Friday, January 14, 2011

County Spent $1,000 On Food and Lodging For Essential Administrative Staff.

The cost of the storm is estimated at $662,000 and climbing. The county paid at least $1000 on food and lodging for "essential administrative staff".

Word at the pumps is some officers who braved the storm and came to work anyway, were not able to get home and stayed at area hotels at their own expense, not only so they would be able to report to work their following shift, but to take the burden off the precincts so they wouldn't tie up a police car/officer ferrying them home and back to work.

Odds are, the same "essential administrative staff" have take home cars and don't live in the county. And odds are the officers who were working in the cold snow and ice, don't have take home cars and risked being involved in a wreck coming to and from work.

Do you think they will be reimbursed? Doubt it.


LoFlyer said...

I will look into a crystal ball and make a prediction.

I predict:

The 1000 dollars in question will have been spent upon one or two departments.

The CEO or BOC offices.

Let's see how this plays out and how good my crystal ball is.

Great work out there this this week guys. I know y'all had to be damn cold and fracken' miserable at times. We are proud of you!

Anonymous said...

I got one better. I braved the cold and snow from S. Fulton Co for three days for my fellow officers and department. Even stayed late!!! Now they are telling everyone who did not report to work will be given an annual day. I understand everyone was not able to get out of their subdivison but don't expect to get paid when you return to work. Reason, you understood the nature of your job when you took it. Plus lets look at the overtime or comp time that will be paid out.

I'm pissed because the same ones that get on here and complain are the same ones who did not attempt to report for duty. Its not about the CEO or BOC its about your brother and sister. If we continue to show those theives that we cannot stand together they will continue the mistreatment of us.

Anonymous said...

And yet some of you fools keep coming and giving the county the best years of your working life. FOOLS!!!!! You deserve what you get......Grow a pair!!!!!!! and move on.

Anonymous said...

1000 dollars? I can go on craigslist and buy a 08 P71 Crown Victoria - fully equipped with lightbar, PA system and complete police package that has lower miles and better paint and interior than Dekalb Vics for 4.5grand! They spent 1/4 of the cost it would take to put a quality patrol vehicle on the street on feeding these useless apes!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't see that essential staff at Headquarters or in the Emergency Operations Center where "essential staff" would really be if needed. Can anyone elaborate if they even visited the EOC. Doubt it!

Elbert from Ellenwood said...

Is alcohol considered "essential"? Sure would like a look at those receipts.

Anonymous said...

I know this is off the spending issue, but whose peanut brained idea was it in Decatur to have First 48 reality show come to the police dept. Lets just go ahead and expose DeKalb as the dump that Memphis or the likes showed. This is not good and the BOC and/or CEO will pay for this decision. The citizens of DeKalb will be in hysteria when the crimes come out on this COPS style show. Give us a break. They are allowed into the actual crime scene.Just give the defense attorneys another reason to get these scumbags back on street.

Anonymous said...

Who would ever think that "higher ups" would dare venture out in snow and ice to protect themselves from getting a little cool or maybe getting wet?

The BOC is a part time job for all, they felt that getting their warm bodies out in the cold and wet would hinder their chances of getting to their meetings. The BOC is a pampered bunch is sits on their individual pedastals looking down at the little people.

The BOC doesn't care about anything but themselves and what they can achieve for each of them.
They BOC doesn't care how much money the county spent on snow removal, overtime, contracting with companies for assistance,or hotel rooms. They all think that they are invincable and think that are the "best".

Maybe the voters of Dekalb County next election will see how much of a bunch of phonies this group really is.

We, the taxpayers of Dekalb County hope that the next bunch who run for election to the BOC might have some self respect, very good morals, and some dignity to hold a job theat truly represents the people who pay their salaries.

Other than the above, not too much more can be said. Our current BOC is a bunch of parasites and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

So what things like this have been going on for years. This Blog is starting to become a waste of time to read.

Anonymous said...

I'm not clear on just who the High Ups are will you elaborate for me please. Why complain the Officers of DKPD did an outstanding job once again, but for reasons unknown all of the Anonymous writers want to do is bitch. I agree with anon 1013 this blog is beginning to sound like the National Enquirer.

Anonymous said...

There is one so called essential staff that was warm and cozy in his hotel room with his lady friend.

Anonymous said...

DKPD: As a citizen, although I say 'thank you' to you every chance I get, I just want use this opportunity to say how much I appreciate that you were out there doing your job to the best of your ability during very, very difficult circumstances. I know you had your hands full, and I did what I could to stay in, and advised everyone to do the same - not only for our safety, but yours. You may feel invalidated and taken for granted, but I hope that you will one day again, not feel that way. My prayers are always always with you. And the same to the fire/EMS and 911 staff. Thank you all.

Anonymous said...

You folks who keep going to work and giving your best are not fools, you are the true dedicated officers who ALREADY have a pair. You whiny little piss ants would have NEVER made it back in the day. Thanks to those who want to get the job done. Stay safe !

