Thursday, August 26, 2010

While We Work Holidays For No Pay, Burrell And Shelia Get Intimate

Burrell and Sheila are laughing at us while we work for no pay.

As the end of the month nears, people are wringing their hands with anticipation, waiting on the ticket stats for the month.

With these kind of shenanigans, who is in the mood to write a ticket?


Anonymous said...

Well I guess we will never know the real truth. I guess it's part of the CEO Ellis hidden agenda.

I wonder what the difference between budget money and taxpayer money.

I thought we were under a budget crunch with no extra money for anything,unless you are in the inner circle.

Anonymous said...

What kind of answer did Barker give?

DKPD Whipping Boy said...

Just so I'm clear, does this money come directly out of my check, or do I have to write the county a check. How much more shady sh@t can this guy pull before something is done about it? ever since there was a CEO position in DeKalb County, this place has gone down hill FAST! ABOLISH THE CEO POSITION NOW!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When you thought Vernon was bad enough, Lil Vern comes out of the crack. The only thing good that Lil Vern did was fire Bolton. Looks like we are going down the sewer.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the CEO position gives the person the right to do anything and everything. Most of which must be illegal. Because it seems that anyone that works close to them i.e. assistance and drivers get paid alot, or moved up throught the ranks, to keep the secrets...well secret. Lets see Don Franks keeping Vernons secrets..secret and willing to go to prison for him..Hmmmmm and now, Shelia getting paid big bucks...or should I say hush money. Is there no one or any investigative unit that can hold him accountable????

Anonymous said...

Wow....I for one will not voluntarily support the CEO's decision to give money to someone who QUIT of her OWN accord.

I can count the long copy tickets I've written this month on less than half the fingers on ONE hand. Look for more of the same.... lots of warning citations......very, very few long copies. You REALLY have to push me/piss me off to get a long copy.

Damn....think about it... that 40 something grand would cover the first year's cost of the salary increase that could be given to 4 MPO's as part of a blue order promoting them to sergeant.....

Those 4 MPO's are probably already working multiple days as an OIC because their team doesn't have enough sergeants.

Who would you rather reward...4 MPO's who have put in 5-15 years on the road....or a lunatic who LEFT OF HER OWN ACCORD.

Anonymous said...

Aargh mates, I have pretty much given up on DeKalb government, but I still get to bitch about it. I wish I could offer better hope in the future, but until the DeKalb citizens start voting in competent leadership to the BOC and DKSS board its not going to happen. Even if we abolish the CEO position a county manager would be bound by the BOC's decisions and obligated to implement them.
Over the last decade DeKalb shot the moon with bond issues for major projects such as expanding parks and recs and the libraries. DeKalb rulers and citizens opted to create enhanced quality of life functions such as the Horse Park on Orion Drive and aqua and skate board parks, along with more Rec centers and Libraries, not to mention the Performing arts center.

During the same decade the BOC and Vernon managed to alienate Dunwoody into succession along with the employees who are bound by a nice pension to keep their mouths shut even when their buildings are falling apart, the roofs leak and our pay is way below surrounding counties and local market conditions.

Then when the economy crashed, the BOC issues draconian paycuts by eliminating all paid holidays and pay raises. No other county in America has gone this route, furloughs yes, but DeKalb commissars took the employees to a whole new level of disrespect. They wrote policy and regulations and then determined that they and their staffs are exempt from the rules they have enacted. Citing constitutional law, DeKalb commissars and the CEO offices and staff are exempt from the policy and regs resulting in a paycut to everyone else in DeKalb government except the staffs and rulers of DeKalb.

And they get away with it. No accountability and responsibility for their actions. Everyone else is the problem and they have no solutions on how to fix DeKalb government.

Anonymous said...

This is true leadership, what can we expect from a corrupt form of government. They take care of their own, and not anybody else.

No wonder this county is the on the downward spiral.

Anonymous said...

The media got to be tired of DeKalb County, every day something is wrong with this place. I guess we are the chosen county.

