Monday, March 28, 2011

Commissioners Say Wiz Miller Should Not Be On The Payroll, His Job Has Been Eliminated

"Commissioner Elaine Boyer said they declined to speak with him (Wiz) because he is not supposed to be on the payroll any more."

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Anonymous said...

Its the CEO who should not be making personnel decisions as this would only involve friendship, and friendship does not get fired or downsized.

Actually, the position of CEO should be abolished also as it is nothing more than a figurehead position who sits on his/her fat butt and does nothing but make speeches and piss most people off.

When the county had the County Manager type of government, the county never has the problems that it has today. It didn't have the constant power struggles going back and forth with department heads who wanted to be king or queen for a day. The county had a type of government which was working smoothly, and none of this bullshit that is going on now.

Lets do the county a huge favor and get rid of the CEO type of government, and Mr. Crooked Emperor Officer now !!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad...Now we want our pay raise & merit increases :-)

Anonymous said...

So a bunch of Fire Recruits were just let go, right before they about to graduate, in order to save money. These unlukcy recurits have been offered positions in Atlanta's Fire Department. So this is how DeKalb "saves money." We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars training recurits who never answer a single 911 call, then lay them off. Then Atlanta comes along, and is able to scoop them up without spending $.05 training them!! DeKalb loses hundreds of thousands of dollars, and Atlanta Fire gets almost 100% fully trained fire fighters at no cost to them!! DeKalb loses, Atlanta benefits!! Way to go BOC, you stupid, check bouncing, crooked idiots!!

It's no wonder this county is in such bad financial shape! We have idiots holding the check book making stupid decisions like this!

Anonymous said...

Anon1, most of us feel the same, with the power of the CEO reduced to budget proposal and policy implementation the CEO position is redundant and going to the county manager form of government would better serve the citizens and save a million and a half a year.
About a year and half ago the DeKalb BOC was looking into abolishing the CEO's position. Ex-CEO Vernon Jones got himself a closed-session 1/2 hour meeting with the BOC, the details were never released, the BOC quietly dropped the issue. Every one of us would love to see the minutes of this closed meeting.
I think Vern was considering his future employment options.
Vern needs a job. No one will hire him. From Vernon's point of view, what would his next move be?