Friday, July 30, 2010

Burrell "Marie-Antoinette" Ellis Dodges The Tough Question

CEO Burrell Ellis gave his receptionist a 34% pay increase -- a $10,000 raise. Why? Because she deserved it!

Well, we sure as hell deserve not to work holidays for no pay. And we sure as hell don't deserve to have our pay cut 30 percent in the month of November.

Seriously folks, can we make this stuff up?

The commissioners are raiding the treasures of the DeKalb County taxpayers while we are having police officers shot in the streets!

Enough already! No tickets! Do not support the thievery Burrell Ellis and the commissioners are perpetrating on taxpayers of this county and the unsuspecting travelers through our county!

Each ticket written is money in the pockets of the likes of Burrell Ellis and Connie Stokes.

It has to end!

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