Friday, August 26, 2011

The BOC Would Like To Thank Each and Every One of You For Your Dedication And Hard Work. Now, Go Write Tickets.

Notice how this is directed at "10 Hour" employees. Who works 10 hour shifts? You got it, we do. Guess ol Bonita is playing "pay back."

Also "Contract employees/employees whose salaries are established legislatively in accordance with State law, salaries will remain unchanged", meaning Burrell and all the commissioners GET paid holidays.

So, where's our cake? More Kool-Aid anyone?

Who loves ya baby?!

HR BUZZ - Unfunded Holiday


Anonymous said...

Read the last paragraph, this explains everything every time I bitch about with DeKalb politicians and their staff not following there own employee policies.

"Contract employees/employees whose salaries are established legislatively in accordance with State law, salaries will remain unchanged"

Gee thanks! Whatever happened to integrity, equity and duty to your fellow employees?

Here's the employee's gripe! At every chance over the last decades under the administrations of Levitan, Jones and Ellis and the BOC collectively has chosen to screw the DeKalb employees in salary while raising their own salaries 50-100 percent and declaring their staffs and themselves exempt from the salary policies they enact and enforce on the rank' n file employees.

The last brilliant law enacted by DeKalb politicians, let's raise county taxes 26 percent! Let's see what the fallout is in two or three years.
My guess is that the city of Dunwoody will gain some rich citizens and DeKalb will lose some.
I would love to say best of luck mates. But with idiots like this leading DeKalb government, I can only hope the citizens wake up and start electing politicians with character and integrity.
There are very few DeKalb leaders with these characteristics, It's time for DeKalb citizens to move beyond racism and elect true leaders. Just the same,
the very best of luck mates!

PatsQB said...

What are the chances the last example on the page applies to the BOC?

Anonymous said...

So basically the CEO and the boc get paid for the day but no one else

Anonymous said...

Just DAMN!

Bring on the flood of WARNINGS....aka 67w's. Do you traffic stops, go out on 53's.....make arrests based on warrants.

Anonymous said...

Quit being so hard on Bonita. It's obvious her parents hated her before she was even born.

Anonymous said...

From what I can see your activism isn't generating the support it should be.

Just today I saw an officer hiding in a parking lot off Chamblee Tucker Road running radar on approaching vehicles DESCENDING A HILL! I'm not advocating giving everyone a pass, but purposely setting up and covertly running radar for no other purpose than to write long forms?? I just can't have any sympathy for this officer when he wonders how his pay, benefits and morale have been squandered by Burrell, SBS and the rest of the "just smart enough to be corrupt" members of the BOC...

Anonymous said...

I think my grandmother has a prescription for Bonita for her osteoporosis.

Anonymous said...

Simply put.....What crock of shit. This is so typical of Dekalb County government and the crooks who run it.

I would almost bet that the bunch that came up with this idea will definitely get paid for all of the holidays, whether they work or not.

There is so much crooked unhandedness in this county, that Dekalb would make the Chicago Mafia look like angels.

The BOC is full of shit and big fat lies plus they would not know hard work if it slapped them in the face !!!

Us taxpayer will keep on trying to get rid of that bunch once and for all when election time comes. At the very least, we will get ride of RADER, SBS, and little pip squeak Johnson.

Anonymous said...

Got my raise today..... " M gone and happy"

Anonymous said...

They gave us one key to a new car and said you have to buy your own key if you want one.

Anonymous said...

Just answer you calls and leave the rest alone.

Anonymous said...

Where and when did this issue of taking three of our contracted 10 paid holidays come from. This is the first I heard of it? Was this new legislation passed by the BOC?

Anonymous said...

So let me get this right......... If I am scheduled to work on the 25th of November but will be out of town on vacation, I CAN NOT use one of my accrued vacation days, but instead will only be paid for 30 hours???????? Come on Bonita......... According to Fair Labor Act Laws, you are setting up the County for many law suits on this idiot idea. I wonder if the BOC knows about this idea????????

