Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Sky Is Falling!

Residents in the Brookhaven area have had enough! Within 2 years, they will pull from the control of the county and become their own city, or at the very least, be absorbed by Dunwoody or Chamblee.

The city of Dunwoody lost faith in DeKalb years ago, and now the police department has pulled out of our E911 system, choosing join ChattComm.

Now with news of DeKalb's bonds rated as "junk bonds", the commissioners are wavering on their stance of "no new taxes", probably raising taxes in June.

Yet while the county is burning, Burrell Ellis continues to hand out raises to his staff and ignore calls to save money by eliminating the Director of Public Safety position.

This present group of commissioner are completely inept. If they continue down this road, DeKalb County will be bankrupted and pressed to meet payroll, much less make it's required contributions to our retirement.

And what happens in 2012? Raise taxes again, if we survive?

Be afraid, be very afraid.


Anonymous said...

Is anyone actually surprised by this? I dont blame them.

Anonymous said...

Dekalb leaders are idots they are focusing all there time in South Dekalb and leaving all the areas that pay taxes with little patrol. I am not saying no one in South Dekalb pays taxes but lets be honest I am willing to bet the tax digest is greater in north and central Dekalb. This county is doomed if they let this continue. The best is the Black deligation in the State is suing over all the cities being formed. You don't have a case the people in these cities are not obligated to pay for all the social services that are sent to the south when they get nothing for there money.

LoFlyer said...

In case no one noticed, 98 percent of the participants are racially white. This must be particularly disturbing to DeKalb political leaders and the Georgia Black Caucus that recently sued the City of Dunwoody for their temerity to rule themselves instead of living under the yoke of political disenfranchisement in the Afro-centric world of DeKalb government.
While South Dekalb receives new senior and rec centers, new libraries and fire stations. Brookhaven and North DeKalb receive nothing.
Most employees watched in dismay as racist in chief Vernon Jones refused to even discuss the issues with the Dunwoody citizens.
Every one of us knew this was a huge mistake.
Will Burrell Ellis and the Commissioners continue down the same path as the Jones administration?
I would advise the CEO and commissioners to tour the Brookhaven area. It is a valuable tax revenue resource, perhaps a couple of town hall meetings and a few token projects in the area will placate the citizens.
All DeKalb citizens should be respected by DeKalb rulers regardless of skin color and income.

Anonymous said...

How much of an unincorporated Dekalb County will be left if this keeps up?
In other news did anyone else hear about the black caucus trying to sue Georgia for allowing these cities to break off due to the fact that they're majority white, and somehow this is violating voting rights?

Anonymous said...

You all might recall that Dunwoody chose to incorporate based upon a "yes" vote of about 80%.

I have to laugh regarding the news about a civil lawsuit filed this past week by "socialists" seeking to have the city charters for Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Milton, Chattahoochee Hills, and Dunwoody reversed. See how socialists cry when their "locomotive" decides to disconnect from the overloaded "rail cars". This suit is just another example of wasteful spending since they are sure to lose given the fact that all legal processes were followed for the incorporation of those cities in the first place! For their sake, I hope they aren't paying their lawyers anything without an "unless you win" clause. And if they lose, well then loser pays for all expenses incurred to anyone having to defend themselves from this crap!


One must be honest and ask WHY do these communities wish to annex. I believe it obvious they don't want their children victimized by Dekalb juvenile delinquents or have their property stolen, destroyed, or otherwise devalued by the typical Dekalb anti-societal thug. It's REALLY no mystery so drop your PATHETIC cry baby suits and get YOUR community's act together before criticizing others.

Anonymous said...

It's not about race. It's about stupidity.One man in the news clip asked if Dekalb County was representated at the meeting. Dekalb never did learn how to avoid trouble, like in being peoactive did they? Whose district is Brookhaven in ? and was that commissioner at the metting ?

Anonymous said...

It is the right of the people to decide their fate by voting. Dunwoody citizens voted to become a city and they became a city. The more neighborhoods become cities the less we will have to deal with complaining officers and this blog. Lets see, how many Dekalb Officers appilied for Dunwoody and how many were hired. For those of you that are so dissatisfied with the county you are free to leave any day. I never understood a man who stays in place he dislike so much. Do yourself and the officer that enjoy coming to work please LEAVE NO ONE WILL MISS YOU OR YOUR MOUTH.

Anonymous said...

All officers should do what they can to not influence another formation of a city in DeKalb. The money they (Brookhaven) generate will greatly effect the pension as well as a multitude of other issues. Think of the long term effects before you root this on.

Loflyer-isn't there a DeKalb IS blog you can post on? Get lost - you get on my nerves. I hear there is a fire dept blog. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Most of the Dekalb County leadership has been blatantly racist towards whites for decades now.
Spending millions in black communities with libraries, fire stations, parks, pools, police stations, new roads, etc while refusing to even speak to those in the north whos money they took.
And even worse totally ignoring the Hispanic population in the north....because their vote is tiny.
Dekalb is reaping the fruits of the leaders they voted in time and again.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. Without looking at a map, I'd say Brookhaven is in the district for Boyer and super district for Gannon. In any case, apparently no government leader official was present. Wow, that really looks bad.

