Thursday, June 10, 2010

911 Is Finally Being Exposed

With the never ending tweaking of the CAD system, addresses have been lost. Just gone, puff!

For years now addresses and calls have been assigned to the wrong precinct with the department making absoluety no effort to correct it. It's either incompetence or down right neglect.

We still call for an outside investigation into the problems with the CAD system. People probably have or will die because of the complete and total lackadaisical attitude of the command staff.

Someone needs to be held accountable. If ol' Wizard Miller has his fancy saying of "Leadership from the top", then that's where it needs to start. (We're pretty sure Bolton left over Karen Anderson came up with that motto).

Under his administration nothing has changed but the faces and names. Incompetence within the command staff is rampant. The CAD system needs to be corrected and corrected now. It's only when people die or nearly die that the system is exposed.

We have been screaming for years the system is flawed, yet nothing is done and the same people are in charge of it. The emphasis of Wizard Millers' direction this department is going, is to see how much grant money can be collected to arm ICP with assault riles, radar machines to sit on the side of the road and the never ending expense of maintaining those 5 stupid ass buses.

Hire professionals Wizard! Stop promoting unqualified people and then give them on the job training or the lack there of. Search wide and far, even if it has to be a civilian, at least find a person that is qualified. We have enough of Matchbook University people in command positions.

But the bottom line is, it takes a competent professional to know one.

The madness continues!

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Oh, the silent majesty of a winter's morn... the clean, cool chill of the holiday air...and an asshole in his bathrobe, emptying a chemical toilet into my sewer......

Anonymous said...

Well said! Incompetence is the word of the day. Why do we have uniform officers running radar, instead of handling calls, when we have a unit that specializes in running radar? Its this type of madness that drives us crazy. Why are we concentrating on speeders on the precinct level instead of real crime? Why is Kliesrath so concerned with tickets and park checks?

Anonymous said...

It's because he along with others are CLEARLY out for their own advancement and will sacrifice anyone or any UNIT in the way to impress those above him with his revenue collection. It's the same mentality that has cost many others job losses or imprisonment. They think we are too stupid to realize what they are doing and it is NEVER for the betterment of our citizens or officers, only themselves. Their demise is close I assure you.

Anonymous said...

Yes please get this cad system out of dekalb county....I knew from training on the system before they installed the crappy cad that it would not work for dekalb co...we need a new cad asap...the news article is just the tip of the ice berg with the problems with the cad...u have no idea how horrible it really is...

Anonymous said...

We been told libraries are a source of Gang Activity.

Librarians have complain that they have the criminal element visiting the libraries.

Guess what these are the citizens of Dekalb County.

I now have to go by a library and check with the staff to see if they are alive.

Anonymous said...

What about another specialize unit.


They will need take home cars too.

If they have to respond from home to a library.

It will never end.

Anonymous said...

Its because "the Sh**er was full" right Clark? Oh that so applies with Dekalb!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm warning you folks, the citizens of this county are going to go stark raving mad and will demand a tax refund!!! Wouldn't you? If you have a better chance of getting a pizza than an ambulance - you gotta figure something ain't right. Besides, the pizza is cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Anon said "Why do we have uniform officers running radar, instead of handling calls, when we have a unit that specializes in running radar?"

You forgot to add the "high crime area" known as libraries!. Required at Center on a regular basis - "Radio, hold me out at.... Signal 38, Dekalb County Library".

We have units assigned to run laser and set up checkpoints in the Briarcliff Rd./The By Way area because the radar speed trailer that shows a drivers speed on a large screen was spray painted the other night.

Next week, 3 officers will be put on special in the "Kensignton Station Triangle" due to 58's, 67's and 68's... murder, rape and robbery.... I was told Uniform's job was to strictly answer 911 calls..."we have STAR and TAC for DUI's and tickets".

Where did our specialized units with assigned (ICP and NET) equipment go? Bring back STRIKE Force on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please post some crime stats from our libraries that have made checking them such a high priority. This is madness! We've had businesses robbed and people shot there, and the business didnt get this kind of patrol. This is exactly the dumb crap you get when you have an 'appointed' promotional system in place. Everyone is scared to speak up and say 'Chief, this is ignorant,' in fear of being demoted.

Anonymous said...

there is no money to fix the cad issues.. THE GENUIS management crew spent it all on those damn "traffic lights" newly installed on every calltaker and radio position. Still waiting for SOP directives for the foolish purchase.....

Anonymous said...

The CAD system has not worked correctly for at least the past 17 years. Interact is the worst, as someone has said before it was not designed for a department our size, prime example is that messages are sent by name and not unit number, as if everyone knows everyone that is working. The system before this, who's name slips my mind, was still not perfect, there were numerous commands that it was supposed to do but still did not do. The one before that was developed by a software company that had NEVER even designed a CAD system. And the one before that, with it's monochrome screens was old and slow when it was finally phased out, however it did everything it was supposed to do and was easy to use. To this day I would still have that system back over what we have now. The problem goes back to the fact that those that use the systems everyday have had NO say so in what is being purchased. The systems should be reviewed by all of those that use the systems on a daily basis. A committee of officers and operators should travel and evaluate the systems being used around the country by agencies our size or bigger. These individuals should have access to interview both officers and operators at these same agencies. The systems do not come out of the General Fund, they are purchased with 911 user fees and cost, with-in reason should not be an issue. But thats just me.