Anonymous said...

How can you tell an employee that they can not use their accrued time...............What if an employee is sick and brings medical proof from their doctor??????? Really Ms. Ransom you are a fuc!$!?& true brain dead idiot.

Anonymous said...

Love the fact that this bitch hit send on a Friday afternoon.... she was probably 10-42 minutes later.

Who loves ya, baby.....

Damn...three covert furlough days.

Anonymous said...

to "M gone and Happy":

Why do you come on here and continue to tell people who are sticking it out that you have moved on and are in a better place? Are you that unhappy there that you have to make everyone who reads here think that you are happy there? Are you really happy? If yes then "B gone!"

Anonymous said...

At least you got a key. Our commander at Center Pct. has said the hell with what Chief O'Brien wants (the new cars going to uniform call handlers) .
He is giving the cars to his special units and a Sgt. along with making them his Officer of the month aka ticket writer cars.
Can you say the last of the Bolton hacks.

Anonymous said...

That's right anon 0831.
We are riding around in dangerous cars with 170,000 plus miles and he is giving cars to his cronies and boy Fridays.
But when you were promoted by Bolton I guess you come by that way of thinking honestly!

Anonymous said...

You should have seen him in our command inservice this week. He was constantly checking the blog on his county blackberry.
He is more concerned about what is going on here than at his precinct.

Rock on OB!

Pro Higgy said...

Man ya'll need to get up off of Higgy baby, and stay outa his grill.
The man gets a bad rap.

Anonymous said...

Higzilla tha Man!!!

Anonymous said...

It's not obvious who anon 1051 is!

Anonymous said...

So we are still at the 8 hour rule for Holidays.

Some things never get resolved quickly unless it directed to benefit a commissioner employee or CEO Staff.

Will things ever get better at this department?

I wonder how they can recruit anyone to come work here?

I guess its the ones who cannot get on at any other department.

Stand by Clayton County we going to be below you soon.

Anonymous said...

I love how this letter starts off from the HR dept

"As you know..."

It should have read

"As you may have been anticipating...."

Once again, the leaderless leadership here shows its true colors.

Picture the county and all its employees on a large sinking ship and picture the Chief Embezzlement Officer, the Board Of Crooks, and their cronies on a small luxury yacht next to the sinking ship telling us all is well, help is on the way, and we will all be ok. Yeah friggin right! That's the problem at this place. You get all this lip service from these jerks while their salaries and perks are secure and RISING while the rest of us keep on PAYING the damn bill for their incompetence and their corruption.

I love talking to some people who work for the county who's answer to everything is "We were hired to do a job..At least we got a job.....blah blah blah blah". This is true and no one is saying not to do your job BUT how many things have we been promised when we were hired that have been taken from us and continue to be taken from us...WHAT ABOUT THAT?. Most just walk away cause they don't have a good comeback to that very valid point of contention. I do what I gotta do out there but I cant say that I haven't pulled back, because clearly the effort is all for nothing anyway. Nothing comes back to us, and if something does it is so miniscule compared to what has been lost. Crappy equipment and continually fleeting salary and benefits.

Hey...Higher Ups!...Have you not noticed how many people are jumping ship or are attempting to jump ship here. I know I have taken notice. There is hardly anyone that I know that doesn't have a plan in the works to exit this place.

Many of us do a damn good job out here in a dangerous place (not all because that dont exist anywhere) and it still isn't good enough to anybody on the top of the food chain here. We get counseled and coached on productivity and written up for stupid crap. This job is stressful enough and we keep getting it piled onto by the command staff and those jerks in downtown Decatur.

But people are getting sick and tired of this crap. We gotta deal with crap as part of the job, but all this other nonsense is taking its toll and guess what....the county leadership is getting what they are asking for and hopefully get theirs when all is said and done.

-Anon 1118

Anonymous said...

Just have to take one of your paid work days and do nothing. That way we are even!

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight for the holiday weeks. Some police officers will be paid for 30 hours. Some will be paid for 32 hours. Some will be paid for 40 hours. Anyone see a problem with this??