Anonymous said...

I, as a taxpayer of Dekalb County would like to clarify a statement regarding the "higher ups". First the "higher ups are not those in Public Safety. They are the ones elsewhere in the county government including the BOC. There are some employees of the county who have powerful titles and thrust their sticks around like spent matches on to those little employees.

The Public Safety divisons of Dekalb County have to be commended for what they do every day of the week. Public Safety puts their lives on the line day in and day out for the same pay as the day prior. There are no perks for the job well done (except a promotion once in a while) and no slap on the back and a phrase "good job". Just a paycheck which has gone down over the years because of inflation, higher pension and insurance costs, cost of living, and everything that the federal governmen states in respect to our high taxes and etc. The Feds like the BOC do not care about us public safety people, in any way, except to pay higher salaries for those who thrust their sticks and critize.

Even though I am a taxpayer of this county, I do not mind paying Public Safety any money for what they do. In fact, they should get
more, just on general principles.

This is my answer now.

Anonymous said...

No longer with DKPD but my new department put us up in hotels that they secured for a great rate because the owners there are treated with respect by the higher ups in our department. Everyone who could not make it home or would have had trouble making it into work was given an opportunity to stay at the departments expense. It was optional but we all stayed.

Anonymous said...

There are many officers who went in regardless of the elements. They do it for their fellow officers, not for the BOC. If you think they need to "grow a pair" for going in. I think you need to "grow a pair" and find another job. I don't want to worry about an officer being hurt, because you're trying to prove a point. You protect eachother, regardless of the state of Dekalb county. If you don't want to do that, please find another job, I don't want you as my husband's backup.

Meat Stick said...

Look you jack wagons, crime dosent stop because it's snowing outside.
Bring your sorry asses to work or we will come get you.
You had every excuse in the book as to why you couldnt make it.

Anonymous said...

Check out AJC opinion article on schools in south Dekalb. We also get a mention. Talks about how undermanned we are.

Raze DeKalb’s education ghetto


Anonymous said...

her's the link to the article on the schools --

this guy's good. and he obviously appreciates cops.

Anonymous said...

That was a great commentary! But how many DeKalb County School Board members and administrators could understand half of it? Most struggle with the plot of an episode of "Tyler Perry's House of Pain."

Anonymous said...

what on earth are you guys talking about? You make the BOC out to be the bad guys in every situation.
I have been following the BOC for years from Manuel's days to Burrell's.
Not once have I ever heard any BOC member bad mouth or diss nay members of our Police force.
You confuse the CEO and his staff who are paid 6 figure incomes with BOC members that are paid less then a third of that.
They work "part time" if you think the 60 hours a week is part time.
When it snows, and the ice builds up, it is the BOC that fields the calls and hears the curses of the public.
Unfortunately, none of the people who do the work actually work for the BOC, you all work for the CEO.
You talk about take home cars, well none of the BOC drives a County car nor does anyone of their staff people.
I would be a fool to even begin to compare what they do to the risk each one of DeKalb's best take
everyday. But the vile hate and misinformation ths comes from this blog site does you all a disservice.
And by the way none of the $1000 was spent on BOC members over the storm. Most of their staff made it in after the first two days and when they did not they worked from home via laptop and phone.
Take the time to get the whole story, read the budget and all the issues that we as a county face. Stop the whinning that this is all about you versus them.
Know who your friends are. Makes the enemy a lot easier to identify.

Anonymous said...

And what do we get when we make it in every day in the ice and snow? The brass again starting their threat campaign - gee - our tickets and arrests were down over last year (go figure -there's 6 inches of ice on the ground you morons). Either right more tickets and arrest everyone you stop or loose your part time jobs, have your vacation requests denied, or maybe face involuntary transfers. When are these people going to learn that the constant threats DO NOT build teams, they just destroy what little moral we have?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous January 17, 2011 5:12 PM. Leadership by threats and intimidation is counter-productive and only makes a bad situation much worse. This department needs it leaders to stand up for them before the BOC and start fighting for the welfare and morale of this department. I have only witnessed just one occasion Chief O'Brien doing that for us. Now, I'm not saying he is not doing more. I would like to think that he is. I believe he is good for us. At least I know and have seen that he has done "something". What we need is a united front from all of the Majors and above standing before the BOC and CEO fighting for us; doing so is fighting for the good of the county. Our leaders must convey that taking care of us fairly as they should is taking care of the greater good of the county.

I have had enough of this divide and conquer crap. I suggest this department get back to a system where all ranks are merit-earned, except perhaps the position of Chief, so that they are no longer puppets. I believe our department worked much better under this past system before Vermin ruined everything.

Anonymous said...

Remember folks, Operation "Wake Up" is still VERY much in effect. Until our neglected years of cost of living and merit raises along with these ridiculous, clearly punitive furlough days are back payed then they continue to get what they pay for... NOTHING. I have yet to see in 20 years any officer terminated for productivity. The first one can consider themselves a lottery winner via civil suit. Stay strong and united guys and gals, the weak will cave first. Remember to utilize your PBA and FOP attorneys for any punitive actions taken against you such as transfers, denying of extra jobs and off days, or anything else these morons create.