Anonymous said...

On your side, believe me, but try to stay objective. The local pizza place usually delivers within a very small radius. Dekalb Co is pretty darn big, so it's not a valid comparison. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I agree that a lot of things are still screwed up in this department. I agree that there are a lot of incompetent supervisors in the DKPD including many in the command staff. I DO NOT agree with this blog that everything is WZ Miller’s fault. Why does O’Brien get a COMPLETE pass? He is the Police Chief the last I heard. I have yet to read a single criticism of O’Brien on this Blog. NOT ONE! Is the man perfect? I read something about WZ Miller every week.

I agree that the CAD system and 911 is in serious shape and needs a lot of fixing. WZ Miller did not create the problem but he took the job and so it is his problem to fix. I have no problem with that criticism but why does O’Brien get a pass on some of his knucklehead command staff choices? Some of these people are his friends. I am not talking about the Lieutenant who is his aid (like some people do) because I actually think he is a smart dude. I think O’Brien is a smart and decent guy also, but some of his so called friends are just out for themselves.

I like Miller AND O’Brien! I think overall they are a huge upgrade from the leaders we have had in recent years. I like the fact that this blog and the people who comment on it call them out when they are out of line. But when you constantly run down Miller and his friends and you NEVER even mention O’Brien and his friends, you lose your credibility.

Wise Guy said...

Anon 2 and 7,
Maybe you dont remember the days not so long ago when all the Officers could do is respond from one call to another, 7 and 8 cars to cover 9 beats. I for one think its kind of cool a beat officer can have a little fun doing something else. As for STAR and TAC, with all of the specials BS they have on their plate dont be a hater, its not them that BS comes from on high.
As for bringing back Strike Force, they never went anywhere you dumb a@$ they just keep changing leaders, they dont have a misson or a plan. The unit is still around they just dont do anything because of people like Franklin and Scoggins and the rest of the bunch who would rather sit around playing X-Box on line with the rest of the so called highly trained Strike Force. I bet John Bobo, Becker, Craddock, JJ, K, Brown, Duncan, Turek and the list goes on for ever never played X-Box. Franklin the X-Box King what a tatical joke. Hell they even started bringing members back that were kicked off. I'll be you Buck West gets broungt back along with Im the babys father Lt. Hunter.
As for the speed trailer I didnt see it but I heard it was a mess. You must be a Child of Bolton and have no pride in Dekalb County Police Department,Ive been around a minute and I can tell you if Grady the Cowboy Thurmond had caught the person who did it his litte ass would be 76 Grady. But again thats the difference between old school and open campus. As for the Librays my Major says its right out of Decatur not from PD.

Anonymous said...

To the uneducated poster making comments about Strike Force and calling others a dumbass:

Franklin and Scoggins both know more about SWAT tactics than you will ever know. And I don’t care who you are, I can tell by what you wrote that you talk more than you do. The FACT is that Strike Force did go somewhere. It was put under Special Ops and no longer called Strike Force for a couple of years. What a joke that was! Rancifer (Bolton’s right hand man) damn near destroyed the entire unit. Of course a lot of things suffered under Bolton but what rock have you been living under? The unit was brought back under CID several months ago where it belongs. It is now attached to Narcotics like it was for 15 years prior!

Maybe it is true that they have a ways to go to be what they were but moving them back under CID was a good start. Some of those old guys you mentioned were good Strike Force officers but there are some damn good ones on there now as well. You should stick to commenting on things you actually know something about. Do you know anything about fine art?

Anonymous said...

Strike Force...

I wouldn't be surprised to learn they're not the unit they used to be. That would be standard protocol for the department.

I do know that when I came out of the academy, I saw them on the streets(along with Vice). They were out there taking names and locking people up.

They worked hand in hand with narcotics and were seen on the streets stopping cars that narcotics had been keeping close tabs on. I miss having officers, like Step, stop on my PO to check on me an offer assistance. I miss stopping to check on them and offer assistance.

When I came out, they were busy and doing a lot.....example... I turned in a criminal activity report on an apartment complex that had a lot of in and out traffic..... Narcotics did some surveillance, secured search warrants, then turned it over to Strike Force for the take down: ding ding..... herion, MJ, coke, guns and money all off the street.

Today.... I wouldn't have clue who to turn something like that over to. Everyone is gone and units have either been dismantled or scaled back to 2 or 3 badges.

As far as the CAD system: if one of my teammates starts screaming like a little girl, I have to depend on radio to tell me where they are and what they're out on.

That takes time and much needed radio air time.

Simple things like being able to pull a group status, an individual call, or a unit's location via the mapper went a long way.

This system is not up to spec. An officer or a civilian is going to die as a result. It's time to do something!