Its a one year the jelly of the month club?..

Anonymous said...

Higgy your an idiot...give the real workers some new wheels.

Anonymous said...

To August 27, 2011 3:29 AM, If yes then "B gone!"

I wish I could say to you what I really want to. The only problem is if I do, the B/M won’t post it. I am happy I left and I’m doing a million times better then in DeKalb County. I just feel so sorry for all my friends that truly can’t leave and are stuck. Luckily for them it’s only a few more years. So I will continue to write on here, tell everybody my feelings and if you don’t like it “kiss my ass”. DeKalb County is a disgrace. I went from being proud to work there to being embarrassed. People are getting rank because it costing the county less to have these people in positions of rank. They actually think they earned it. Can you say “Affirmative Action” ? Why is it that the test for rank is never graded except for pass of fail… Then when the list come out, it’s always politically correct. You know what Im saying “B gone!” But now I’m a racist right. Really that’s right really. I worked for the county for many many years so I will say and post what I want… So to August 27, 2011 3:29 AM, If yes then "B gone!" I say this…Did I tell you I got my raise a few days ago. I have a take home with free gas, Medical so cheap I can actually be sick and go to the doctor, great pension that’s not costing a dime and paid holidays at double time and a half…. Yea Im just saying all this to hide how sad I am… You are one of the reasons I left…We hired so many idiots and perps over the past six to ten years.

“M gone and happy” and for you will “ B gone from ever working in with DeKalb County ever again”. I will still post here just to get under you skin…

Anonymous said...

If the truth be told I beleive he said the new cars would be used as Officer of the Month cars, and the ones which had been used for that purpose were being pushed down to MPO only. Sounds to me like he is trying to give some clean cars. But whats this got to do with our unpaid holidays. Enjoy your day off.

Anonymous said...

To anon 12:22. Where do you work? Are they hiring? I'd leave this hell hole tomorrow. To those who think you don't deserve an opinion, they're jealous. You earned the right by working for this corrupt county.

Anonymous said...

B gone!

Everybody has the right to say whatever the Blog Master allows them to say. That being said you don't need to rub-it in the face of all the people who are there sticking it out or those that cannot leave. What you can do, if you are sooooo happy "over there," is to help some of your fellow brothers out with leads to new jobs.

I am happy that you got a raise, free medical, and all that stuff; do you deserve it, I don't know. What "I" don't like is it showing up on every topic like a slap-in-the-face to those who are still there. My opinion!

The thing is you never know who you are talking to in this blog because of the anonymous nature of it. I can tell you that I left in 2006 to a more exciting endeavor because I like epinephrine pumping through my veins, and of course making 4 times as much as you do now. I am contemplating coming back because I liked the people I worked with on the streets of DeKalb. You have to do what you love and what makes you happy. I like ‘policing’ and I liked doing it at DKPD.

To all that are still there, keep leaning forward, your head up and chin tucked. For every valley there is a hill top in front of you. Keep your eyes on it, and hopefully, I will see you on the high ground! Though I Be the Lone Survivor, RLTW!

$3.50 a Gallon said...

Having been a prevesious recipent of Officer of the Month at Center Precint I appreicate a new car to drive, it was clean, and I kept it clean just like the first Officer to be awarded the car and its still clean. Lieutenant Whittington sent out an email which said the new units would be assisgned to the troops who made Officer of the Month. So how is that not giving us the (Beat Officer) the cars. I am not a big ticket writer, I just do my job making arrest. You complainers must be the bottom feeders!

Anonymous said...

