Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Prepare For Battle!

Some have suggested that we attempt to unite and show a strong presence at the December 7 (The day that will live in infamy) commission meeting to denounce the increase of our pension contribution of 100 percent.

Our forced increase is a given. The commissioners will use the pension laws against us. There is nothing we can do. It's coming folks, just stand by.

But what we can do is get ready for battle when the commissioners start discussions for the upcoming 2011 budget. The talks will begin in December. This is when we will learn if they plan to raise taxes, give us a raise to cover our contribution to the pension fund, or God forbid, announce more furlough days, or even go as far as layoffs.

Hopefully, with the leadership of Jeff Wiggs, we can have planned massed showings at each commission meeting when the budget is discussed. We cannot stress the importance of strong showings, by we the police officers and the general public.

We need to appear at these meetings in full uniform and we need to show in mass. Civilians, as suggested by some, maybe could wear some type of blue shirt to represent the "thin blue line". (Sure would be nice if some t-shirt company would donate shirts for the public and our family to wear.)

When public comments are allowed, we need to speak up. What is the department going to do do, take pay away from us?

We will keep you informed of the dates and time of the budget meetings. Start talking among yourselves, your friends and family about making appearances at these meetings.

Everyday of the week we sacrifice for the citizens of DeKalb County. It is time to sacrifice for ourselves, our families. If we fail to make a strong vocal showing at these meetings, then we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Just remember the words of Commissioner Jeff Rader: “If they want to get paid more, they have to carry more of the burden,” “There is no way around it.” Let this be our battle cry!

Prepare to stand up! If nothing else, do it in the memory of slain Sheriff elect Derwin Brown. He stood up and lead us. He was not afraid of the commissioners or the powers at be. It is time for us not to be afraid.


Anonymous said...

I'm there. Count me in on the 7th.

Anonymous said...

Who is Jeff Wiggs? I would not follow him to the QT for coffee. We need someone who has done something around here to lead us. I hear he has only hid on morning watch his whole career and hung out with the Ol' boys at FOP lodge. Now he is the president he is our savior. Give me a break blog? Give us real leadership, but definitely not a person who is just looking for his 15 minutes of fame.Please don't mention him in the same statement with Derwin Brown. If any of you were here, the FOP opposed Derwin.

Butter Nut's said...

No matter if the entire department shows up, for without the publics help nothing will happen.
After all the citizens are the ones who vote them into power, not us. So what makes you think the give a rats ass what we say.
It;s a wasted effort!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gwinnett and other agencies are still hiring. Let's vote with our feet. Maybe when all hell is breaking loose because evening watch has to run with 5 officers and "good citizens" are calling in screaming about their BS 65s, 87s, child custody disputes, my neighbor looked at me the wrong way, I want a police report for a private property accident with no damage etc etc and something real goes out, the public will wake up in this county and go banging on the BOC's doorstep. Maybe that will be a bit of a pucker factor for the crooked politicians who have fought so hard to steal the taxpayers blind while ruining this place.

Anonymous said...

If we sit and do nothing we will get nothing. We have to start some where to get the boc, ceo, citizens to hear us. The more they get away with the more they will continue to take from us. Our lives our on the line here. Its easy to just up and leave and go to another agency but you will still run into the same bs there.
As for the comment bout wiggs. who is real leadership? Can u name anyone else who has stepped up and put there neck on the line for 200+ cops ???????????? We have all put faith, hope in certain people and they have let us down but now is the time for us to speak the officer's and that's what it seems like he is trying to do. Be safe out there

Anonymous said...

I'm a citizen who supports (and speaks up for) DeKalb officers every chance I get. But, my voice is weak in meetings without your physical presence.

Let me explain myself.

For those that haven't been to BOC meetings, specifically the budget hearings - having a large crowd supporting a department, job, function, etc can make an impact. Let's look at Senior Centers. Last year, there was a proposal to drastically decrease their funding. What happened? 100 senior citizens (walkers, wheelchairs and all!) showed up and had 2-3 representatives speak for them. Each one who spoke in favor of returning funding to the Centers asked the seniors to stand up in the audience. Guess what? They got (most of) their money back.

