Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We Have A Dedicated Fire Tax And A E911 Tax. So Why Not A Dedicated Police Tax?


Anonymous said...

Here's a crazy idea...how about the powers that be learn to appropriately use the tax dollars that are already being pulled instead of just implementing new taxes. Between property taxes, income taxes, business taxes, sales taxes, more traffic citations, and all the other funds this county pulls in, you would think they would learn how to appropriately use some of the money. Ah well...business as usual...

Anonymous said...

Once again the BOC is using smoke and mirror tactics. Has the seperate tax code helped the DKFD in anyway, haven't they been furloughed and lost pay just like the rest of us??? If this proposal gets approved does that mean the police chief will have his/her own budget like DA and sheriff?? I think we all already know the answers to these questions. After all haven't we just recently been reminded by Mr. Rader where we reallys stand?

Almost twenty years I've been hearing from these politicians how much of a priority we are...look around at our buildings, equipment, training funds, and then tell me how that could possibly be true. We're barely tolerated by the BOC.

Anonymous said...

This wouldn't be a new tax. Instead a portion of the tax revenue currently collected would be separated out and dedicated to the Police Department.

Anonymous said...

Y'all are assuming the BOC (Bunch of Crooks) knows how to manage money. Don't y'all realize that has never been the case in the last 25 years? Why would the BOC start now in the art of managing money?

Police Tax, Fire Tax, or even the Crapper Tax, call it what you want, its still a tax.

Actually, it should be called The Stupid Tax because the taxpayers of Dekalb County are FORCED into paying it. There is no rime or reason here to justify a new or even an old tax, just blantant stupidity on the part of the BOC.

The only reason why the members of the BOC are in power, is because they decided to run for public office, knowingly that they would be on their respective pedastals causing havoc. They didn't make it in the private sector, so they ran for public office instead.

Anybody who believes that the BOC is doing something right for the taxpayers of this screwed up county, is either a daydreamer or is on some sort of pills.

Tax us to the hilt, let the county go broke, watch all of the employees leave, and then see what happens........Poof !!

Anonymous said...

Elaine Boyer your so full of crap. You and the rest of the goon squad have sat by without a care in the world about the police department.
Yes we are a seperate intity and yes we do things that the rest of the county does not.
We should be treated differently!

Anonymous said...

If Elaine really knew how the budget worked, she would see that is already segregating out. That is how the County does not charge County police services to the incorporated cities who pay for their own police.

It really disturbs me that neither the CEO nor the commissioners seem to understand the budget. The CEO was loudly proclaiming that there had been no tax increase since 2006 whereas there really was a tax increase of 0.79 mils in 2009. Last year he also said that a tax increase was needed so that sanitary services (trash collection) could be maintained. Trash collection is a separate line item on the tax bill.


Anonymous said...

BOC = Bunch Of Crooks...I Love it!!!

Those idiots just approved $200,000 for streetlights on Main Street in Tucker. And I'm sure there's plenty more wasteful spending going on. They obviously have "their" priorities and show no interest in fiscal responsibility and restraint.

Anonymous said...

We have all seen the individual taxes just get dumped into the county general fund. No one is exempt from these idiots and their financial wizardry. Until they stop wasteful spending and tighten their own belts we can add tax upon tax and still no relief. This one is going to take the voters to correct.

LoFlyer said...

Here's a suggestion to the BOC and CEO. Reorganize and downsize the county. This includes abolishing a few departments that produce nothing like the Extension Service, Economic Development, Cultural affairs and anything else anyone can think about.
Can the CEO and his bloated, overpaid staff, the only thing the CEO's office produces is a budget that the BOC never uses.
I notice that the budget for Gwinnett county is 480 million dollars. DeKalb's is 700 million plus. With similar populations, why is DeKalb's budget nearly twice what Gwinnett's is?
Why is DeKalb's school system about to be placed on academic probation by the SAC? For the amount of money spent by DeKalb government and school system our schools should be the finest in the country and the streets of DeKalb paved in gold. Instead DeKalb has a sorry graduation rate from high schools and our streets are pot-holed. Where does all the money go?
Could it be that DeKalb's purchasing system instead of going low-bid is designed to supplement the incomes of minority contractors at double the cost to the county citizens? Could it be that Vernon Jones hired 50 percent more unnecessary managers to balance the overly white management?
The inequality of work and pay in DeKalb government is atrocious. The best employees are leaving in droves. The BOC refuses to even consider the GSU study that points out how to make significant reductions in workforce with no loss of services to county citizens.
I find it truly disheartening that DeKalb government went from "lean and mean" 25 years ago to bloated, inefficient and corrupt. The county I now live in reorganized and started cutting back staff and services three years ago when the economy went bust. No cushy retirement incentives to get rid of the most experienced and skilled workers, my BOC made the tough, hard choices that elude DeKalb's BOC, and my county did not have a GSU study to provide guidance.
Come February the county will approve a new budget. There will be no reorganization, the employees will receive more furlough days and business will continue as usual in DeKalb government for another year.

Anonymous said...

Listen up. I'm a huge supporter of ya'll, but you're starting to piss even ME off. Elaine Boyer has been one Commissioner who has fought like hell for your best interests, so stop blowing smoke out your ass about that. End the persecution complex or you'll never move out of the hole you're in. Get your facts. Ask around, and you'll discover I'm right.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. The problem is that you've been shit on for so long in so many ways, you can no longer see that there really ARE people out there who care about you and ARE trying to help you right now. You want everyone else to stop the crap - so open YOUR hearts and minds and start recognizing what those people are trying to do to help you. It won't get better until you do.

Anonymous said...

Seperating out the Police as a seperate Tax district will allow the commissioner to approve a tax increase for police that VOTERS more likely accept.

So it i an attempt to get you what you want without the money being rolled up into the general fund. If you all took the time to read listen and learn you may actually get somewhere.