Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cash Cow

Even-though the two words, cash and cow, are synonymous for Commissioner Sutton, it's actually how the commissioners view the taxpayers.

The commissioners want to borrow 125 million dollars. Not sure if it's to help cover the cost of Commissioner Sutton's eating and lodging habits, or the consulting fees for her friends, but regardless, the fix is in.

The person to over see this monstrosity was recommended by Burrell Ellis, who of course wants to skirt the bidding process. You already know the remaining commissioners will cave and allow the corruption to continue.

It's just down right laughable. It's just a matter of time and this county will financially implode.

Also see "Surprisingly low property values create questions in DeKalb."


Anonymous said...

Tax Anticipation Notes(TANs) are commonly used to provide money for operations until the property tax payments come in. But they do cost the County money for interest. Up until know, the County did not have to issue TANs because it (1) kept within budget,(2)issued the tax bills on time and (3) used the reserve fund to cover expenses until the taxes came in.

Now: (1) budget means nothing, ask Commissioner Sutton and the CEO. (2) tax bills were sent out late and payment delayed for six week and (3) there is no reserve, Burrell spent it all. Great efficiency

Rader is a snake. He pushed for the 4.3 mil increase. I cannot believe that the rating agency says that your financial standing improves when you borrow more money. Only in DeKalb County.

Raymond James is a fairly large national brokerage. But a no bid deal bothers me. But then again, this is open and transparent DeKalb County the home of the serial no bid $49,999 Stogner contracts.

Anonymous said...

AJC said DeKalb did it in 2000.

JerryMyer Jackson Jr. said...

Just a few years ago the Citizens of DeKalb had the choice of Sharon Barnes-Sutton or Viola Davis of "Unhappy Taxpayer" fame and also a regular attendee of BOC meetings.

Sharon Barnes-Sutton was able to send out 4 or 5 Campaign Mailings. Her spending for the Campaign was over 100 Thousand Dollars.

Viola Davis is of Good Charactor and would serve the Citizens of DeKalb well. I am hoping that Viola Davis will run again.

Should Viola Davis enter and Challenge anyone, I hope that DeKalb's Finest and every other Employee and Good Citizen of DeKalb will support her !

Anonymous said...

If you think along the lines of this quote and watch this movie again, maybe it can help it all make sense

"Greed is Good"
-Gordon Gekko (from the movie WALL STREET)

Stay thirsty my friends

-Anon 1118

Anonymous said...

Tax Anticipation Note = Payday Loan

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that Sutton is a FAT pig.