Monday, October 18, 2010

Report: Lithonia Police Involved In Shooting

By Alexis Stevens

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A passenger in a car being pulled over by Lithonia police Monday night opened fire on an officer, who then shot the man, Channel 2 Action News reported.
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The incident happened at Park Drive and College Avenue, according to the report.

The officer, whose name was not released, was not injured, Sgt. Larry Williams said. The suspect's name and condition were not released.


Anonymous said...

Another great example of why we should get a raise and stop being furloughed. Come on BOC members how often are you being shot at point blank for no reason, just doing your regular job. The answer is NEVER so wake up and stop being so ignorant. As a matter of fact not only are you not being shot at but we protect you in case you do get shot at, go figure. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

wow. Glad the officer made it out out of that unscathed. I for one also find it funny that Lil Vernon can stand up in front of us at roll call and rant about how he and his staff are doing so much more work than everyone else in the county, therefore they deserve raises, while everyone in public safety is having to deal with a higher call volume and less backup due to these furloughs.
I know this horse has been beaten beyond death, but it will continue to come up until there is some kind of change.
Once again glad the officer is alright.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Lithonia will stand behind their officers unlike our leadership or lack of. Yes we understand that you and your staff do much more work than anyone else in this county. You risk paper cuts looking at your expense reimbursement checks and shredder accidents when destroying evidence. Glad our fellow officers are o.k.

Anonymous said...

Lithonia police department is the most unprofessional county i have ever been in. The officers are harrassing citizens for no reason, their making false arrest, the will have a sexual harrasment lawsuit very soon. This entire division is corrupt from the officers, to the judge, to the probation officer to the wayfeild clerk. Justice Will Be Served

Anonymous said...

Lithonia is not a county! It is a city goofball!