Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We Suspect That A Commissioner Has Responded. Read And Judge For Yourself

"The blog administrator does a good job alerting you to things that affect your well-being. But he and some of the people posting have also done you a disservice at times by getting you all worked up over half-truths, or complete UNtruths. Everyone is free to say whatever they want - that’s what blogs are all about after all.

Here are some truths:

Yes – there is a revenue shortfall. It has to be made up somehow.
BUT - It was the BOC who made sure, with the separate line item budget, that the police budget can’t be raided by the CEO every time he thinks he needs money. I’ll post the bill if you want to read it.

So NO – they can’t cut police, fire, Sheriff’s Dept, or courts.

YES – furloughs HAVE been discussed – but NOT for ANY first responders.

YES – BOC asked for Public Safety Director’s office and OneDekalb to be eliminated. Your beef is with the CEO, not the BOC, as to why they are both still there.

NO – unpaid holidays is not being considered.

YES – the BOC has recommended 200 job cuts this year, and more each year for the next 5 years. But NOT to first responders.

So what’s left? You said it. Cuts are always controversial, as are tax increases. WWYD?

The one you should be pointing your finger at is Burrell Ellis, not the BOC - who has fought hard to protect police and fire from future cuts, apparently much more than you know.

Guys, if you want to know whether or not something is true, go straight to the horse’s mouth.

Be safe out there".



Anonymous said...

I am merely tired of Police and Fire being pawns in your war with each other, CEO v/s BOC. You have killed morale and set this County back about 10 years. There are too many of you Commissioners worried about face time on TV and trying to make sure African Americans stay in power. Dont deny it I have been at your neighborhood meetings when you announced it. Before long you will have your wish you have already lost Dunwoody and soon to lose Brookhaven and Tucker. Once that happens you can kiss Dekalb County goodbye because I ain't seen a business worth its salt anywhere on the South end. Ever try to find good food in a safe enviroment on the South end? Hell I wait for backup before I go out of my car to eat there.

Anonymous said...

Why does Dekalb maintain this CEO form of government? It obviously leads to corruption.

Anonymous said...

I might be more inclined to believe Police and Fire would be exempt from cuts and furlough days if someone, anyone from the CEO's Office or the BOC would come out on the record and state that fact. Has anyone heard such a proclamation? What about, blog letter writer? Have you heard a BOC Member or the CEO say Police and Fire will absolutely be exempt from cuts and furloughs?? Inquiring minds want to know!

Anonymous said...

wow, can't believe commissioners are now paying their over-priced assistants to spend their county time reading and posting on this blog. responsible government at its finest right here!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow. Just can't win with you guys. I give up. And I am on YOUR side!! I promise you, I am NOT a Commissioner - I thought it was important to help you understand, since it always sounds like you're in an information black hole. I happen to read, listen, talk to people, attend meetings, etc. You know, to get at the TRUTH?
By the way - the info in my post is all public - all verifiable.
Blog Admin: I think you like the drama. Shame.

Anonymous said...

To 9:44 PM Where do you get the idea that Tucker will be going the way of Dunwoody? Never happen. A study was paid for to explore the possibility but there would be too much cost involved, among other issues.

Anonymous said...

Dont drink the koolaid!!! its all about koolaid and fried chicken!

Anonymous said...

This is great info if its true, this is all most of us have been asking for is some type of communication.

Anonymous said...

Some Rocket Scientist a long time ago thought that the CEO type of government was the best thing since apple pie. Maybe in the private sector, but certainly not in the public sector.

Whatever and whoever came up with the idea of CEO for government, is now long gone. It might have worked for the first term, but has gone to hell ever since.

The state senators and representatives from this couny need to go back to their respective chambers next year and do away with the CEO type of gov't.
It is a boondoggle from the go and is the reason why no other county has gone to it. Whay Dekalb kept it is for some unknown power struggle reasoning.

If the CEO position is done away with, will this help our current problems? Immediately, no. Its going to take at least one full term (4 yrs) to have a new form take place, and get rid of the Burell Ellis'es in the process.
Lets all hope that Stan Watson is not a replacement

Anonymous said...

This is a Mickey Mouse Administration.
Richard Stogner said " the county doesn't have a registry to know who owns the systems so it doesn't know who to fine once an address exceeds its four warnings.
Send the bill to the residents where the 150,000 false alarms
exceeded its four warnings. If
the bill is not paid tell them
you will not respond.
You turn off water when the bill is not paid.
I'm tired of Police having to
write tickets to pay their own salaries.

Anonymous said...