"M gone and happy" to Anon August 28, 2011 10:52 AM. You are an idiot. I am not the Federal Government who needs to get leads on jobs for others that want to leave. I am, however the encourager and advises them on how easy it is to find another job and that it will be ok to leave. I am the un-recruiter hhaaaa. DeKalb County higher ups have drilled into the officers head, that YOU should be glad that YOU have a job.. WTF. There are plenty of law-enforcement jobs out there as well as other jobs. Just look and you’ll see them. You left in 2006 and want to come back.. When did you originally start 2005?? 70 % of the personnel that worked in 2006 and had time on the job is gone. And believe me, people like O’brian and others are only staying to get those last years in top get their 82 %. And rightfully so. I just wasn’t going to pay Dekalb County 90,000 dollars to stay there and have my pension based on $30000 less then was promises. I did as people say and cut my loses.. When I start getting my $25000 a year, in a few, for the rest of my life will be just fine. I will also have this new pension that is a great one also. You may take it as a slap in the face when I post, but you have proven to me that your are not the smartest person by saying you want to go back to DeKalb...My post are motivations to leave. Why would you go back?? There are no benefits, a set up from welfare medical coverage, no paid holidays and it goes on and on and on.. I know, if you want to work there so bad,, why don’t you pay the BOC and CEO to work there. That’s what their goal is anyway… And if you want the action as you say, its in every department you work for. Big or small, just not as disrespectful or blation as in Dekalb. That’s the DA fault. When a suspect gets arrest 100 times with no convictions. There’s a problem. As for the benefits I do get, your fuchhhing right I deserve them. I’ve earn them, for me and my family by putting my life on the line for governments, citizens and bosses who could cares less if I died in the line of duty… I am “M gone and happy”.

Anonymous said...

LoFlyer: In your opinion, whom are a few of the possible leaders you reference who might be candidates for us at election time ? Do you have any knowledge as to whether or not any of the individuals are considering the possibility of joining the campaign race?

O'Brother said...

Damn boys were in a tight spot!

Soggy Bottom Boys said...

Im a man of constant sorrow.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what is happening in major political organizationsin DeKalb, my only observations is that in DeKalb county the Republications have been in total disarray for the last decade.
When Vernon Jones ran unopposed in 2004 after his scandalous administration I realized the county citizens were a big part of the problem because opposing candidates are not stepping forward to offer competing ideas to some extremely questionable candidates that have since lead DeKalb to the verge of financial disaster.
I have requested interviews with every DeKalb Commissioner and only one responded. Commissioner Boyer, I found some willing accomplices and we had a extremely frank and cordial meeting with her and her staff, we detailed our issues of the proposed pension contribution increases by the county employees, and Mrs. Boyer and staff were upfront with the issues, even if her staff tended to downplay the financial consequences to the employees.
I walked out of the meeting with a lot more respect for Boyer and her staff, hopefully they felt the same with us.
Commissioner Rader stepped into the meeting for the last 10 minutes, and was perceived by the employee representatives as the typical, two-faced, stereotypical politician saying whatever to gain our favor. He offered interviews to several of us but did not follow through. To date none of us has received an interview with Commissioner Rader.
As we all know, the real problem with DeKalb government politically is there is no competition between conservative and liberal politics.
Democrats have owned DeKalb government for the last decade and a half. Conservatives can only elect one commissioner out of seven.
The best DeKalb can hope for is some financially conservative democrats.
Whens the last time DeKalb saw one of them?

Anonymous said...

I don't like this any more than the rest but I don't know why everyone is beating up on the merit system, they didn't do this. They get stuck having to tell employees since nobody else has the guts to do it. Do any of us attend the commission meetings to voice our concerns to our elected officials? This was discussed in the open commission meetings back in July and early August.

These unpaid holidays are another chance for the citizens to get a free ride on employee's backs. They see no reduction in service while we take another pay cut.

What happened to the furloughs where we got a day off for losing a days pay... oh, that's right certain officials decided they didn't want to play and other officials who control the money allowed that to happen by giving these same people more money for not taking furloughs. I heard that because not everyone did the furloughs, everyone gets hit with the unfunded holidays. Who should we be mad at now?

Do you remember last year when the media interviewed elected officials to see if they were voluntarily giving back part of their money since they were the highest-paid and could afford to do this. How many of them did that last year, and how many are doing that this year?