So, for me the lesson is this. I can speak for you, your FOP can speak for you in these meetings all day long, but until you stand up in that room in uniform (or in t-shirts, whatever) and have a physical show of force, progress will be slow. Now, I'm not saying showing up is going to wave a magic wand and all will be better, but it'll be a start. I also don't pretend to understand all the circumstances and pressures that can affect you being there. All I can ask is that you help citizens stand up for you. Talk to us, tell us how we can help and show up to BOC budget meetings if you can.

Regardless, I'll continue to use my voice as often as I'm able to stand up for and support you. You give much more than you receive from this county and there are a number of citizens, like me, who are grateful.

Anonymous said...

So every officer on morning watch is a slacker???? Get your head out of your ....

Anonymous said...

You know what? There have been a lot of things I wanted to comment on and didn't, but Anon #2, you're a dumb ignorant ass. So you brought me out of my hole.
You could not be more WRONG about what Sgt Wiggs does for YOU, you idiot. He works extremely hard, not to glorify himself, but to stand up for the rights of officers. He just happens to be smart enough to understand that you can accomplish more by working with the system, not against it.
If you want to lash out at someone, how about the Director? I still can't find out wtf he does.
P.S. I hope you're one of the ones who leaves DKPD - your attitude sucks, and you'd probably fit in somewhere like Alabama.

Anonymous said...

12:10 citizen - we are kindred spirits my dear!! I too am a citizen who has closely followed all these issues, and speaks out every chance I get to garner support for DKPD. (By the way, I have spoken to Jeff Wiggs on a couple occasions, and I think most do not realize - and would be surprised to know - how much effort he expends towards attaining full and justified rights of DKPD)
Anyway, there just are certain things that should be sacred, and law enforcement is one of them. People, don't forget to write the CEO and Commissioners. If you can't attend meetings, send friends and relatives. And know that you have many more citizens behind you than you know. So let's ALL get busy.

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like Mr. Anonymous at 7:43 this morning should step forward and be the real leadership for the PD..... But I doubt it!!! He strikes me as just one of those guys who wants to sit back and wait for someone else to do the work while he second guesses and complains about it!!!!
I stand with Anonymous @ 2:22 in his assessment. Hey, I think I heard Mobile is hiring........

Anonymous said...

Well I been on the force for about 3 years and I am not happy with the direction of the department. I love my job and the people I work with especially my command staff from my sgt's, my lt's don't really know my cap's but i am sure they are cool too and my major (southside baby). But I agree with the idea we need to come together and have a voice. All this complaining is not going to get us anywhere. When will we learn there is POWER in numbers. I will be at the next board meeting and I hope you will too. Think about it they can't fire or transfer all of us or even half of us if we stick TOGETHER but that is the key word TOGETHER. We risk our lives everyday for BS to serious stuff, I know my fellow officers aka brothers and sisters are not afraid to wear a T-Shirt to voice your mind or just come and let your presence speak for itself lol.

Anonymous said...

Like it or not someone has to step forward and speak for us. As stated there is strength in numbers. We all know that retaliation is much harder if it is all of us, not just a few. Can't transfer the whole department. The public will begin to notice if we mobilize publicly, look at Atlanta. The new DA can start by investigating the public corruption and theft of taxpayers money. Maybe Wiz Miller cannot dis ban his investigators.

Lynwood Park said...

To DKPD Officers,

My name is JD. I am a private citizen and DeKalb resident within the North Precinct area. I am also a current member of Leadership DeKalb and work with many of you on both an on-duty and extra hours basis.

I will be arriving at the Dec 7 commission meeting early to sign up to offer public comments to protest your pay cuts and pension contributions as well as begin raising public awareness of the issues expressed to me by many officers.

Simply put, your treatment is unacceptable and our commmissioners must be held accountable.

Many citizens do care but are unaware of what the county has done. It is all of our jobs to bring this to the forefront of public discussion.

