Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mr. Jerry Myer Jackson Jr Has A Point

Mr Jackson ask a very good question. Where are we? Why are we not at each and every commission meeting in groups, letting the commissioners hear from us, see us?

Are we afraid of the brass? Really no reason to be as long as we are off duty. We truly believe Chief O'Brien would stand behind us. We have a sneaky suspicion that if the commissioners put pressure on him, it would leak out and be all over this blog.

Like Mr. Jackson Jr. says, we have got to do better. It's one thing to vent our frustrations on the blog, but we must be wanting to take a stand.

The sacrifice is minimal. Stay over after morning watch, get up and come in early if you are evening watch, then hit the range afterwards. Come on your off day, bring your children, use it as a teaching tool about government.

We have suggested before to the F.O.P., and we'll suggest it again. Sponsor attending the meetings. Have a van or a bus at headquarters so everyone can ride together, serve breakfast in the parking lot. Do something, don't give up.

We have to get more involved!
"Gonna sue the county are you? Where were you when the Derwin Brown Family went broke in their fight with the county?

At the Board of Carpetbaggers meeting on July 5th* I saw Chief O'Brien and perhaps no more than four other officers. They all may have been security detail for BOC.

After I delivered my three minutes of medium heat and the meeting was over, several citizens asked “where the employees of DeKalb, where?”

Well you tell me! They sure as Hell was not at the meeting ! You gotta do better than that!"

Sincerely, Jerry Myer Jackson Jr.
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*As of this posting, video of the July 5th meeting was not available.


Anonymous said...

Could the Blog master start posting the Commission Meeting dates as they come up? I know it would make it easier for me to keep track and come to some of them. I didn't even know there was a meeting July 5th.

Hillsboro said...

Watching that video clip, it definitely appears that the BOC were glad to see Mr. Jackson Jr. step away from the podium after delivering yet another insightful speech.
Mr. Jackson Jr. has made a good point that more employees need to be involved. We need to make sacrifices if we are going to expect our voices to be heard. As I mentioned in my previous comments, I too am guilty of standing idly by. Making excuses and not sacrificing my time. We all must do better as Mr. Jackson Jr. says.
I would also like to ask where the citizens of this county are? They are the voice of this county aren't they. They are responsible for the elected officials aren't they? Well the citizens need to start holding their elected officials accountable for their actions. Do the vast majority of citizens not care about the welfare of the very place they live? Sure doesnt seem to be the case. I would love to see more people like Mr. Jackson Jr. stand up and make their presence felt, both citizens and county employees alike.

DeKalb Officers said...

We'll do a better job posting the meeting dates.

Thank you for your support!

Anonymous said...

I have been to a couple of meetings, although I wanted to attend the June 28th meeting, I was unable to because I needed to get some sleep in between the part times I have to work.

I pledge right here and now that I will be at the next meeting (I think that having the blog master post a reminder a couple of days before each meeting is a great idea).

I have been saying that we need to at least show up to these meetings and be seen. If you don't want to speak, then don't speak but lets at least be seen. I have said it in roll call many times.

It is human nature to take the path of least resistance. That is exactly what the BOC and CEO have been doing. What resistance have they met from us except a short ticket strike?

I also want to point out that it is American nature LATELY that if a problem or series of problems isn't quick and easy or solvable by some magic bullet, then the problem (s) are just left out there unsolved and even piled onto.

Folks, we need to start somewhere. Showing up at the meetings and at least being seen is a good start. No one else but us is gonna stand up for us...at least initially. Who knows, it may create a buzz and others (other county employees, citizens, etc) may join in. It will be a long road and sacrifices will have to be made. Look at any great triumphs throughout history. None of them would have been accomplished without sacrifice.

Keep the big picture in mind. The BOC just voted to change our leave policy. I think the motivation and reason for that does not take a PHD to figure out. The upcoming changes (not to our advantage...as usual) they are going to make to our pension and god knows what else is going to facilitate a mass exodus from this place and they are trying to minimize the hit to their bottom line in advance. With that in mind, if we don't start doing something soon to stand up for ourselves and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH then I believe we will have lost our window of opportunity to start turning things around for the better for ourselves.

I work with some very brave men and women out there. Most of us don't take any crap out on the street and we fight when we have to fight to protect ourselves. Well now is the time to start fighting those folks on Commerce Drive that continually threaten our financial health....Where is the fight in all of us when it comes to protecting ourselves from them?....Lets start finding out post haste.

-ANON 1118

Anonymous said...

You want to know why people don't show up at the meetings? Simple really. Sadly most of the officers today don't really care. They are only in this for themselves and don't understand the major implications of what is currently happening. Also, they want someone else (FOP, PBA, or whatever) to fix their problems and not sacrifice anything themselves. The FOP did have a meeting at its lodge and there were several supervisors present but only a handful of silver badges. The meeting was heavily advertised on this blog and more importantly at the precincts. We are no better then the rest of the sheep out there that expect the government to fix all of our problems.

I also went to the big budget meeting and was suprised at the low turnout of silver badges. If you asked around you'll hear plenty of excuses of why they didn't go.

Hell, even this blog probably only represents a little over 10% of all officers. Sure there are alot of views but not alot of posts for an agency of our size. It's really a shame we don't see more mature and coherent posts, all we get here are the malcontents and whiners. Post a subject on how could "insert name here" get promtoted and you'll get 50 replies. Have a post about the next pension meeting and you'll get maybe 3 replies.

If people really want this place to change they'll have to be the ones to do it. The Chief, FOP, PBA, FBI, CIA, or whatever other entity will not do it for you. YOU will have to make a public stand and when enough of like minded people also stand up then you'll see the change you so much desire.

Anonymous said...

God Bless Mr. Jackson. He walks the walk.

Anonymous said...

From the County website:
Meetings discussing the regular business of the county are typically held on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month and begin at 9:00 am in the Maloof Auditorium at 1300 Commerce Drive unless otherwise noted. All regular Board meetings are open to the public. All regular Board meetings are televised live on Channel 23. Commissioners also hold committee meetings, which are open to the public as well. There are currently five standing committees within the commission.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jackson is a pip...he's pretty much on his own as far as bringing out the shortcomings of this BOC and CEO. However, if the voting persons in DeKalb keep recycling these incredibly spoiled small time politicians, then...unless they do something blantantly illegal....there's nothing any of us can do about it. So...there it stands. We won't know if any of this is getting anyone's attention until election time.

Anonymous said...

Isn't all of this really a moot point? You will never replace the entire Dekalb community with responsible caring residents. That ship sailed years ago and won't change in our lifetime. I'd suggest moving to a normal law abiding community that wants and supports police efforts. It makes for a nice life and career, TRUST ME.

yerbuddypip said...

While Boo-Rail is not in the SEAT, my attitude is kick-em when they are down !!! A prudent person would think that the Board of Crooks and several Department Heads along with some Judges are very concerned. The Park Bond and Greenspace Director along with the Entire BOC should have been in front of a FEDERAL GRAND JURY years ago. So sad that the Atlanta Office of the FBI doesn't have a pair of balls in the office to go after this massive corruption in DeKalb County. Perhaps if this Num Nuts FBI in Atlanta had gone after "walkin small" victor hill in Clayton County the verdict would have been different. The same is quite possible with Boo-Rail here in DeKalb = let's hope that their doumb asses get caught with "JUry Tampering" and keep your eyes on these CROOKED MEGA CHURCH LEADERS in the process.