Monday, October 11, 2010

Dead On Comic


Anonymous said...

To the blog administrators:

County has posted the employee picnic info today. The word needs to get out not to attend. Not just to public safety but to all county employees. There needs to be a mass response to let the boc and ceo know we are tired of their crap!!!!!!!!Don't know what other avenues you may have to get the word out but the blog is a good place to start.........

Anonymous said...

Haargh! i never attended the county picnic for several reasons. The first is that I feel attending the official county picnic would indicate that I believe the county management, the BOC and CEO and the employees had a warm fuzzy relationship where everything is sweetness and rainbows with a few unicorns thrown in.

Y'all know my opinions on the BOC and CEO employees relations. Suffice it to say they treat county employees like dirt unless they are elected officials staff.

Unfortunately their is a ton of county employees with a entitlement mentality. They bring their cousins, their sisters and brothers and get a free meal and free entertainment at the picnic. They say really nice things to the Commissioners and the Commissioners say really nice things in return.

A boycott of the picnic would only leave the misguidedly sympathetic that will support the BOC until they are furloughed or fired.

I suggest a different course. All DeKalb employee's pissed off about crappy pay, crappy offices, crappy management and policies that do not apply to elected officials and their staffs. Attend the picnic, engage the elected officials in debate of their many failures in judgment and action. You will be one on one with CEO Ellis, probably two BOC members, Stognar and a few others. This is your chance to go one on one with DeKalb rulers. I doubt they will even remember your face or name if enough employees attend and engage in candid questions.

The choice is yours mates! Best of luck!

PS, why is the picnic always in November? You all know the answer. The county is to cheap to pay for better weather for its premier "thank you suckers" employee event.