This is just one example of why we (Brookhaven area residents) are considering the formation of The City of Brookhaven. Absolute waste and total financial mismanagement. The services offered to us such as police and fire are great to say the least. We've maintained a fabulous relationship with our local officers and see them quite often now. But the overall management of total government services outside the police and fire is beyond poor. To think that DeKalb has squandered so much of taxpayer funds, then deplete our reserve funds is without a doubt inexcusable. This rests with no one but the BOC. It's time they look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves if it's just not time to resign thier position.

The thought of furloughs, layoffs and position elimination already makes one wonder (1)Why was such a budget passed in the 1st place and (2) Why did the BOC pass the budget knowing the financial difficulty the County faced already? As a resident, I am deeply concerned if our county employees are truly respected with the honor and dignity they deserve. Not just the police and fire officials, but all of them. Private businesses have been investigated for a lot less issues, I certainly believe the State Attorney Generals office should at least investigate.

I for one, was against Cityhood for Brookhaven, but when things like this come out, I seriously have to reconsider not just for the sake of my friends and family, but for the sake of better government.

CEO and BOC, it's time to look in the mirror and ask yourself are you really the best elected representative to handle these issues, or is it time for you to step down.

Anonymous said...

11:46 - I don't work for Dekalb County at ALL. At ALL. Never will. Your bad attitude is gonna hold you back. Take your "bitter-party of one" mindset into a new direction - hell, pretend you're a detective - and do your own homework.
You guys have more citizens on your side than you realize, but comments like YOURS are turning us OFF. OFF.

Anonymous said...

If you don't work for DeKalb, stop acting like you're "in the know" and have all the answers, because you obviously don't. Not one person has said first responders will be exempt from furloughs. Commissioners have said they will look into it, but that doesn't mean first responders are guaranteed to be exempt. Get your facts straight.

Cerebration said...

Hi guys -- Over at DeKalb School Watch, we're curious. We have been looking into the costs for school security. According to the 2010 Salary Report downloaded at the state's website, DCSS has 211 security officers ranging in pay from a few thousand (part time or newly hired late in the year) to $92,599. Total salaries -- over $9.5 million. The average salary therefore is around $45,000.

We're curious - what is the average pay for a DeKalb county officer? How does it compare to what the school system is paying our security staff? Could the taxpayers possibly save money and get better security by the two separate systems working together? As in - all school security provided by DeKalb county police department? In these days of budget slashing - we think this is a place where some savings could occur... What do you say?

Anonymous said...

3:21 - so who are YOU? You think only the people working for the County know what's going on? Seems to me like a lot of the posters who DO work for the County don't know what's going on. So what's your problem, Negative Nellie? I noticed the only "fact" you present is wrong, so tell me - what is your source?

Anonymous said...

I would really like to know where the person who posted the info in the title of this thread is getting their facts. I certainly haven't heard that furlows are off the table for first responders. Being a first responder hasn't saved us from being furlowed in the past. In fact, history would suggest they we are in store for a bunch of furlow days this year.

This brings me to another point. Unless I'm mistaken the fire department has had its own tax code for some time now. This didn't keep firefighters from being furlowed last year. It also didn't keep the fire department from being gutted this year.

Which makes me ask another question. If the fire departments budget is a line item on property tax bills, how is it that privatizing EMS is going to save the county any money? Hasn't a certain amount of money already been set aside for their budget because of their seperate tax code? Is the administration just going to move money that was earmarked for fire on the tax bill back to the general fund? If that is the case these seperate tax codes for fire and police are nothing but a scam for the BOC and CEO to bilk more money out of the tax payers in the name of public safety which they're just going to spend on whatever else they want.

Rey en los Pantalones said...

So I see Ellis wants to show his gratitude to the employees by having a day at the Browns Mill Aquatic center. A better idea, how about not furlough us, or how about a raise.

Anonymous said...

Elaine Boyer

Exceptional Radio said...

Honestly, I think a Commissioner would have signed their name to this post. They would have even made it like a press release and placed it on their e-mail servers. We all know elected officials love getting their names out there. Well written and stated.

Everyone always uses public safety when they want to justify why we must raise taxes. Based on my readings of this blog (been reading for two years and posting off and on since then as well); its going to take alot more than funding to fix the Dekalb County Police Department. I also remember when this blog and posters were cheering for O'Brien's appointment to the chief and now folks are ready to see him gone. Ditto for Wiz Miller. Remember "It's Miller Time folks", the chants about his appointment.

Lets just face the facts, there are several people who despise police and we have several bad apples that have badges that make the case no better. Until some type of officer and citizen pact is formed like Atlantans Together did in 2008 for APD, there will be more of the same.