Anonymous said...

This settles it. Burrell Ellis is really, really stupid.

After all crap he got from this blog and various news agencies about giving Sheila Edwards a $13,000 raise when police and firefighters were forced to take pay cuts, he didn't think giving her $45,000 would upset people even more?? He didn't think that would raise a few eyebrows?? He didn't anticipate some additional anger??

Burrell, this is even dumber than if Mel Gibson decided to buy his girlfriend another tape recorder!

Anonymous said...

Who and the hell is Sheila Edwards to deserved a payout of this amount of funds. Why do I care it's taxpayer dollars.

They spend the money of taxpayers at whatever whim on their mind.

She quit and was not fired.

When will this type of government waste end?

Anonymous said...

I will sum it up like this. Most of you guys thought Burrell Ellis was our knight in shining armor and was going to deliver us. He sucked you guys in with the smoke and mirrors of his open door policy and most of yall took the bait. He is only out for himself and his friends it should be obvious by now that he does NOT care about any county employees, especially public safety. He will make empty promises to get re-elected. He is a CROOK plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

I understand that some commissioners use the county credit cards just like it's their personal money. I wonder which commissioner?

Anonymous said...

I think all the commissioners are dishonest. I guess this is what they voted to lead this county.

Anonymous said...

HURRY UP and PLEASE abolish the CEO's position.

Anonymous said...

Well at least Boyer is the only one to voice her opinion on how corrupt this CEO leadership is moving forward with illegal form of this government.

Anonymous said...

Well we need to look up Sheila Edwards in six months and see where she is employed.

Anonymous said...

This county is lost until they get real leadership in place.

It might take years but this is what we need to surface from the deep for real leadership.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody read this woman resignation from the county?

She said goodbye and see ya.

Anonymous said...

Why and the hell is this woman getting this money?
I guess the D.A. Corruption Unit needs to look at CEO Ellis.

I guess not, it's not politically correct to look at someone in office. Let them BANKRUPT THIS COUNTY.

We are a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

This is an outright slap in the face to each and every officer and county employee. And for this CEO to cower behind the "not available for comment" response is absolutely pathetic. Go to any basic class, and I mean very basic, on dealing with the media and the consistent message is don't say "no comment", which is basically what Burrell Ellis has done. It only creates more suspicion and lowers credibility - and on top of that, he's an attorney/politician, and we know how much they love to hear themselves speak-for him to say he's not available is...well, expected!

Brothers and sisters in the Department. Use your power of influence with the citizens of DeKalb. Hopefully they won't be blinded by race-and will vote someone in based on their honesty and integrity-be they black, white, yellow, or brown. Honesty and integrity have been sorely lacking in the last few years.

As a side note: Please don't refer to Burrell Ellis as the CEO. When you refer to him on the blog use his full name, the more frequently his name appears the more likely it will register with web search engines. When people, hopefully informed citizens, do a search for him, this blog site will come up and they will see him for what he is and how he treats the people who serve the county.

Anonymous said...

Look, I think Shelia Edwards was incompetent, unprofessional, and abrasive to a degree that hindered relationships between the CEO's Office and other departments. But the reality is that severance pay, while seemingly ludicrous under current (and any really) circumstances, it is standard practice for public administrative executives.

What bothers me is that he doesn't address things head on and publicly say, "I happily accepted Ms. Edwards resignation and though I am loathe to do so, an agreement has been made regarding her severance package." He needed to distance himself from her and her behavior and he did not. So the severance pay is an added action of disrespect to other County employees and the public he is elected to serve. As far as the CEO position itself being the issue, the reality is that looking at the inability for the Commissioners to come to agreement on matters in a timely fashion, a County Manger may be in a position where he/she is serving 8 masters, and unable to run things any better.

The choices these elected officials make need to reflect the needs of the people, support the County employees, and serve to grow and improve the County economy. Not remain focused on a handful of people with political power. The only way to change that is to change the people elected. That means changing the people who are running for election.