I'm just a lowly patrol officer, but that's my take.

Anonymous said...

TRT is the new strike force!

Anonymous said...

TRT is the new Strike Force!

I hope you said that as a joke. TRT is the joke of the department and even half of them know it. The scary part of it is that some of the TRT actually think they are SWAT. I would say that the difference is night and day but that does not accurately describe the enormous difference between the two. I am a veteran of the department and I have witnessed both up close. I have seen the way the TRT guys dress and I have heard some of them talking. I am sincerely concerned that some of those guys are going to get seriously hurt trying to be make believe SWAT guys. There is a difference between T.V. and actually doing it in real life. There is nothing wrong with being what you are and doing it well. You became a joke when you started being something you are not. Will someone please talk to these guys before it is too late?

Wise Guy said...

Ok let’s clear a few things up here.
1- It was under Farley not Bolton that Strike Force was instructed to stop calling themselves Strike Force and use the name SWAT only not Rancifer and Bolton.
2- So please explain to me what difference it makes who they were under CID, SOD, Animal Control, they should be under ICP because they actually do less than ICP (and have just as many toys) That’s sad. It’s still about leadership.
3- I never said I was a tactical person. I am sure they both will forget more about tactics than I will ever know. (Even if the only place they apply their knowledge is on XBOX) sorry I got you on that one.
4- In case you haven’t noticed TRT has been activated once again to fight crime in the areas where Strike Force is afraid to go. So you really don’t have a dog in this fight (unless you are on Strike Force) are you?
5- And yes I do know a thing or two about fine art; my 5 yoa son colors a mean coloring book (even stays in the lines).
6- So what is your XBOX score?
7- You could put Strike Less under South Precincts Captain BC Wild Man out of Control and get the best results they have ever produced. (A LEADER IS NEEDED)

Anonymous said...

"Wise Guy" is clueless.

Almost everything "Wise Guy" said is either factually incorrect or juvenile nonsense.

"Strike Force" has been the name for quite some time. They used to be called "Black Cats." That stopped years ago.

Putting Strike Force under Special Ops and Rancifer made them less accessible to CID, who were the ones who really needed them.

Strike Force is involved in a lot of stuff you never hear about. In case you haven't noticed, we've got a lot of dirty cops and cops with big mouths in the department. You're not going to get a weekly newsletter telling you everything they have been working on.

Could you please tell us some areas that Strike Force was supposedly afraid to go into that TRT wasn't? Provide some examples, or just admit it was a bogus, juvenile claim.

Anonymous said...

What DKPD needs is focus, leadership and vision. You all know that I am not a cop and I haven't even seen the 1960 building in months. I am a tech dweeb that cares about DeKalb and talks to just about anyone who will talk to me, and I got around.
I moved out of DeKalb a decade ago. Best decision I ever made.
30 years ago Candler road-Glenwood was the bad place to have car trouble, 20 years ago that spread to Memorial Drive, 10 years ago up to Lawrenceville Hwy and holding, sorta. I watch the violent crimes go up and gang violence and drugs go from bad to worse.
DKPD used to be the most respected police force in the southeast. I think the slide down started when Dick Hand got booted for boinking his batty secretary.
Vern nailed the coffin down on DKPD with the appointment of Bolton. I started seeing a lot of Asst. Chiefs and majors who didn't seem to have the right stuff, I would get on the elevator with them and they would talk stupid about inconsequential trivia instead of important operational issues.
The POLITICS of DeKalb government is the driving force behind DKPD.
DeKalb government leaders are dysfunctional and have no will to fix DKPD until something truly horrible and newsworthy dominates the broadcasts.
I like Bill O'Brien and his staff, I have not met Director Miller but from his past performance he is an intelligent man and should be able to clearly see the problems of DKPD and reorganize and revitalize the department.
Both Miller and O'Brien are being held back by DeKalb politics.

Truly sux, mates!

Anonymous said...

TRT goes where Strike Force is scared to go??????????????????

I have read some stupid comments on this blog over the last couple of years but that one just shot to the top of the list! I don’t have to be on Strike Force to know what a crock that is. I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I read that.

It really is a juvenile debate. One unit does one thing and the other does something quite different. So what? I do know that Strike Force and Narcotics does a lot of things that everybody in the department does not know about. I could say a lot and get involved in the debate but I will just leave it at that.

I will add one other small tidbit. Next time you see those Strike Force boys around you should just let them know that they are cowards. Please let us know how that works out for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wise Guy, you're barely worth typing a response to, but how 'bout you try telling Strike Force guys like Bates, Cox, Cusimano and King how you feel about them to their faces? You could activate your TRT buddies for back-up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Plus Stro, Asberry, Demp. Kadlub, Milton and Turman. I just don’t see those guys being afraid of much. Yeah, it is a silly argument but it was started when someone (TRT of all people?) call some SWAT guys cowards. You just don’t call a cop a coward or a thief and especially not that group of cops. Of course, if he really is a thief, like Don Frank in which case it is ok!

Anonymous said...
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