Monday, June 13, 2011

County To Purchase Land For Five Times Its Worth

Even-though we don't always agree with Commissioner Raders politics, we used to figure him for a pretty sharp guy. Boy has he proved us wrong. It looks like he's nothing more then a cheat like the rest of them.

He is backing the county's purchase of 6 acres of land in his district for 5 times it's worth. He explains the land appraised higher by a private appraiser because a private company does a more accurate thorough job than the county.


You mean a private company can do a better job than the government? If the county appraisers are off the mark by 500 precinct, no wonder the county is broke.

If the county appraisers are that bad at their job, then fire them! Think of the millions and millions of dollars not being paid in property taxes. This alone could pay for our furlough days, plus give us a raise.

Or could it be as simple as the whole land deal is dishonest and illegal? You would never guess that the one profiting from this deal is one of Rader's campaign contributors.

Surely this has the attention of our District Attorney. Nah.

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Anonymous said...

Well why do you think anyone makes a campaign contribution, out of the goodness of their heart? Of course it is to be compensated later on which is CLEARLY the case here. Do you REALLY not understand politics any more than this?

Anonymous said...

Let me get this right, the person who owns the land has given money to several of the commissioners for campaign contributions…. and now the same commissioners who got the donations are now going to vote on using county funds to purchase his property for four times its value?..... And those same commissioners are telling tax payers that the county is out of money and needs to raise taxes? Do these people really think that we are that stupid?

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are that stupid. By we I mean 99% of his voters who will never hear this story. Most voters in Dekalb are stupid....just look at county government.

Anonymous said...

Higgie baby, what are you and your boy up to?

Anonymous said...

OMG another park? They have not finished the parking lot on the Mary Scott nature center just down the street on Briarcliff! Mind you this is a county with a budget short fall of millions of dollars. The police department can't afford an adequate crime scene unit, officers are resigning due to no raises and pay reductions from pension and health care costs. Every small city and community is annexing more county land to gobble up its tax base due to this kind of gross mismanagement. Where is the outrage Dekalb citizens? How long are you going to let these self promoting politicians dismantle your communities.Wake up, recall these idiots!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Purchasing for a county park, you have to be kidding.A walking path and picnic area? I guess the perps will be active in the area then the park will be a wasted county purchase.

Anonymous said...

This land grab has been in the works for some time now. The developer is needing capital to utilize another tract nearby. Why else did the county have it appraised three times in a two year period by a private company? Wonder what the cost was for each appraisal? Better yet, what company DID the appraisals?

Come on folks, dig into this one and you'll find out a whole lot that the county don't want you to know. The absolute lack of oversight on the elected officials in DeKalb is exactly what they want so they can do things like this land grab.

Be forewarned elected officials; someone is about to use the master key to unlock many of your secrets.

Anonymous said...

At least I can throw a fresbie there.