Monday, June 7, 2010

Torrey Thompson Hearing

Remember, Torrey Thompson's hearing before the Georgia Supreme Court is tomorrow June 8, 2010 at 10:00 AM.

Local television news stations WSB 2, WAGA 5 and WXIA 11 to some extent, plan on covering the hearing.

If at all possible, please attend in uniform to show your support.

This could be you!

Click here for directions to the Supreme Court.

Read about Torrey's case here.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Torrey.

Anonymous said...

This summary of the Thompson case is one sided and bs. Tell the truth and stop down paying the facts, like he shot at a unarmed fleeing suspect more than once without cause.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2,

Get a life! Do you really think he thought to himself, "Hey, there goes an unarmed guy running! Let's shoot him!"

Thompson and the other officer believed this violent worthless thug wanted for armed robbery had a gun. Maybe, just maybe if this piece of garbage hadn't robbed someone in the first place, or maybe if he just listened to the police and gave up instead of running with what appeared to be a gun in his hand, none of this would have ever happened! Why aren't you talking at all about the choices the perp made that led to his death?

Anonymous said...

When are we trained to run after someone while shooting at them when they never really poised a threaten from the start. Get real! If he wasn't a police officer, your views would be different. Same laws apply for officers and none officers.

Anonymous said...

You're still ignoring everything the perp did wrong! How convenient for you!

If you honestly believe someone has a gun, and they are running from you, it's very reasonable to believe they still pose a threat, especially if they're turning around to face you. Or did you forget about what happened to Stepnowski? That perp was running away too! Are you saying he was running away, so he posed no threat to Stepnowski! Pull your head out of your ass and stop trying to hang a decent cop doing his job out to dry!

I wish I had the magic powers of Anon #2 and #4! It must be great having ESP and X-ray vision!

Anonymous said...

I think the forcible fleeing felon law in Ga alone makes this shooting justifiable but it has been years since I read this law.

Anonymous said...

It wasnt too long ago that if you shot a fleeing felon you got a pat on the back and were asked if you needed more ammo. It didnt matter if the felon even had a gun or not. Back then you knew if you ran from the law you might get shot and it was an accepted risk you took when you broke the law. It worked to supress all forms of crime both violent and otherwise. Also, if I remember correctly, didnt a fellow officer shoot a fleeing suspect in the back after the guy raised the gun from pointing forward to stright up beside his head, firing backwards as he ran? It was a justified shooting.
Also Anon #2, have you ever been shot at? Ever been shot? Have you ever chased a fleeing criminal with a gun in his hand? Have you ever chased one that reached into his pants like he was pulling a gun out, even if he didnt have one? Ever chased one into he woods at night after they robbed a store at gunpoint? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't too long ago that we could do our jobs and the Majors let us do our jobs.

Today, the Majors are busy kissing ass and trading everything that isn't nailed down for their appointed position.

Kool-aide drinkers who forgot that they're more than just an administrator playing political games!

They're still POLICE OFFICERS!

Too bad they've forgotten that.

O'Brien.... he's a figure head. He's taking college classes, attending the FBI Academy and doing whatever he's told to do. I don't think he has any wiggle room. I kinda feel sorry for him.

Anonymous said...

The officers were there to investigate a stolen car which turned out not to be stolen. The officers knew that before going to the door. When this thug took off out the door, they didn't know who he was. He wasnt wanted at the time and only a suspect in some B.S. robbery in Stone Mountain. Yall act like the officers were there searching for this guy. They weren't!!!! Why didn't Knock chase after the perp firing his gun also? Because Knock knew better. Unfortunately, Torrey was wrong!!! You can't chase someone down and fire at them. There is no evidence the guy was armed, I don't care how you want to try and articulate it. Accept the facts and learn from his mistake. I don't agree with what Torrey did, but I am glad this piece of crap is off the street.