Anonymous said...

You know I read a lot of negative comments on this blog and it seems that most of the posters portray themselves as Dekalb Police Officers. If Dekalb is so unsafe then why don’t you do your job and make it a safer place, rather than talk about how far you have to drive to get to Dekalb for a paycheck (which by the way I pay, and which pays for the food on your table and the clothes on your back) or how much money you have to spend each month on gas because you don’t have a take home car.
As a Dekalb tax payer I don’t see a reason why anyone who lives outside the County should have a take home car. On the few rare occasions I do venture outside the perimeter on the weekend I see more Dekalb Police Units parked at KMART, Walgreens, CVS and Target or just stopped at red lights than I do of the local jurisdiction. Allowing Officers who have made it clear on this blog they have no intention of performing their job as they have sworn to do any perks is just plain hog wash.

Anonymous said...

To March 31, 2011 7:39 AM,

If you don't like what you read here on this blog because you are learning how DeKalb Officers feel regarding YOUR treatment towards us by YOUR elected incompetents, then F(*& OFF!!! It's a**holes like you that have caused us to feel this way in the first place because most of us who have dedicated our lives serviing you are sick and tired of being shit on. When you and your people again start caring about us as we have been caring about you, then we can again feel good to care about you.

OK now. All you officers and specialized position folks go park you cars back in the county. This idiot apparently doesn't give a rat's ass about his or her public safety and could give less than a damn if a hostage situation breaks out, an active shooter starts leveling a school, a homicide has occurred, a child has been molested, a fatal accident has occurred, etc. etc.

Must be a Democrat!!!

Anonymous said...

To anon 1128, sounds like Anon 729 got under your skin. Must be some truth to his words.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:39,

You're full of shit and you know it. You really expect us to believe every time you rarley venture out of the county, you see tons of DeKalb police units everywhere! At stop lights, at K-Marts! At CVS! More than you see in your own neighborhood! Bullshit! I'm sure you own a digital camera. Even crackheads have them now days. Next time you venture out of DeKalb, bring your camera and take pics of all these supposed county vehicles you're seeing. We're all anxiously waiting for your first report! Oh, by the way, if someone just swings by a CVS on their way home from work because they didn't get to eat all shift, that doesn't count. And if someone is stopped at a red light on their way into work, that doesn't count. You know, lots of people with take home cars are on-call. That means if something bad happens, they get right in their car and go right to the bad thing! There's also a lot of people who aren't on call, but get called and have to come into work for whatever reason. But if you got your way, instead of getting where they're needed as soon as possible, you would have them to drive their own vehicle to a precinct and then get into a patrol car or cid unit, then drive to where their needed. You'd probably be the first one to complain about a long response time if you needed an on call detective to respond to your house!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that most everyone who voted for Burrell Ellis, said that he is the best thing since apple pie? He is not. He is just a carbon copy of VJ who was only interested in lining his own pockets. Either way, they are both "Little Hitlers".

When nothing goes the way they wanted too, the old phrase comes on...."raise taxes" as this is the easiest way to get their message out. Both were/are parasites eating away the flesh of Dekalb County and creating a disease that will increase in size rather than be treated and disappear.

It is sad that one of these days, Dekalb County will ultimately be like those little bitsy islands that used for testing the A-bomb and wiped off the face of the earth.

Today, we as taxpayers do not need the A-bomb, because we have county high level dumbasses, both appointed and elected, who cannot make up their minds of which side of the bed to get out of.

I realize that I use a lot of phrases in what I say, but the truth as it is, no matter what is said, it still basically means the same. THIS COUNTY IS AND HAS BEEN FAILING FOR MANY YEARS, WITH NO END IN SIGHT. Until something drastical change comes along, its going to be status quo...period

Anonymous said...

Dekalb County Georgia is becoming if not already the next Gary, Indiana. That's not a good thing.

Anonymous said...

No police officer or other employee of Dekalb wants Dekalb to fail. The main point of all these negative comments is to let the public know how bad it really is and has been for a very long time. Dekalb county needs to have a commission without a socialist out look on everything. Dekalb employees need to have a positive proactive approach to watching what is going on with our pension. Having pension representatives that sit there and say nothing or don't attend meetings is unforgivable. We still don't have any more information on the pension now, than we did when this blog first started. We really need to stay on top of what is going on with the pension and not allow the county to get to it and we nedd a pension board with the employees as their first and main goal and not any welfare programs to the BOC. Dekalb citizens need to get on the ball and elect non socialist leaning commissioners. Something is really wrong when your public safety employees are this disgruntled and chuncks of citizeny want to leave the county and form their own government. Think about it. it's not about race, it's about incompetence. God help Dekalb.