Monday, July 12, 2010

Commission Set To Override Ellis' Veto

There's going to be a show down at the July 13 commission meeting. Looks like Burrell isn't going to get is way of refilling hundreds of positions vacated by early retirement.

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Anonymous said...

He gets what he wanted in the way of retirements.

Anonymous said...

Well he has cut the budget and the
morale of any employee that wants to do their job.

I bet there is a lot of fat to cut out of this budget. Look at the price they pay for Sheila Edwards.

Rufus from Druid Hills said...

Why is it that surrounding counties have no problem delivering services with far fewer staff and employees? Does lil Vernon really need all those people on his floor to help him be the boss? Give Chief O'Brien what he needs and then turn off the tap. One thought, could we sell the magic buses and use the proceeds to help the Chief?

Anonymous said...

This ought to get interesting and will be another test of leadership for DeKalb county government. Will DeKalb politicians cut the right jobs and projects? We know what they can't cut, almost everything judicial is covered by the judges threatening to sue the commission. No cops will be cut because of the negative politics to the citizens. but we can expect cuts every where else, parks and rec, library system, public works, sanitation, W&S, etc. Now then where will the cuts be made, will it be the poor guys in the trenches or their fat-cat high paid bosses? Will any cuts be made to CEO or BOC staffs? Will nearly worthless and obsolete departments such as Extension service be eliminated? Will the county continue to subsidize popular social and cultural centers like Callanwald, Sanford Arts center and the Lou Walker senior center? Greenspace projects such as the Horse Farm, the aquapark or the ridiculous non-productive money-pit of church property on Flat Shoals Pkwy?
Will the commissioners continue their economic war on its employees with more pay cuts or will they use furloughs?
I know all you cops strongly dislike Lee Mays but he seems to be the only commissioner who has stated the county must downsize and reorganize for better efficiency.
I am pesimistic for DeKalbs future unless DeKalb politicians start leading with vision and vigor. Balancing the budget and maintaining current government core service levels with no tax increase is not possible unless the right employees (non-productive) and non-essential services are cut.
Under the current economic recession it only make sense to reevaluate DeKalb's politicians vision of a local big-government that provides for every want and need of its citizens, but cannot even maintain its existing buildings, fix its roofs or maintain the grounds.

Anonymous said...

"Stupid is as stupid does". I wonder if 'ole Forest Gump knew about Dekalb County Georgia?
More evident here that anywhere I know about.Also,you had better keep and eye on your so called pension representatives and the county. Stupid is as stupid does there too. We contribute to this pension and we have no representation that is known...we are kept in the dark like mushrooms. Especially the retirees.
There is never any money for a retiree cost of living increase but plenty, say $$$30 MILLION for early retirement perks to get people off the payroll. Stupid is as stupid does. Thanks Forest for one of the most profound statements ever made. It sure as hell applies in Dekalb.