Saturday, July 2, 2011

Public Locked Out of DeKalb Recorders Court As Government Workers Go Home Early

The sad part about this story is that no one will be held accountable. Just another heart beat in DeKalb.

We challenge WXIA to follow up on this story by reporting if Recorders Court personnel were docked leave time for leaving early. Or were they in violation of federal law by manipulating KRONOS, showing them working, when in fact they were not? This includes the deputies, the clerks and the judges. Should be easily tracked, but call us cynical.

Oh, not to turn this into a bashing of the Sheriff's Department, but come on, really? Police property? Your property? And you wonder why you are working at Recorders Court.

The Honorable Judge Nelly F. Withers, just another clown in a black robe.


Anonymous said...

I love when the deputy said POLICE PROPERTY, he needs to get his ass back over to the jail side of the property. This is another example of when law enforcement has no answer. I wonder what the prosecution would have been if the reporter said " WELL PUT ME IN JAIL' will it ever end?

Donato Rubbernubs said... embarrassing!!!

Anonymous said...'s the people's property, not your's Mr. Bailiff.

Anonymous said...

Typical Dekalb County Government at work (actually non-work) at its worse.

Someone needs to tell that deputy sheriff that building is public property, not police property. It wasn't the police taxpayers who built the building, you jerk !!!

Talking to anyone who works at Dekalb Recorders Court, is like talking to a wall.

Anonymous said...

Withers is a joke, another poppet in the burrel's army of cronies. Recorders court has always closed early for long week ends.

Anonymous said...

This issue isnt that they took an extra two hours, so what. At least put the information out early so people who actually work for a living who have been issued bullshit tickets to fund this sinking ship dont go out of their way to pay a ticket, just to arrive and find out they are closed. We have noone to blame but ourselves. ten years ago when I was hired we went through an initial period of "holy shit, it cant get much worse, can it?" I have been saying that to myself every single year since 2004. The standards have been dramatically reduced to hire anybody who applies, because who would want to work here anymore.

Then in 2008 things hit rock bottom with the hiring of Bolton. His racially motivated agendas killed this place. We need to do what Fulton County Sheriff's are doing. Get rid of the waste!!! Sure we have some people in high places, just due to who they know. That happens anywhere. We need to make DeKalb County a place where people want to work again, starting with across the board raises, and a better pension. Then as we get more qualified bodies, get rid of the dirtbag officers who have been hired here in the last 4 years. Im not saying all are dirtbags but damn. Hang out in the back parking lot at any precinct during 10-42 time. I feel like im at a gang meeting convention. I have not been in uniform in 5 years but its embarrassing seeing how unprofessional you guys sound and look like. P.S. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO SAY ON THE RADIO BEFORE YOU KEY UP ON CID CHANNEL AND MAKE YOURSELF SOUND LIKE AN IDIOT, and speak fing english, I dont always have my ebonics cheetsheet handy and typically have no idea what your saying. I take it back dont do that, because working 14 hour days 5 days a week, we need a good laugh now and again.

Not DKPD proud

Buster Asstronut said...

Does this place ever generate any positive news?

Anonymous said...

Nissan Xterra Anon:

This is why I avoid driving a lot.

If you're going to have people issue a lot of tickets, please have more than one or two pay booths opens(excluding information) so we can pay before you close.

I know they can do this because I see 4 hens gossiping in sight distance when I go to pay.

Shiri said...

If I pay the the fine for ORD-16-72 before the court date (recorders), how to I get my gun back?


Anonymous said...

I believe your gun has to go to the ATF for testing before you get it back. Six or more months I expect.

Trevor Pearson said...

Judge Nelly Withers showed her racist and anti-immigrant feelings in court today a number of times when dealing with defendants. As a reporter who has covered the court system in a number of countries,I was really astonished that the judge made her comments on public audio tapes. I would like the DeKalb County Chief Executive Officer Burrell Ellis and the Board of Commissioners to ask for the audio tape of the DeKalb Recorders Court on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 and listen to the outlandish comments made by Judge Withers. She apparently does not either follow or know the law because she referred to the law a number of times. She particularly said that when someone does not have his or her license, he or she is immediately taken to court. I would tell her it would possible happen if the driver were black or Hispanic. I have a ticket that clearly states that a white driver hit me in the rear of my car and as far as I know he was neither given a ticket nor taken to court although he did not have a driver's license on his person. Documentation can be provided for the incident.

Anonymous said...

Treavor, I have a hard time believing you ever worked as a reporter. That post you made is a mess. Please read what you wrote and try again, only this time, make some sense!

Anonymous said...

Trevor, looks like you got a scoop!... run with and report......isn't that what reporters do?