Thursday, July 28, 2011

"It's Unfortunate Officers Are Being Pimped Out By Elected Officials For Revenue".

We continue to find support for our ticket strike.

State Senator Mitch Seabaugh (R-Sharpsburg) introduced legislation during the 2010 General Assembly that would have prohibited local police from enforcing speed limits on the interstates.

Unfortunately, this legislation was killed thanks to the Georgia Municipal Association and several money hungry local governments who make their budgets from such funds.

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Anonymous said...

that bill would not have included county police departments on the interstates, only city departments would have been prohibited from writing tickets on the interstate highways going through their jurisdictions

Anonymous said...

Take your crying whining, it is all about me attitude and just do us all a favor a QUIT.
You are embarrassing the rest of us. Go get a job in the public sector standing guard over a Publix or Pawn shop.
Cities and states all over the country are going through the same tax crisis as DeKalb
Your surrounding Counties are doing the same thing, raising taxes or firing people. When 65%+ of the County payroll is spent on POLICE , fire , the Sheriff and the Courts, who do you think is going to get shitcanned?
Fire the entire BOC and staff and the 35+ members of the CEO staff and you morons are still going to lose your jobs.
Great plan, lets have a strike, and add more problems, that will lead to us all getting fired.
I know one thing, I don't want any of you watching my back

You hate this place so much, just leave. I hear Birmingham Alabama is hiring.... on no they are not they are going bankrupt. Makes that nitewatchman job all that more enticing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:51, DeKalb is having trouble like the rest of the country, but our problems started long before the rest of the country and are much worse because of the BOC. If you can't see that then you're an idiot. The last ticket slow down resulted in a loss of about five million dollars. That's nothing compared to what the county has pissed away due to incompetence and corruption! Fifteen million dollars to defend Vernon Jones' racism, millions in uncollected water bills, almost eighty million in uncollected recorders court fines, tax breaks for developer friends of the commissioners, raises if you're a cute little secretary working for the CEO, $65,000 quitting bonus when you're forced to resign for embarrassing the county several times on tv when you're the county's spokesperson, then there's the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on studies to see how many excess employees the county has, only to ignore it!

The economy is hurting DeKalb, but the politicians are hurting it a lot more.

Anonymous said...

I spoke to a Birmingham Officer recently. He said they can't staff the court rooms, so only defendants prosecutors and lawyers are allowed in.

You see, things are tough all over. 34% tax increase in Clayton Co.

I came here when some of you were infants. Poeple bitched back then, when we got merit increases. Nothing has changed as far as that goes. Negative people breed negativity. They will sink the boat they are in , just to see it sink. You see the complainers don't show up at BOC meetiing because they say it does no good. They, for the most part defeat the rest of us through their negativity.

Solidarity, is the concerned Officers here showing up at the BOC meetings to voice our plight.

Even in tough times, I have been inspired by the determination of the Officers at DKPD. If you want to destroy us, leave already, you will not be missed. To the rest of DKPD we have a message for the BOC and citizens. We matter. Our sacrifices are huge. You need us. We need you to support us.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the "MESSAGE" has been sent time and time again only to fall on deaf ears. It is now time for ACTION.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:17 I hope to see you at the next BOC meeting.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the email from Chief Yarbrough in regards to the new "InterAct Mobile" system? Not only are we being pimped out for revenue through tickets, but now we are being blamed for this horrible new computer dispatch system. Director Wiz Miller is now trying to blame its numerous flaws on the Uniform Officers. This system is a joke and all it is going to do is cause more risk for Officers to be involved in an accident. When it does work at its best you still constantly have to stare at the screen all day. The calls are not seperated by precinct or law enforcement for that matter. On top of that in order to check calls you have to constantly look down and press buttons to update them. To top it off it takes too long to get ncic responses back and beeps enough to drive a hearing impared person crazy. Here is an idea, test some of this stuff through the persons who will acually will be using it to get feed back before it is implemented. By not doing so it usually back fires like this system and the horrible uniform shirts. Thanks Wiz Miller and Chief O'Brien for this piece of sh$$ computer system and stop blaming us its not our idea but Im sure one of Mr. Ellis buddies made money on it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 951pm

Ya know...I wasn't one for bickering on this site, but a couple of recent posters are just making it irresistible.

