Monday, February 14, 2011

Director Wiz Miller Fails To Follow Orders - Should Resign

When Wiz Miller was appointed public safety director 2 years ago, he was ordered to reduce his staff and put more officers on the street. He has done the exact opposite.

In addition, he failed to consolidate police and fire administrative offices, including fleet management, supply, recruiting, professional standards and budgeting as ordered.

Seems Wiz is suffering from Terrell Bolton Syndrome: "Can't be touched".

To this point, Director Miller has been pretty much useless, only taking up space and sucking up taxpayer dollars. The best we can tell, his job is master coffee getter for Burrell and security organizer/scheduler for the contingent of police officers guarding Burrell and his ivory tower at 330 W. Ponce de Leon Ave.

He should do us and the county a favor and resign before he gets run off.

Will Burrell react as quickly as he did with Terrell? NOT! Meet the new boss, same as the boss.

The madness continues

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Back when Wiz worked under Flim Flam Flemister all he ever did was study his law books to his law degree. He never did his policing with TAC, only to study on county time.

Nice guy, but nice does not get it.

Benedict Arnold said...

Benedict Arnold says...

Hey Blog Master,
Amazing at how an open forum works...You who wield the power to screen comments and change comments to suit your needs and your agenda. I've been steadily testing the waters with you. I will be making an offer to you quite soon that you won't be able to refuse....rather you can't refuse....he who laughs now will be laughing last.

Anonymous said...

Lets take a step back and think about this for a moment. The question I have is if the BOC wants a PIO then why doesn't that person and expense come out of their budget? Why is it the responsibility of the police or fire department to furnish a PIO? Surely it's not because we're special because Commissioner Rader won't hesitate to tell us we're no different than Sanitation.

Another question is who is running this department? Why would the director or chief for that matter need to clear every personnel decision with the BOC. They've already proven their incompetence on multiple occassions. Hell, they've rehired or retained people who've lost racial discrimination lawsuits.

And finally, these politicians give lip service about making cuts but as in this case when there is a actual reduction they cry foul. Also, this article trying to make a connection of losing a PIO to a decrease in the safety of citizens is a joke. C'mon seriously!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a request for DeKalb Officers Speaks. Please repost those comments made by officers and others in favor of WIZ Miller's appointment to Director. I wonder if folks still feel that strongly. I'm not impressed. If the comments are not reposted perhaps a poll to see how many people are in favor of his further retention or his dismissal.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 7:32 am

I am one of the people who supported the appointment of WZ Miller. I thought we needed a public safety director. I think Miller seems to be a good guy and a smart guy. But I also agree with people who say he has done little or nothing to help the police department. We rarely see him and rarely hear from him. I think he COULD do a lot but he has done very little. To tell the truth, I don’t know what he does.

Anonymous said...

The BOC has no direct control over police, fire or rescue. That falls under the CEO. Except for budgets, but only to the degree that they can approve the county budget, or hold it up. I dont think any of the elected officials or public administrators has ever served as sworn police, fire, or EMT paramedic.I'd like to see ONE that at least knows our business. As far as Miller, no clue what he does. No clue what he can do, if he's ever tried to pushback on the CEO and fight for public safety or if he's treading water. How in the world can you expect o'Brien to do anything he cant get past Miller. And I honestly dont think anyone else could.

Anonymous said...

At 275,000.00 a year. I think those funds could be used else where....but wait!!! that makes to much sense!!! Wiz..nice guy.....wrong position...AND a waste of funds!!

Anonymous said...

Dekalb is literally the laughing stock of the Georgia Association of County Commissioners and is a model of 'what not to do' in almost every aspect of local governance.
Get out while you can.