I will speak at all commissions meetings if I can have support through your presence at each meeting.

There are currently 780 line officers and 150 segeants--every body is needed to pressure the county into doing what is right.

I hope to see many of you at the meeting.


Anonymous said...

JD....thanks. See ya on December 7th. I'll be one of the spectators with a badge and cuffs.

Anonymous said...

@Jd...thx! We need more residents like you who care. I hv wrkd with Jd on several different occasions and he really has the officers best interest at heart. He isnt running for any type of off or boc seat. He is just a citizen who understands what the officers are going through....Thx again!

بهبد وسمه چی said...

Thanks, JD

Anonymous said...

Thx Jd. I have worked with Jd for the past year and a half and I know his heart. I know his passion on getting this county back on track to the way it should be. The support he shows this department is the kind of support every county citizen should show and express. I know they are out there.

To the citizens of Dekalb..stop sitting in silence and letting your BOC do the things they are doing. It is important that your voice be heard! I know that there have been several individuals involved in Leadership Dekalb over the past years and WE need you more than ever! Your influence, leadership, and dedication to this county is vital. LET THIS EVENT ON THE 7TH BE OUR TURNING POINT!!

To my fellow colleagues..I am an officer of Dekalb County and I ALWAYS will be. Jd is right when he says that WE ALL need to be at these BOC meetings to show our unity and express our and thoughts to our commissioners. I believe what they are doing is not right! But its like others have said. NOTHING will get done if no one shows up! Remember, you don't have to be one of those who have to say anything. Your presence alone is what we need. Imagine..6 to 7 hundred officers standing before the BOC. I will be at the next BOC meeting and any other meeting after that. I hope that WE ALL will be there in some sort of fashion..uniform, t-shirt, whatever and stand behind our chief and our leadership staff members. It is time that WE ALL stand up for ourselves and take action and do what is right for us, the citizens, personnel of the department and our families!

Thanks again Jd for leading the way on the public's behalf. Let's all show Jd and others like him that his work will not go in vain.

Anonymous said...

Does JD stand for Jack Daniels? If so you have my support!! Cause this place is driving me to drinkin!!

Anonymous said...


I have worked with JD for about a year now and I know he feels strongly about the treatment we are getting from the BOC. He's right about the community not knowing what's being done to the county and it needs to change. There are many neighborhoods like Lynwood that still care about their Police Department. It's those people we need to reach out to to help change this place.

Anonymous said...

Thanks JD... I will be there!

Anonymous said...

Whatever JD is going to run for commissioner in the future and is using the blog as a political stepping stone. Vernon filled the police officers head with BS in 2000 and fooled you idiots like JD is trying to do now. But I guess when you are desperate you will fall for anything and listen to anyone. Vernon was also a member of Leasdership DeKalb and used it to get into the political field like JD is trying to do now.

Anonymous said...

It just chaps my ass to know that the very people we put our lives on the line each and everyday, wont even stand united for us and protest.
Citizens only want the protection that they cant provide for themselves, but wont speak on our behalfs.

Anonymous said...

As for Anon 7:43, I don't see you on the news standing up and putting your name out there. At least Sgt Wiggs is willing to do that, what have you done? Yes, he is a friend of mine and I proudly say that. Lay off or do something better than Sgt Wiggs, then you can make a comment.

Anonymous said...

Making promotions from the new lists would CERTAINLY raise morale and salaries. Splitting the precincts should create some new positions. It is human nature for people to thrive with change and new responsibilities. Change has proven to maintain attention span and interest from employees in study after study.

Lynwood Park said...

Reminder for DKPD and Commission Meeting Tomorrow,

This is JD and I just wanted to remind everyone that I will be speaking at the commission meeting tomorrow, Dec 7. (please be there at 8:45 if you will be attending).

I have spoken with or heard from officers who will attend the meeting as well and I hope to see more of you there.

While we won't solve all of the problems tomorrow, this is the beginning of raising public awareness and building momentum to pressure the BOC into making the right decision for DKPD officers in the future.

I hope to see and meet many of you tomorrow morning.