Friday, June 25, 2010

Cars Are Loud!

A new quiet, peaceful carbon neutral specialized unit kicks off.

"The bicycle unit officers are equipped just as officers in cars. They are armed. They also have a set of handcuffs, ticketing pads and a radio, which is especially key".

What, no laptop?

Click here for AJC article.


Anonymous said...

Will they be wearing shorts??? What's the point of having well-developed calves if you can't show them off ??

Anonymous said...

Another special unit with special uniforms that doesn't answer calls.

This department is really becoming something "special".

When will there be a special unit designated to answer 911 calls and patrol?

Alfredo Skunkypants said...

I worked a couple of part time gigs where I could ride my personal bike. It was a great way to make my rounds. Very visible, if you wanted to be. You cant beat the health benefits.

Anonymous said...

"Unless issuing citations, officers almost always call for vehicle assistance to transport suspects."

HAHAHAHAHAHA really? That one should seem obvious..."Hey perp hold on to the back of the seat while I pedal from Northlake to Memorial Dr!" Sometimes I just don't know about reporters and the things they write.

On a plus side, they've been talking about doing this forever. It's good to see something finally materialize.

Anonymous said...

On the plus side " we've been talking....."

Great....except for the fact that we don't have enough officers to to properly staff the teams we already have. We don't need another special unit working bankers hours draining the LIMITED manpower we do have.

It can be very difficult for a plain, vanilla, uniform officer to get time off......"denied, two officers already off."

On top of that, uniform struggles to keep up with all these POAP's and targeted enforcement to suppress the latest "crime wave" while POAP'ing the parks and libraries.

If these crime waves and patrols are so high on the list, why are the NET & ICP teams not adjusting their hours? Guess you can also add whoever the "Tango Alpha" units are to that mix too.

We've been told uniform's job is to patrol and answer 911 dispatches.....emphasis on dispatches. Now they want to know why tickets and arrests are down!.....why?... because you told us to focus on suppressing crime via business checks and don't write tickets and make arrests ouside dispatches......that's what NET, STAR and TAC do.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they can put a bicycle rack on the Magic Buses.

Anonymous said...

They talk like this is a new big idea. I seem to recall the county trying this a few years ago. Bikes and mopeds as I recall. What happened to all of them. It lasted about a month and then the bike units rode around in cars with their bikes racked on the back.

Here's a novel idea: more police officers and patrol cars = more cars able to patrol businesses and neighborhoods = more contacts with the public = reduction in crime.

Kinda old fashioned but hey it just might work!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday while cleaning out my basement I found one of my old baby blue pullover type shirts they forced on us back during the 1996 olympics. I think they did that crap to make us look like a modern modern urban police department. The old "be nice and look pretty and the community will love you and not break the law" crap dont work. Officers in shorts on bikes do not work in this type of urban sprawl and it never will. If you want to really do something about the crime in DeKalb County you might consider having the officers wear BDU's and boots made for real police work and stop prosecuting officers who manage to do thier job and still survive in this violent place.
Oh yeah, I burned that abomonation of a police shirt in my back yard while I watched and tried to forget Dekalb! That place has hurt a lot of good people over the years. Cops on bikes....yeah right...Thats the answer im sure of it.

Anonymous said...

They be showing some LEGSSSSSSS with their cute short shorts....

Anonymous said...

Bike Patrols are not a bad thing. I had many officers tell me some great busts they made while on the bikes. Many colleges and university police departments employ them, large cities that host events use them (Atlanta at one time had the mounted unit, it was axed for budget reasons), so I really don't see the problem. Anything to get us DKPD out there is great unless its those useless magic buses. Why do we still have those again?