Sunday, December 26, 2010

For Some Reason, Stan Watson Scares The Hell Out of Us

Stan Watson, newly elected commissioner, has proven his wasteful spending tendencies. He is now making statements such as "For example, when the county government needs to purchase vehicles, those cars should ideally come from a DeKalb dealership." But what if the cars are cheaper outside DeKalb?

And this ingenious statement; “Anytime you tax your people like we did with the water rates…it is a stimulus package in its own rights for citizens of DeKalb County if utilized correctly.” Is he serious?

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Several years back I had an enlightening discussion with Ken Hamilton, the best manager I personally ever worked under and a man I respect immensely. While neither of us convinced the other of our point of view, it did lead to my understanding of the thinking behind of minority business set-asides and the government.
My issue was that purchasing had just completed a new contract for low voltage wiring and the new contractors prices were between 200-250 percent more than the current and satisfactory contractor. My users were pissed. Needed improvements were going undone because it was no longer economical to do them. Some of my users quietly did the work themselves and asked for forgiveness after the deed. I gave them slack but KenH wouldn't because of liability issues.

Ken Hamilton's view was minority set-asides while expensive to the county and the taxpayer were needed to grow small minority businesses.

My view was that the county should obtain satisfactory service at the lowest price to county citizen.

What was left unsaid was that the county was no longer operating as a "lean, mean" and efficient government but instead operating as a social provider at considerable cost to the citizen.

Over the last decade or so, this is the deliberate decision of the county CEO and BOC to provide inefficient service to the citizens so that selective social programs deemed important to the politicians can be implemented.

The "buy DeKalb" Stan Watson proposal is a continuation of the social purchasing program in effect for the last decade and a half.

DeKalb citizens need to decide to continue with inefficient purchasing practices or a cheaper and less socially progressive purchasing contracts.

Anonymous said...

There no kickback from dealerships outside of DeKalb

Anonymous said...

Now we all know what a "stimulus package" is. Its not a stimulus check that will come in the mail, its a stimulus BILL!
Dont act all suprised. Stan Watson is just another rotten apple hand picked from the bottom of the barrel like all the rest we have had to deal with for a decade and a half.

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I wonder what dealership owner is behind Stan Watson. Lets see who is the biggest in Dekalb?

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Funny thing about purchasing cars from dealerships in Dekalb..... the people who own those dealerships probably live in Fulton, Gwinnett or Forsyth county.

Anonymous said...

who else? Malcolm Cunningham.....

Anonymous said...

Yes it's a stimulus alright, but not for the taxpayers, but for the crooks that are continually strongarming the citizens. Why balk at tradition in Dekalb? Here comes another elitist jackass to rob the citizenry blind.

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In reference to Lo Flyers comment on the LSBE program (AKA the buy local program): The program may sound good and even have lofty intentions, but the way it is administered is a total joke and corrupt beyond measure.

The program is NOT mandatory as Purchasing & Contracting would like everyone to think. It is 100% discretionary and is implemented at the will of the head of P&C (Kelvin Walton) and ultimately the CEO. If you doubt me read the adopted code, not the BS verbal policy P&C puts out. I have quoted sections of it to managers in P&C and they always ask me, "Where did you read that? That is the opposite of what we do?" When I tell them the adopted LSBE ordinance I am usually met with a long silence.... unbelievable.

I have fought P&C on this many times and have won every single time, because when pushed on it they know what the law allows. They only use the LSBE program as a tool to reward whoever they want and punish others, mostly punishing the tax payers in having to pay higher prices for crappy work.

Like I said, the idea of using local companies is a good one, the problem is the way it is actually done by the county. The first step would be to make sure the company can actually do what they say they can, most of the time they are 'branching out' and have zero experience, cost way more and do a terrible job.

I must also say that I have worked with some LSBE companies and had great results, but that is maybe 10% of the time. The rest of the time it is a nightmare.


Anonymous said...

I have not seen "Stan The Man" Watson in action. I know for a fact that has tried and not succeeded for many positions on government over the years. This year, he got lucky and won the commission seat held by Connie Stokes.

Now that the formalities are outof the way, lets talk about what he has done.

I for one cannot say anything about Stan Watson, but if he is like the other commissioneers at Dekalb BOC, there will be nothing new here. The BOC likes to do only thing......spend, spend, spend.
Stan Watson has learned very quick on HOW NOT SAVE COUNTY FUNDS WITH THE PURCHASE OF ALL THAT NEW FURNITURE. Why would anyone think or believe than ST would be any different from the rest of the bunch.

Taxpayers of Dekalb, get ready to make your checks out to the 2011 crooks of Dekalb County Government.

Anonymous said...

Attention Malcolm Cunningham, you will have funds to support the reelect Burrell Ellis campaign. After that you can support Stan Watson for CEO. The taxpayers of DeKalb need to keep a close eye on this one, it smell corrupt from the word go. If they are the lowest bidder then that is one thing but there is always a method to hide money from the back door. The citizens who read this blog need to continue to inform your neighbors and maybe this runaway train will get derailed eventually!

Anonymous said...

I can not really disagree with the statement concerning the cars. “Ideally” the county should purchase vehicles from a dealership in DeKalb. This assumes that you are getting as good of a deal as any other dealership in the state. If you are then it makes sense. If you can get a better deal outside DeKalb County then that is what you should do.

The vast majority of car dealerships in DeKalb are not owned by African Americans. Perhaps some people are assuming out of ignorance.

Stan Watson is just now taking office. He deserves the same chance as anybody else. The furniture thing seemed more about Connie Stokes and the idiot Morris Williams than Stan Watson. If Watson conducts business like the BOC has most of the time then he deserves the same criticism. I am thinking he has to be an improvement over Connie Stokes! But maybe not and we shall see in time.

Anonymous said...

If you'll look back didn't Watson run on a primary election against then CEO Jones on a pro-police platform? If so let's give him a chance to put his money where his mouth is.

Anonymous said...

Stan Watson ran, but was too lazy to show up to any debates.

Anonymous said...

Cars are purcahsed off of state contract at pre-set prices, which are lower because they are bought in bulk.

Anonymous said...

You all are waisting your time. Any one who had any brains in DC has already left (citizens and pd).

When is it gonna dawn on some of you?????? They dont care about you or what you have to say. Its all about Stan Watson and THEM!!!!

The quicker you realize it and move on the better off you will be.

Leave DC. Do not so much as even buy a candy bar down there. Drive around it and dont spend a dime in the place.

Why do you continue to waste your breath on a lost cause? It worse than Atlanta will ever be because their will be no revitalization of its core. Its the next Detroit!!!!!!

Look at Memorial Drive, Covington Highway, Candler Rd, Belvedere Plaza, South Dekalb Mall .........destroyed.

I wouldn't let my dog walk around DC. Its a dump.
Move on. Leave it with them......