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 5:09pm

I guess you missed Rader's love of comparing us to trash collectors. Yes, we pick up DeKalb's trash, but that's not what he means.

Rader thinks a garbage man quitting is the same as a police officer quitting. He doesn't appreciate the job police officers do and the training we must go through to put on that badge. To him, we're all as interchangeable as the guys the guys who just got out of jail and got a job in sanitation.

Anonymous said...

"And what do we get when we make it in every day in the ice and snow? The brass again starting their threat campaign - gee - our tickets and arrests were down over last year (go figure -there's 6 inches of ice on the ground you morons). Either right more tickets and arrest everyone you stop or loose your part time jobs, have your vacation requests denied, or maybe face involuntary transfers. When are these people going to learn that the constant threats DO NOT build teams, they just destroy what little moral we have?"

Hmmmm....sounds just like the speeches we been getting at Center!

LoFlyer said...

Anon 5:09.

Manual was the last CEO and BOC group that supported ALL DeKalb government employees. With Manny the deal with employees was this. Do a good job and don't frack up and you will receive slightly lower wages than market, and you get the rest on the back-end with the retirement pension.

Under Liane Levitans administration, the infamous "gang of four" controlled the BOC and the 1997 Price/Waterhouse salary survey. The last salary study performed for DeKalb government.

Human resources admits that the '97 salary study was hugely biased in favor of labor at the expense professional, supervisors, police and technical positions.

Crew members were now making more than their supervisors. Technical and professional positions became impossible to fill with qualified recruits. DeKalb IT started using expensive consultants because they could not recruit qualified personnel. The current 911 software issue has its roots buried in the fact that the county refuses to pay market rate for qualified personnel to maintain or manage its complex system. Instead expensive consultants and contracts are let and every two years the knowledge dissapears as the contract expires.

Under the Vernon administration the BOC entered into a new relationship with DeKalb employees: Adversarial. When DKPD, the professional, technical or supervisors complained of below market salary the BOC answer, to paraphrase “You are lucky to even have a job, If you don't like it, go somewhere else.”

The current BOC is the worst ever. They lay down employee policy of no raises but give raises to their own staff and when confronted are not accountable. The CEO's entire staff receives a 450-500 a month transportation allowance while on-call county employees are ineligible for financial compensation of their vehicles when called in after hours.

The retiree incentive instigated at the behest of the BOC was a total disaster. Employees are working harder and receiving less wages due to benefit increases and furloughs.

The CEO and BOC refuse to tour county facilities or engage county employees in discussion upon salary and operational issues.

Your last sentence says it all: “Know who your friends are. Makes the enemy a lot easier to identify.”

DeKalb's current BOC is no friend of DeKalb rank 'n file employees.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have insurance yet? Do you have your insurance cards yet? If the officers screwed up this bad they would be suspended or fired. This isn't the first time Risk Management has screwed up.

Java378 said...

Is this the same Board of Commissioners who reported a huge debt last year that they are still trying to pay off?


I live in Dekalb County and strangely, I can't get hired in the same county, but I see in HR records employees who live much farther away than I do, namely outside I-285.

Anonymous said...

LoFlier...we want you on the pension board as the retired employee rep...ARE YOU ClEAR ? :)

Anonymous said...

how about some solutions instead of all the whinning and bitching
Somebody better be looking at the Budget and the mil increase.

It is not all about cops but the 6000 other employees that work for the county as well

If the County would have to fire 400 people to balance the budget, outsied of the BOC and CEO, who is less important?
The single mother in accounting? the code enforcement officers?
Tired of this crap that is all about the men in blue. What can you offer in the real world to help fix the problem?

Anonymous said...

Obviously you have to state the obvious for some. Without police services there IS no single mother in accounting idiot. There would be roving gangs assaulting her and her bad decisions of being a single mother. THAT mentality of being OWED something is why we are in this situation to begin with. You'll never get it until you are on a rooftop after a flood you were warned about 2 weeks prior. Though I'm positive that analogy is over you head as well.

Anonymous said...

It is January 18, 2011. I just received my insurance cards in the mail today. YIPPIE!!!

Anonymous said...


I was born, raised, educated, lived in, and eventually employed by DeKalb County until I realized this was no place to take care of my own family. Now, I just work here continuing to protect and serve what I once was a part of. That's all it will ever be from now on. Thank the BOC and their more recent predecessors.

Anonymous said...

To 411 P.M. Just shut up. This is Our vent web site... If you want to vent about things in the real world,go to the WIC, Section 8 or Welfare sites... I could give a rats ass about the single mom... Do it right in the 1st place and then bitch ... IE get married then have kids...... Now go back to work picking up garbage.............

Anonymous said...

ANON 411