Monday, May 23, 2011

Update On The Employee Relations Committee

The committee is chaired by Commissioner Elaine Boyer, commissioners Stan Watson and Jeff Radar are the current committee members.

The only link I have found to a mission statement of the committee can be found here.

The official description of the committee is this:"Employee Relations and Community Services.

Purpose: The Employee Relations and Community Services Committee will have the authority to handle subject matters concerning the following departments and areas: Citizen Help Center, Community Service Board, Cooperative Education, DFACS, Health Benefits, Hospital Fund, Human Services, Parks and Recreation, Pension, Public Health, and Risk Management."

I have requested to be allowed to attend the next ERCS meeting with Elaine Boyers chief of staff, Bob Lundsten. I have received no reply on my request from Bob.



Anonymous said...

They want to take more money from employees to justify the budget.

This county is a sinking ship.

The employees should already be looking another place of employment.

They are trying to ride the back of the police with ticket revenue to bail them out.

The citizen should be tired of of force revenue.

Just ask anyone at any precinct , the main objective is tickets for revenue.

They need to look at take home cars and promotions and what they spend money for every day.

Anonymous said...

It should be a open meeting with 3 commissioners in attendance .

Anonymous said...

Bob Lunsden as Boyer's "chief of staff"? When her assistant Nancy McBride suddenly passed away Bob offered to Elaine to sit in and take Nancy's place for a while ...secretary..whatever you want to call it. It turned into a permanent position for Bob. But "chief of staff"? Guess that's the new name for the job in the offices of the BOC.

Anonymous said...

Can someone post FOP President Jeff Wiggs contact information? Trying to contact him regarding Union info. Thanks... KC

Anonymous said...

Good job Ken - stir up shit where there is none, and fuel the negativity. If you're so intent on being regarded as a hero, why don't you get out from behind your computer and go volunteer for some worthwhile charity, or anything else you know something about.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Wiggs-

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:45pm you're right. Ken is being negative to shed light on the county planning to screw us out of THE LAST reason to stick around this place. We should just cluelessly let them plan how they are going to keep taking from the employees. But I guess you are one of the folks who would say: "we should just be thankful to have a job!"

Personlly, I think we should be thanking Ken. If it wasn't for him digging this stuff up we wouldn't know about what the BOC's plans are until after they voted on it. Heck I heard that Assitant Chiefs Lane and Yarbrough didn't know anything about until they were told by folks reading this blog.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Elaine Boyer has fallen into the same pattern as the rest of LiL Vern followers.