Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who Is Burrell Surrounding Himself With?

It seems Burrell Ellis has lost all confidence of the voting public and most importantly, the Public Safety Department in general. All because of his bad decisions, and because of the people he has chosen to surround himself with.

First, he refuses to take a reduction in pay as all county employees are required to. He refuses to work holidays at no pay as he is requiring police officers to do.

He gave some of his staff a pay raise of up to 34% per year, while forcing police officers to work holidays with no pay and go without merit pay increases, much less cost of living raises.

He chose Shelia Edwards as his spokesperson. After she embarrassed Burrell about him not taking a reduction in pay, and after she accused a New Jersey police officer of being a murderer, she was forced to resign. But only after Mr. Ellis gave her "hush money" in the amount of $45,980.00.

Now we learn of accusations that Keith Barker, the county's Chief Operations Officer, has been sexually harassing a female county employee via email.

Undoubtedly Mr. Barker should be forced to resign. The question is, how much "hush money" will Burrell give him?


Slamin Ethel said...

Ahh what a sigh of relief, for a minute there I thought the story was about me.
I wonder if that dumb ass Keith knew he was not invisble and could still be seen through a glass door.
Im guessing he must think he has super powers, but then yet he is protected by that weasel Mr. Ellis.
It would appear that the package had been delivered.

Anonymous said...

File an opens records request for the emails, should be simple to prove this one.
Never email, text, or leave a recording it will always haunt your ass.
Lets really see how Mr. Barker spends his day working hard for the county, trying to make it a better place.

Anonymous said...

I guess he'll have to run back to his County Consultant Sheriff Tom Brown for advice on where to go from here. Just as he did about Tebow and the reinstatement of PS Director... The BLIND leading the BLIND. It's madness I'm telling you, just plain MADNESS!!!
Oh, and you wonder why the county is falling apart! Hello voters of DeKalb!!!

Anonymous said...

Good things do come to those who wait!!!..This fu$%^& Pri%^ gets what he deserves. The only thing I'm upset with is...he gets 6 months severance pay....yet the 200K salary along with the 3500.00 a month expidenture account will hopefully go back to the county for the proper use of police it's not...."Radio...hold the call for the next available unit"...while we are waiting at the preceint for an hour waiting for a unit.....but like I was told a long time the academy..they have a sign on the wall..."Common sense"...yet when dealing with the can't use common sense....that's how you get promoted!!!

GOOD RIDENCE TO KIETH!!!..Lets hope his house goes into forclosure!!!

Anonymous said...

The voters who got suckered into voting for Ellis might want to consider where thier votes go in the next election. If you elect an idiot, regardless of race etc, then blame only yourselves when they appoint other idiots and crooks of thier own kind. Wake up! The Police Officers of this county are screaming as loud as they can and have been for a LONG time trying to get your attention. The county is being robbed blind by criminals you continue to elect and thier cronies they continue to appoint. This is YOUR money they are squandering and YOUR jobs that leave the county. Its only your life and property and lifestyle thats at stake. Do you want to live in a war zone forever? WAKE UP! Ask the hard questions of these fools. Look into the mirror and ask yourself if you are to blame for this mess as well. Did you vote these clowns into office? Did you just give away$100,000 in severance pay? Did the guy that broke into your house and took your stuff just get off because of an incompetent DA you voted for? WAKE UP!