Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ellis And Other Commissioners Take Hiatus To D.C.

After already spending one week in Washington D.C., Burrell returns, but this time taking along some of his merry-men.

The commissioners won't say what the cost of the trip will be until they return. How silly to think they would be pinned down by some limited per-diem. Those mini-bars and movies on request can be expensive!

Cristal for everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Its time to spend some of that county money that the county doesn't have. I wonder if the CEO and the BOC (Bunch of Crooks) are issuing I.O.U.'s to the general fund?

Are they going to stay at Motel 6, Budgetel or the homesless shelter? Of course not.....They will stay at the J.W. Marriott, The Ritz-Carlton, or even the Palomar. Our commissioners and CEO deserve only the best. Probably the wives, husbands, or even the kids will be joining them.

This is why the Ceo and his cronies are in office. They want to spend those hard earned taxpayer dollars the best way they know how. They want to have those $20.00 breakfasts and those $200.00 dinners with wine and booze. They do not care about us taxpayers. There will be always money left over to line some pockets.

Commissioner Boyer said that all this can be accomplished by conferencing calls made right here in the Atlanta Georgia area. Now that is real savings.

With all those friends and cronies where our dear beloved commissioners and CEO can go to DC to maybe see that Chief Idiot in charge, mingle and sightsee to enjoy the many sights of Washington, DC at our expense.
Its no big deal. All together, it will cost the county roughly $25000when it is all said and done.

So what.....Its only money...What the hell?

Anonymous said...

IMHO, Commissioner Boyer is the only one with any damn sense. SHE should be CEO. But then again, with all the other current commissioners in place, it would be a tough battle, so who would want it.

Anonymous said...

Typical democrat government hack move: Burn county taxpayer money (that is not there) to go to D.C. to suck up for federal taxpayer money (that is not there). When will the irresponsible tax and spend madness stop.

Anonymous said...

where is Jeff Wiggs?, yall are a joke

Anonymous said...

Wow! How about those stated priorities? Watson comments obtaining "grants for transportation, arts, and Community Development Block Grants". Also mentioned by Ellis the need to solicite funds/grants for "a new fire station in Avondale" and "three senior centers". Really?!

The way I see it, grants for public safety (to sustain and improve it) should be #1. Seriously, transportation? Arts? Community Development? Those things would be taken care of in the future if our public safety was appropriate to attact people and businesses to want to come to DeKalb and invest here (live, work, play, go to school) in the first place! A new fire station? DeKalb is talking about laying off paramedics that they apparently no longer can afford to employ and selling million-dollar ambulances ( or perhaps not, but certainly expensive) that were recently purchased (2009). If the grant money were to pay for the new fire station, are they going to be able to pay for the equipment, staff, energy, etc. to operate it? Unless perhaps it is to replace Station #3 instead.

Senior centers?! I mean, come on. Really?! Since when is it the governments roll to care for seniors? Please take no offense to whom this applies. I certainly respect them. Some day, I too will be one, but I don't believe it is my governments' roll to take care of me. That's what my own planning and my family are for.

Democratic socialism. My God! I might be swayed to understand and accept these wants and desires they seek in D.C. if they would concentrate on their first and foremost priority to the people.......PUBLIC SAFETY!!!

My two cents...

Anonymous said...

So the CEO and some of the commissioners are seeking grants for "Arts Centers"? Hmmm? Okay. I get it. Perhaps the new arts centers will repaint our old patrol cars to make them look new again?

I'm for it!


Anonymous said...

As for a new fire station, I know PD needs things, but they fire station in Avondale shoudl be dondemned. I know b/c I have worked there. I don't see how people live it in it.

Its one thing for the police to be in need of repair, but you all don't LIVE there. And you don't have to replace the equipment and apparatus at a new fire station. The same trucks and some of the furniture can be reused. But the building itseld is in BEYOD TERRIBLE condition.

Mold was growing in the area they live, hardly no parking. Its bad.

Anonymous said...

am I the only one who sees through this bullshit, its simple instead of wasting money in DC it should be mandatory for any elected city official to attend and pass financial responsibility courses, but then again with their credit scores probably 600 at best, its just what they know.

Anonymous said...

This is SOP for DeKalb government.

Management making the seminars or organizational meetings at the expense of employee training is normal procedure for the county. When it comes to a budget crunch the first thing to go is training budget. The last is the perks for management. Sad but true, but its always been the case around DeKalb government.

To the BOC and CEO, Free money from the feds is not free. It just comes from a different source than county taxes. This is a desperate attempt to maintain a facility the county cannot afford anymore. I would instead suggest leasing or selling this facility along with the horse farm on Orion Circle and the Aqua-park on Browns-mill.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to be held accountable for this:


Senior Citizen Arrested, Strip Searched for Traffic ViolationPoliceman treats a 65-year-old like a hardened criminal

Last week, my 65-year-old neighbor Jeanie Lovelady who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis was arrested, handcuffed and taken to the DeKalb County jail where she was strip searched and incarcerated in a jail cell - for a traffic violation. She has no police record. Her ticket was administered for forgetting to pay a ticket for crossing over a yellow line while going around a stationary Marta bus.

Jeanie is a retired psychologist. Since the onset of her arthritis, because of her medications for pain, she is often forgetful and has become hard of hearing. We both felt it was important to tell her story so that others, particularly senior citizens can be forewarned.

“After being pulled over in Tucker, the policeman made me get out of my car, spread my legs, put my hands behind my back and handcuffed me. I was stupefied! While he was patting me down, I was crying from the pain explaining I had rheumatoid arthritis. Having my hands behind my back was excruciating. I asked, “Why am I being arrested.” He ignored me.”

After being put in the police car, Jeanie collapsed on the back seat in pain. Sobbing uncontrollably she pleaded with the policemen to uncuff her. He finally realized she was telling the truth, moved her arms and cuffed them in front, but she was still in pain. He finally said her tag had expired and there was a warrant for her arrest for an unpaid ticket. She said she never received a warrant and asked if she couldn’t just pay the ticket instead of being arrested. He said the warrant procedure was explained on the back of her ticket.

“He told me he going to impound my car. I explained I was a senior citizen on limited income and could not afford to have my car impounded. I begged him to allow my friend to come and get it.

Anonymous said...

Would be nice for someone to 'investigate' what they are doing with Dekalb tax money in DC while on their mini vacation.
No telling what could be seen.