Monday, October 25, 2010

DeKalb School Board Candidates Have Arrest Records

Over the past couple of years, we've had a chief of police fired, a deputy police chief indicted for bribery, a former commission chief executive officer guilty of racism and a school superintendent indicted for corruption. Pale in comparison, members of current C.E.O. Ellis' staff forced to resign for misappropriate behavior, then receiving pay offs to boot.

Now in an election year, we have a District Attorney candidate who was suspended by the State Bar for fraud and school board candidates with arrest records. You just can't make this stuff up.

Like we've always said: The madness continues!

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Jebidiah from Tucker said...

This is just perfect. SACS is looking into DeKalb Schools for accreditation issues. SACS is specifically looking into allegations of nepotism, conflict of interest, procurement problems and other ethical violations. I believe, and hope for, a full blown SACS investigation. Most of the board has got to go. No college degree, get off the school board!

LaLaMeeka from Stn Mtn. said...

The sad thing is DeKalb County Schools will continue to pay the former super his retirement, even after he gets convicted and sent to jail.

Anonymous said...

If they weren't criminals then they wouldn't want to be (or have any chance of being) elected by the voters of DeKalb County in the first place. You can be hired there and not be a criminal BUT it helps if you are a criminal and you want to be appointed to a job there. Criminals take care of thier cronies. Theres always a rat who wants to be king of the trash pile. The voters in DeKalb obviously FEED the rats (and like them around) instead of taking out the trash.
Just an observation.

Anonymous said...

Par for the course. The downward spiral continues. Investigation is the key word. Every end of this county and its governing officials needs to be investigated by outside agencies.

Anonymous said...

Things that happen in every aspect of Dekalb never cease to amaze me. I just read that Recorder's Court on Camp Circle is now designated as a slum in order to obtain federal stimulus money for redevelopment ! Really ?

Anonymous said...

Little off subject but no where else to talk about it, so here it is. Once again Dekalb County operates under the "Good Ole Boy" system when it comes to picking people for specialized units. How do you set up people for an interview, tell them you are going to use a point system to choose someone, and ultimately you already had someone chosen all along. Its the same old song and dance but this time it takes the cake. How in the "H" do you choose a Sergeant to run the Traffic Specialist Unit who has recently been arested for a DUI? How will it go in court when you are testifying as a supervisor over a fatality DUI accident and the Defense uncovers your own arrest record. Good job on this choice he must have got bonus points for having an arrest record. On top of that you post the Blue Order before the last Sergeant to interview can even make it to his POV from your office. Nothing has changed around here and you wonder why people are discouraged about applying for special units. Why even waist peoples time, just pick who you want to begin with.