Anonymous said...

Funny no one on here has asked the question of why would a boss give a FEMALE employer a large raise for no apparent reason? then when she quits give her the salary of a 5th year MPO as a severance packet! The real person that need to be asking questions is Mrs. Burrell Ellis. I think that maybe an affair took place!

Anonymous said...

Some excellent points are made by the posts:

Anon 4:52 I have no doubt that the county credit-card expenditures of the BOC and CEO's office would be ripe for an audit. If anyone has some influence at the D.A.'s office, try to point their government ethics and fraud unit in this direction. I am going to forward this to a reporter also.

Anon 8:51 You are correct that a county manager would be subservient to the BOC collectively and individually. Under the present laws, the CEO's power to influence the BOC and the county was drastically cut when the BOC meetings agenda was transferred to the BOC.

A county manager would convert and reduce the obsolete and inefficient staff of the CEO's office to about five employees for considerable savings to the county.

The CEO's office is obsolete and now reduced to providing questionable contracts to politically connected companies and exposing the county to expensive legal challenges to the canceled contracts.

CEO Burrel Ellis, you have had your chance and you screwed up, not just a little, you screwed up royally.

Your position is obsolete and now harming the county.

It's time to abolish the CEO's office.

Best of luck, mates!

nootkabear said...

@ "The real person that need to be asking questions is Mrs. Burrell Ellis. I think that maybe an affair took place!"

Now, you're talking. Obviously something went on that the woman needed to be paid off in a hefty way.

Our officers have put up with enough! Now, they get this rubbed in their noses while struggling with pay cuts, and worrying about how to raise their families on peanuts.
I agree we need to abolish the CEO and his position, where do I sign?

You Officers do a great job and do not get the recognition you deserve. I am pleased that the public gets a chance to know what goes on, we need to all pull together and work to get changes!

We are behind you 100%!

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you guys about Ellis fooling around with Sheila Edwards. My impression of Ellis is that he is smart, and was all business. Ellis has far more attractive, smarter and available women on his staff than Sheila.

I know politicians have "zipper control" problems. It goes with their ego's. Ellis just does not strike me as the type.

I think the severance pay was based upon politics and connections rather than sex.

Best of luck, mates!

Anonymous said...

LoFlyer: thanks for your support on this blog and the service you provided to Dekalb County. However, the DA's public integrity unit will not do anything because of Keys-Flemmings. FACT Burrell Ellis payed Shelia Edwards off to keep her mouth shut or to make Kevin Ross happy...... Thanks again for your support.

Anonymous said...

In less than a week, Ellis was able to find money in our cash strapped budget to pay Sheila Edwards $45,000 to keep her mouth shut.

This is government, not the private sector. These kinds of pay outs are normal in the private sector due knowledge of intellectual property and future business plans. This is government, not the private sector!! There are no "trade secrets" that need to be protected. This reeks of a cover-up!!

$45,000 is enough to cover the holiday pay cut of every officer in one and a half precincts. Ellis was able to find that money in less than a week for Edwards. Why can't he and the commissioners work together to find enough money to do away with all the pay cuts?? The answer is, there's nothing in it for them!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

CEO Burrell Ellis gave away approximately $150,000 to two people on his executive staff. How much would it cost to pay the policemen and firemen who work on holidays? How does that cost compare to the severance money CEO Burrell Ellis gave away in less than two weeks to one person that quit voluntarily and another that was fired?

As a property owner, taxpayer and voter, I want to support our public safety. Unfortunately writing letters, emails, and making phone calls have not touched our CEO and BOC. They possess an arrogance that bypasses common sense. Do you have any suggestions that are on the level of your “ticket boycott”?

I support the “ticket boycott” as a private citizen. I know this may cost us more money next year; however, I do not support cutting police, fire, and teachers every time our elected officials waste taxpayer’s money. I am tired of our public safety having to suffer the most while our elected officials such as the CEO and BOC continue to waste our tax money on people like Edwards and Barker.