Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rural Metro Ambulance Is In Service

Rural Metro Ambulance is in full service. In order to man the new ambulances, they hired 60 medics from Care Ambulance, the same company the county fired. Kind of strange, but let's move on.

A poster sent us this little bit of interesting information. We'll see how it plays out.

"Hilarious….Dekalb does it good this time. Kevin Ross, Burrell Ellis’ campaign manager, has been working for Rural Metro, for over a year, as marketing/communications consultant. Mr. Ross is currently dating Sheila Edwards, the current Chief Communication’s Officer of CEO Ellis.

It appears we never intended to hire AMR at all. We just used them as a smoke screen to cover up our connection with Rural Metro to make it look like RMA jumped in to save the day at the very last possible minute when in reality, this has been in the planning for over 10 months.

Good luck Burell. Good luck WZ. You sure as hell are going to need it. Good luck taxpayers of Dekalb County".

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Hey....maybe there's more to this...Rural/Metro might have promised to fund holidays for public safety......or buy new patrol cars for the uniform division.......when the line officers are getting used to driving units with over 150k miles, you have to think out of the box.

Anonymous said...

They are slow already...took em' a half hour to responde to the scene the other night....C.A.R.E. was way better woulda been there in 10 minutes....insider trading? by the BOC and Burrells gangsta peeps, continue robbing police and fire crew...i'm gonna go down and file a report and take warrants on the BOC for 45in my pay buncha perps...where is your paycut Burrell?

Anonymous said...

There was a lil group of Rural employees that came to HQ the other day, and I *knew* I recognized a few from CARE, I knew it!!! and Someone said it couldn't be possible to have CARE employees now as Rural employees. HA!!! LMAO....LOL.

Anonymous said...

Well looks like nothing has changed with the politicians in DeKalb.

The current CEO seems to move fast and does not care who takes the hit.

Well looks like Director Miller is his front and fall guy for when this department collapses.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone happen to know if the ambulances that were parked until recently in the lot at the corner of East Ponce and Roadhaven belong to Rural Metro?

I'm curious because they were parked there for over a year, and now they are all gone.

Anonymous said...

The more things change the more they remain the same

The White House said...

The units you saw were AMR units if I'm not mistaken...whatever happened to them in the county?

Someone is dating Sheila E. ?
Must be hard up or something...maybe he needs some nuts for a cake.....

Some one check the BOC budget next year or so, Burrell will be re imbursed at some point...wait'n see

Anonymous said...

The units you saw were AMR federal contract disaster response units. hey just moved them indoors to a garage at their headquarters. They were getting messed up and stuff just sitting in the elements.

Anonymous said...

Who is running the Public Safety Department? Burrell Ellis is in charge. He is just like Vernon.

Chief O'Brien is just a token to make the Public Safety Director look like he is not appointed because of who he is. You fill in the rest.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...different company plus same faces equals.............same response. You think?

Anonymous said...

"Someone is dating Sheila E. ?
Must be hard up or something...maybe he needs some nuts for a cake....."

Too funny. LMAO