Thursday, February 17, 2011

Emergency Budget Committee Meeting

The budget committee has called for an emergency meeting today. It appears they have developed a budget with no tax increase that calls for layoffs and cuts in service. Of course Burrell is in panic mood. He only believes in tax increases and more spending.

Maybe he should sit down with us over our household budget and see how to make ends meet with cuts in funds and no pay increase.

This will be very interesting. As soon as the details are available, we'll pass them along.


Anonymous said...

Hey douchbag BOC member... Why is it every other County raises taxes every year... ummm because they dont have a bs CEO of their county. You want to talk about budget cuts how Director Miller's position is not needed (which I agree) Hey dumbass neither is the CEO's office!!

Just a political ploy, lets threaten layoffs, so when we dont lay off anyone we look like heros. I can promise you one thing BOC, if you dare to layoff one public service employee (those who respond to 911 calls) This city might as well throw in the white towel, or in DeKalb's case black towel. You will get a 75 percent decrease in citations, this city will have almost zero revenue due to its piss ass poor management. Oh and we will police the BOC neighborhoods as hard as we can, we will have a zero tolerance traffic policy in your neighborhood and write every ticket we can, and give them your home address with your home telephone number attached to the citation. We will tell them to complain to you, and ask you to kiss our ass for us

Anonymous said...

Burell Ellis is always in a panic mood, especially when the taxpayers of this screwed county hear him talk of tax increases and service cuts. If he hadn't pissed away the money that he did, the county would not be in the shape that it is in.

He and buddies over at the BOC have created havoc in this county spending hard earned money on the most stupid things and for the dumbest reasons. They have no one to blame but themselves. They are some of the most inept, egotistical group that ever walked the face of this earth, and laugh everyday to the faces to the people who work for the county and the taxpayers.

Unless something drastic happens where this county can get off its lazy, fat, stupid ass, then the county will fall just like the Twin Towers in New York City, only for a different reason.

Lets get rid of the BOC, Stogner with his "free salary", and that shrimp with glasses and his $1500 suit...Ellis.

Its time to start over...period !!

Anonymous said...

Here comes the furlough days again folks, get greased up real good.

Anonymous said...

The future and current DeKalb employees who cannot retire are the ones who are about to be screwed.

This county will go down in flames.

Who will want employment here, unless you need money right away and have no future plans.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Cobb is in the same boat....Commissioners who don't have the balls to raise the millage rate here, either.

These gutless politicians don't have the intestinal fortitude to tell taxpayers that you can't continue to provide the same level of service delivery year after year with the same or less funding.
We feel your pain over here. But even then, we are still better off in Cobb than most. Our BOC at least had the foresight to stop spending in '08 when the downturn started. We are a very lean government. We are fortunate not to have layoffs and furloughs, at least not yet. No raises, but modest hiring in public safety. You guys have your hands full-our prayers are with you!

Anonymous said...

you guys..(wont give you the respect of calling you police officers)..are sad! The CEO, BOC, and officers who constantly post negative and in some cases such as annon 4:18pm,very dumb statements, are just tiresome. Please..begging you..quit so we can start rebuilding our county and department.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, they bring in another dumb ass from Atlanta (just look at their pension) as she thinks taking away our sick leave and making us use our vacation time will make us a more efficient county. Well they can stick their 401 account right up their ass. I have supported this county for the last 26 years well it looks like its nut cutting time; we got screwed with the early retirement, insurance and now this shit. Its time for some serious revolt like "I'm thinking about going Egypt on their ass".

Anonymous said...

Well the CEO is calling for all department heads especially the police and fire to have everyone show up Tuesday.

Well Bolton tried that and it failed.

This not how to win over the BOC.

Foghorn Leghorn said...

Foghorn Leghorn says...

The one thing that affects the county more than anything else is public safety. If you fail to attract and maintain quality , professional people in public safety then the whole county starts to suffer. Crime starts to rise, businesses begin to close communities begin to blight then people start to move to safer counties to live and raise their families and consequently the businesses move to where the people are...and then the schools begin to suffer. We're seeing it playing out in front of us right now. The next step is our schools losing to SACS....when that happens then its over.

Do you freakin IDIOTS in Decatur not see this problem... One only has to drive down certain areas of this county to get a feel for what is happening. The BOC as ignored the importance of having quality public safety officers and now we're on a path that is probably irreversible. You have continued to ignore trying to attract good quality people and now there is no way in hell we can get the sort of people needed to turn this place around. The Public Safety of this county is lost. There is no more life left in's on a ventilator and the power has just been cut off

Thanks a bunch BOC and to you MR. all have failed me and every other citizen in this county.

Anonymous said...

Insurance increases.... change from pension to 401K. Sounds like what my wife has. If you'll pay me 80 to 100K plus base (ie before part times...our version of the corporate BONUS), I could deal with a 401K.

The county isn't paying my college educated arse 6 digits or close to 6 digits, so the pension is one reason why I stay. Yes, I'm in policing for other reasons, but other departments can fulfill those "reasons".

Anonymous said...

The CEO makes approximately 150.000 grand a year (FACT) I read this thing just hopping to find some good information I just read a bunch of stupid shit from you guys. Ask you self this I know we have a problem what am I going to do to fix it? thats a starting point. Now Lee May is the Chairman of the Budget Committee. This guy filed for bankruptcy now grant it we can all end up in the same boat but is this a good idea to have him chair that committee ? Sharon Barns cant balance her check book, she writes bad checks. This is the type of stuff we need to focus on people. We need to focus on getting people in place that can handle the business. BItching on this box is not the way. find some voters and let them know whats going on, 90 % of you cant vote here so inform people who can. The decision has already been made about the budget those of you that plan to attend well have fun with ROCK on OB! and his crew. Anon 4:18 you are an idiot and I hate you that you have the ability to type that type of crap. not only that you might get lucky and have kids wow scary. Educate yourself its not too late.