not learn the lesson from Adam Murphy?????? Do you not have anything better to report ???????
This is just getting stupid. Go have a donut and lighten up. Better yet, why don't you work on a solution instead ??