Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Evidence Wiz Miller Should Be "Abolished"

The commissioners voted to eliminate Wiz Miller's position of public safety director. Burrell Ellis, the C.E.O. of the county had 3 weeks to veto the commissioners or let it ride.

In the meantime, Wiz Miller, who is still Director of Public Safety and Burrell Ellis are playing politics with the safety of the citizens of Dekalb and the police department.

In true form of scaring the public into a tax increase, Burrell screamed there would be cutbacks in public safety. Without the commissioners approval, he and Wiz Miller have said all paramedics would be laid off, cut the upcoming June police academy, grounded the helicopter and changed police record hours, making it extremely difficult for citizens to get copies of reports.

The proven racist Richard "Dick" Stogner, being Ellis' boy, and a handover from Vernon Jones, is laying the blame at Chief O'Brien's feet.

We were wondering why the department was moving so quickly on cutbacks, now we know: politics. Burrell and Wiz have been tucked safety behind police guarded closed doors at Taj Clark Harrison Building scheming to scare the hell out of the public.

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Anonymous said...

Stogner, you're an idiot! When you cut our budget, we have to cut stuff to stay within that budget. If you don't want us to cut stuff, provide enough funding for that stuff!

Anonymous said...

Why do the commissioners feel it is their place to dictate how the department spends its money? They have no experience in law enforcement. They have no idea what what the best way is to spend what little money we have to serve the public. Why do we even have a command staff if they want to make all of the decisions for us?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know when the final budget will be released? I have a feeling I'll need to keep the lube ready...

Anonymous said...

The BOC said the police department would have to cut over 4 million dollars. Chief O’Brien asks his Assistant Chiefs to recommend cuts in their divisions. The process of making these cuts begins moving forward and now the BOC says wait, we don’t want you to make the cuts yet. Wait on what? Do you want us to make the damn cuts or not?

Many of these cuts can not wait until the last minute. There has to be a plan in place. Should we wait until June when all of the cadets are about to begin the academy and then decide to cut the academy? Do you know how much money it takes to hire these people and do the background checks?

Since when does every single decision have to go through Lee May, Larry Johnson or Stogner? Every week one of these guys gets their feelings hurt like a 10 year old child. Pretty soon the chief will have to get approval to move an MPO from South Precinct to Tucker Precinct. Don’t laugh. That is where it is heading.

Now we are being lectured by Morris Williams and Stogner. Williams represents the BOC and Stogner represents the CEO. Who cares what these two Vernon Jones leftovers have to say? Together they have less credibility than a herd of goats.

Anonymous said...

Mr Stogner, my officer wants to order some medium point black pens. Is that ok with you and the BOC, or do we need your approval? And you are going to change our order to fine point?

Anonymous said...

Yet another missed point by the blogmaster. Put down your hatred for all that is Director Miller and look at a much bigger picture.

I read that AJC article and what a pile of crap.

Look, they (BOC) say we have to cut over 4 million from our budget and fire has to cut over 7 million. Now when the departments start to make those cuts suddenly it's a suprise. This is complete BS. You cant cut these amounts of dollars without letting people go. There isn't any "scare tactics", you want the budget cut and it has to be done.

Funny how the chief is thrown under the bus for doing what the budget (BOC) told him to do.

Folks, don't let the CEO, Stogner, or BOC fool you. It is because of their constant mismanagement, misappropriation of funds, and countless other shenangians that we are in this mess. They will try to deceive you with bogus articles like in the AJC and other outright lies. Don't fall for it. Put the blame where it belongs...right at their feet.

Anonymous said...

BOC = I-D-I-O-T-S. Oh yea, keep them away from OUR pension !

Anonymous said...

All this bullshit is scare tactics by those idiots in Decatur. It is simple politics and nothing else.
Who wants to be "King for the Day" in Decatur.

Granted, Stogner is a high paid idiot (even though he stated he is doing this job out of the kindness of his heart....bullshit) with too much power.

Getting back to the problem at hand, there can be cuts made in places that these idiots never see.

Put a plan in place where certain lazy seniors can get off their fat butts and get to their own doctors, treatments, etc on their own nickel. Save oodles of money for not giving out free meals. Quit paying for trips to Africa or Vegas for the powers to be. No first class airfare or hotels at all. no spending money for perks when one gets to their destination. Better yet, conduct business by conference calls instead. Eliminate speaking engagements and the fees that are paid for these idiots to speak.

There are many ways to cut spending, but the idiots in Decatur do not know of the real ways of doing it.

"And the beats goes on"..........