Sunday, November 7, 2010

Commissioners Set To Waste More Money

During the up coming commission meeting Tuesday, the commissioners are set to purchase more land for a park. This time the land is located in a neighborhood in the Emory area. The property doesn't face or border a major or even a minor thoroughfare. It’s tucked neatly off the beaten path of a neighborhood street.

According to county records, the land is valued at $259,000. The seller wants $400,000. The county is offering $415,000. Why? Why the inflated price? Something just doesn't smell right. Can you say Gwinnett County?

The county has over 107 parks now, 4 of those are within 5 miles of the property the county wants to buy. Who is the seller and what is their connection to Jeff Rader, District 2 commissioner?

Even though the money comes from 2001 Parks Bond Acquisition Fund, District 2, it is still taxpayer money. It is taxpayer money being used to clear the land, build the park and maintain it. What will the initial cost be? How many millions?

More examples of the commissioners drunken, or crack cocaine haze spending at a time when county employees, especially the police department, are having a hard time making ends meet.

The madness continues!


Anonymous said...

Please think about what you say before you make a topic on it. Despite the fact that the county is facing furloughs, budgets cuts, and other issues that are putting a burden on the taxpayers and employees of this county; when money has been allocated and set aside for certain uses, in a government entity, it cannot just be transferred to used that satisfy the desires of this blog administrator. As much as we would all like it to, it just can't and won;t happen. Just like the grant or bonds that the School Board got, you complained about how that used that. Those funds are given under strict guideline as to how they are to be used.

And until you realize that, you shouldn't write blog articles that quite frankly, make you seem as id you are speaking out of the side of your neck.

Anonymous said...

Things will never change in DeKalb because there are no qualified candidates interested in running for political office anymore with a desire to change things for the better.

Case in point, the three commissioners that were on the ballot this past election, all democrats to boot, ran unopposed.

The madness continues...


Anonymous said...

While the first poster is correct that the money being used was set aside for that purpose and probably can’t be reallocated for another use you need to look past the initial purchase. Once the property is purchased where is the county going to get the money to develop it, maintain it, and pay the personnel who have to manage and maintain it. So sure maybe they have the money to buy it, but where are they going to get the money to run and maintain it? The BOC was debating shutting down parks and firing employees last year. This coming year they are expecting an even bigger budget shortfall and instead of cutting back they are debating buying a new park? If you can’t afford to staff and maintain what you have now why would you even consider expanding?

Anonymous said...

M outta here soon....

Anonymous said...

Anon 1014: If your so smart what is the answer to spending any money at all on anything unless is is necessary. Bond Funds already containing money to spend does not mean mandatory spending.

Anonymous said...

Cobb County is selling property that it cannot afford to maintain. Deklab needs to wake up and look around.

Anonymous said...

I am so fed up with the wastefull spending at out expense.
Yet Capt Porter comes to roll call asking for ways to improve morale, well im sure this will make me jump up and produce more.
Insinuating that we should start writing more citations, why should we just so the county can buy more land FUCK OFF!

Anonymous said...

This street has some houses renting to Emory students. They have large parties and the neighborhood complains all the time. I guess it one less house someone will rent to a student.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of money........but I forgot this BOC is known for these type things.

Anonymous said...

The above posters are correct that the money is earmarked for acquisition only and that it will add to future costs to maintain and upkeep. One additional cost to the county is the loss of property tax as this piece of land goes from private to public.

I have worked with the Greenspace Dept for many years and I know that many of the deals are corrupt. I mean this dept is in the CEO's office, need I say more.

As someone suggested above, the county is SELLING some land but of course this is land we should be keeping. Instead the county is putting the employees who used to be there in run down trailers and likely selling the land to a friendly developer for a well below market value price. This property is the Chestnut Street complex in Avondale that used to house Parks and the soon to be kicked out, Facilities management.

The sale makes no sense, especially since parks northern service center was kicked out of Dunwoody and now has no permanent place to store anything. Chestnut has a warehouse and offices that used to be used by parks and is a perfect solution.

Since they (BOC & CEO) are running out of money to give away they are now beginning the process of selling off assets cheaply to the same crooks they gave all the money too in the past.

Anonymous said...

I just looked at the map of the location and this is silly. The county already has FIVE parks within one mile of this land. Two of these are located within 2000 FEET of this parcel of land.

I suspect this 'public' park will be like the two other nearest parks and be located inside a block of houses hidden from the public with no public sign or obvious public entrance. Basically picture a ring of private homes with a 'public park' hidden in the center of them with each house having a private gate to the park. This is what Emory Grove and Princeton Park now have in this exact same area within 2000ft of this proposed acquisition.

I challenge anyone to find Emory Grove or Princeton Parks on a map and then try to actually get into these parks. You won't be able to without help. To get to them you literally have to walk up a private driveway or through someone's yard to access them. I know this because the only way I could find them was to get a park employee to lead me to them. Easements exist, but they are overgrown and the adjacent neighbors encourage them to be so the parks stay hidden from the public. The parks have playgrounds, shelter houses, tennis courts, etc. and are maintained by public tax dollars.

Looking at the map of this park I would bet that is exactly the same intent of this new park. A private park maintained by the public, must be nice to have that perk to add to your property value.

Anonymous said...

This BOC suffers from terminal stupidity. Keep them away from the pension fund. In fact keep the pension board away from the pension too.
Idiots + more idiots = mahem !

Anonymous said...

Hey news can get free news leads here...hit it baby..the private park deal is news. With a blog like this venting things that the government used to hide from you and the public it's a news windfall for you guy's if you are really interested...Use it !!!
No, no donut boy...not for you. We have a long memory for stuff like you did.