First off...Publix or a Pawn shop is a PRIVATE sector job, not public. WE (the police) are public sector.

Second-Firing the entire BOC and the 35 + members of the CEO staff would be a good start!

Third- we are not all going to fire ourselves if tickets slow down. Budgets for municipalities should not depend on traffic infractions. Most of the shortfall here lies from those lining their pockets with taxpayer dollars

Sure the economic conditions out there ARE effecting cities, counties, states, and even the FED.

Handouts/Entitlements,Corruption, Incompetence, Nepotism, the buddy system, politics, and its not my money so who cares syndrome is mostly to blame for today's budgetary issues that are facing all of the above mentioned levels of government.

Could the argument that a ticket "strike" is counter productive...Absolutely..but victories in any war, conflict, battle, or struggle have never been achieved without sacrifices

-Anon 1118

Anonymous said...

Usually attempts to change a traffic law, like this one, are based upon the theory that traffic laws are fine for everyone else, but me. An example of this is the seat belt law. When the state first enacted it, it applied to everyone, except for drivers in pickup trucks. There were some in the general assembly that had pickups and didn't want to wear seat belts. The state has a stake in traffic fine revenues; too.

On a different tact, Chief O'Brien is not going to speak to TV reporters and say, "I agree with the officers ticket slow down". How would that make him look? It would be like saying, I'll enforce the law for some, but not others. The law is to be applied equally. If you roll over and play dead and refuse to write any ticket(s), then may be you will feel the pain of a write up. I doubt there will be a strong response from the 4th floor of HQ. If I pull you over for busting a red light and I ask you, "Do you know why I stopped you?" and you say, "Yes, I ran that red light and I was in a hurry". Then the reason for the stop has been accomplished. You recognize you did wrong. I'm not going to write you a ticket, to add insult to injury. On the other hand, when I ask you, "Do you know why I stopped you?" and you reply with, "What the f---", or "Yea, you're just profiling me", then I'm going to load you up. Why? Because the next time you get stopped and you surely will, whether you want to or not, you will treat the next officer better than you treated me.

It is beyond time to support Chief O'Brien, he goes to bat for us at every BOC meeting. If we don't support him, then he'll probably retire as soon as he can. Vern gave us a Chief that went from Sgt. to Chief, simply because he was the Mayor's driver. If we run Chief O'Brien off, we could easily end up with another Chief that has no experience running a major police department. Think about it, the next time you're putting the Chief down.

Anonymous said...

To anon 7:22, I saw the email. We are not being blamed for the flaws in the new CAD. Radio can't keep track of the calls if you self-dispatch yourself. That's all it says, in a nutshell. Apparently, their consoles don't show the call, once you self-dispatch. Radio is concerned that they may lose a call to cyberspace, which creates a huge liability for the operator. This is obviously one of many flaws of the new CAD system and I agree with you on that.

Anonymous said...

for Christ sake, just quit.
You are like of bunch of liberal democrats who blame everything from global warming on George Bush.
Just go. If the grass is so much greener elsewhere go chew your cud there.
Must be nice to blame everytihng on the BOC or CEO.
Get a clue, get the facts do some research outside of this blog.
What the hell you won't do it anyway. Save us all some time and leave.tali

Anonymous said...

It's no wonder DeKalb officials have to pimp out PD. Today the Atlanta Business Chronicle reported that DeKalb County has $469 million of debt. That's the largest amount of debt of any county in Georgia.

That sure is a lot of roads, parks, libraries and greenspace and who knows what else. Vern was happy to spend money like a drunken sailor but Lil Vern has to deal with the hangover. Problem is DeKalb never had the money to spend to begin with, nor did they have the intelligence and wisdom to make good plans for projects and present them to the public based on priorities. Instead they just borrowed a boatload of money.

With sales taxes and property taxes way down, there are going to be some hard budget decisions ahead.

Anonymous said...

Darn I wish I could kill this green grass. Not only is it greener but alive,well and growing fast. Not like Dekalb County that is life support just waiting for the doctor (BOC/BOC) to pull the plug. To all that say quit, leave we dont need you,,, well I did just that. I quit,left and you were right you didnt need me. But if your ever in CVS, Im a shift MGR and will direct you to where the band aids are.You might need them to stop the bleeding.. "M gone and happy"