Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Caravan Against Crime

A Caravan Against Crime will take off in the Glenwood Road corridor at 9 p.m. on July 17 to look out for criminals and deter crime.

A convoy of vehicles driven by community residents, and members of the faith and business communities will join the police on the caravan that will start at the I-285 Flea Market and end at midnight at the Christian Jubilee Full Word Baptist church, 3858 Glenwood Road.

District 3 Commissioner Larry Johnson said they want to disrupt the cycle of criminal activity.

“We want to support the community and show that we are not going to tolerate the criminal activity on the streets,” Johnson said.

Now what is this going to accomplish? Waste of fossil fuel, money and manpower. Maybe Lil' Larry will wear a clown suit too.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if one of them got carjacked or how about robbed and shot in the leg the Board of Crooks will WAKE UP and realize that Dekalb is NOT Mayberry!

Anonymous said...

Before all you negative bloggers get on here,this will maybe give the residents in that area to see what you deal with on a daily basis. Most importantly it gives Commissioner Larry Johnson exposure so that he can run for another term which is what all this is about. It's only 3 stinking hours. Sorry for being negative but I see through their bullshit.

Anonymous said...

This Caravan, like the revenue producing TRT, Strike Force, Gang and Homeland Blue Light Specials, will really crush crime.

Will TRT be activated for this? How many officers will NOT be out on patrol and will NOT be baking their fellow officers while this feel good circus takes place?

Glad to see the revamped staff down South have been putting their thinking caps to good use.

How many tax dollars are being wasted on this?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 3:36, you do realize this a group of taxpayers that are involved in this yes???? If they want to waste THEIR money on this then so be it.

I don't see the problem with a community wanting to take back its streets. Isn't this what we all bitch about, lack of citizen support? Well the citizens want to get a caravan going and all you whiners can do is well.....whine! Better go get your ride on the Wambulance before EMS is privatized. Freakin losers!

Anonymous said...

The Magic Bus is has made a comeback by popular demand! While half of the force will participate in this clown show, the others will be on the interstates writing tickets. Criminals have fun and reign havoc as DKPD will be busy making "another show of force"

Anonymous said...

When will the circus end in this county.
Larry thought Terrell Bolton was the best Chief that DeKalb ever had.

So we know how smart this commissioner.

Anonymous said...

Is the chief with the big hair behind this?
T.D. would never do this crap. He would at least have them doing it for a whole shift to make a real hit on crime.
Has anybody seen the hair anyway,he's been way to quiet.

Anonymous said...

I think its great there are still some tax payers willing to stand up and do something.

Matt said...

Dear lord you want the citizens to get involved you dont want to be bothered by their efforts to get involved. make up you mind. officers involved take them to the drug houses you know about and let them know whats going on and when they ask why we don't have the resources to combat them turn the floor over to little Larry and see how good his dancing shoes work

Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused. When I policed my issue and other officer's issues with the community were that they didnt get involved enough.
Dont dislike or hate the BOC memebers so much that it over shadows possible positive efforts by the community.
I know how you all feel, but at least they are trying something. Support the effort.
But I will say this, the officers involved should be allowed to police effectively. Old Southside style.

Anonymous said...

These are the most negative comments! I am a taxpayer and employee of DeKalb. I live in this district and participated in the event. We have worked to get the new substation approved for a long time. We support the police 100%. Community participation is what makes other cities like Dunwoody and Decatur safer. Why are you complaining because the people in our neighborhood are finally becoming active participants? The contacts our neighborhood association obtained with the officers in our precinct are helping us to assist them in reporting incidents and problem areas. I and others plan to work volunteer hours to assist officers whenever we can. Give us a break!