We can use this blog to complain all we want, but if you want a real impact, we need to show up in uniform at the commission meetings and let them know our concerns. Where is the FOP in all this?

Anonymous said...

You people kill me. Everyone bitches about how we are getting screwed, but NOBODY wants to man up and fight. If the entire department showed up at a BOC meeting, it wouldn't matter because WE HAVE NO TEETH!!! Without the ability to strike, we are impotent. All we can do is write warnings (which work, if you recall) and hit them in the pocketbook. That is something they understand. But no, we are still out writing all the long copies we can just so we don't get in "trouble", hoping that if we go along, the BOC will relent and help us. FAT F-ING CHANCE!!! Ellis is the ringleader of this, appointing that Atlanta hag as HR director and then hiding behind this "legislatively appointed pay" crap. All OBrien wants is to skate thru his time so that chief's pay shows on his retirement. The ass. chief with the pretty hair is lost at sea, and is never heard from. Where are the sergeants and lieutenants that say they stand up for us? They are hiding out too hoping that nothing gets splattered on them...well, most are anyway. So it falls to us, the line officers, to fight. But we won't because we are cowards. Everyone wants someone else to do their fighting for them. And you wonder why DKPD is the laughing stock of the street.

Anonymous said...

Try not to hammer away so hard on folks for not going to the BOC meetings and raising hell. They feel it really does no good. Of course they could be wrong and maybe somebody would listen and change, but from my personal experience I doubt that would change anything.

I fought with Dept. Directors, Commissioners, Internal Audit, etc. for three years trying to get obvious theft of funds and fraud stopped, but it did no good. They would listen, look at the documents and say "Oh my, this is not right! We will fix it immediately..." then nothing would happen. Ever.

The evidence I had was not guesswork or conjecture on my part. It was on paper in the County contracts (I used to work for the county managing these contracts so I knew what I was talking about). And yes, they were so stupid they documented their own fraud, but nobody cared because it seems they liked it that way. Kick-backs I guess, but I really have no idea.

They only real answer to this I got from a close friend in County Legal who told me: This one case of mine is only the tip of the iceberg. The County is crooked from the top down and no one will fix anything because the ones who could fix it are either in on the scam or are afraid of being fired if they expose it.

Why do you think Vernon had all Dept. Directors removed from the Merit System and are now at-will emloyees? They either drink the koolaid or they get fired. If you were making $100k+ and a take home car, etc. what would you do?

I am glad to not work for DeKalb anymore and sorry for those who still are.


Anonymous said...

Guys...I'm in uniform...have you seen how uniform officers treat these cars???Took me 10 minutes to get the trash out of the seats & floors so I could get in looked like someone blew thier nose on the inside of the windshield....there was so much trash under the front seat....felt like I needed a shower when I got out of the car.....and has 143,000 miles on it. Once I got it cleaned tires..and a little work at motor maint.....damn thing runs good....just to turn around to let some jerk rag it out.....

Oh yes...over heard the other night...."I can't drive this car....the over head dome light is out...and THAT IS A SAFETY HAZARD"!!!..I wanted to slap his ass into last week!!!...but then again.....that's your back-up out there.....I'm just going to stop....the stupidity amoung a majority of these officers out here are a joke.....If center wants to give new cars to special least they know how to take care of them......right, wrong or indifferent....when ICP got take home least they were clean and some what taken care of.....they still ran the shit out of them...hit one with laser at 107 on 285 when he was on the way into work.....go figure...

Anonymous said...

Anon 712.
We all know that is Higdon trying to defend his decision.
Just man up and do what Chief OB ordered you to do. Worry about policing not the community feel good bs.

Higzilla said...

To Anon 712, sorry that was not I. But I do hope the Officers of the Month enjoy the new, clean, very low mileage unit the will be driving on 09/01/2011.
Just looking out for the other guy!

Anonymous said...

From today's email:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every DeKalb County employee for your contribution in making our county great. Please have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend.

Burrell Ellis

Thanks for nothing you POS....I'll keep that in mind while you spend the day with family and my family wishes I could be with them.