Monday, August 1, 2011

Doraville Counsil Members To Cut Pay

These people seem to get it. Faced with across-the-board budget cuts, including furlough days and police staff reductions, Doraville City Council members are leading the way by slicing their own compensation.

The council will soon be voting on an amendment to the city charter to cut council members’ pay from $1,200 per month to $700 per month. That is a $6,000 drop from their current annual compensation of $14,400.

While we were being forced to work holidays for no pay and eventually furloughed, our scumbag commissioners refused to to cut their pay, hiding behind "it's the law, we can't take a pay cut". While at the same time handing out pay raises upwards of 40 percent per year and car allowances for their staff.

The commissioners are hoping we will fall for their supposed ignorance of our holiday pay cut. Are they serious? For 9 years they were unaware we work 10 hour shifts? B.S.!

Stay strong, stay united and put that ticket book away!

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Anonymous said...

This should be embarrasing for Dekalb BOC. This is why Dekalb citizens and employees continue to scratch their heads. The BOC continues to take from us and line their pockets but refuses to step up and reduce their own pay. GO FIGURE!!!!!!!!! Good for you Doraville.

Anonymous said...

DeKalb CEO Ellis is the highest paid Local government leader in Georgia, followed by the "part-time" commissioners at 40 grand.
The political staff is highly paid and compensated.
At every instance the CEO and BOC has made poor decisions on the direction of DeKalb government in the financial disaster of the current recession.
I challenge the CEO and BOC to justify there salaries in light of their collective failures.

Anonymous said...

How many police positions got cut in Doraville?

Anonymous said...

Doraville is one of the saving graces of this county in my opinion. Although I still feel it's an ugly city without much life in it, It has more potential than most give it credit for.

brookhaven/dunwoody i dont truly consider dekalb.

you've got a large part of buford hwy with doraville. It's Thriving with business thats not completley pawn shops and title loans.

you've also got members of a community that actually care (atleast, more than the average dekalb citizen) for there surroundings and assets. the citizens will fight for whats theirs in doraville. And it's because of the older/smarter generation.

to top it off, you've got a police department with a response time of around 1 minute 40 seconds. They are highly equipped, well trained, sort of motivated, and boast one of the best swat teams in the south.

Doraville is one of VERY few places in dekalb you can depend on quality police services. And arguably, the best police department in dekalb county.

not too long ago, doraville was one of the most: racist, unjustified disgusting craphole in the county.

I'll say they've done alright for themselves.

and it all started by fixing their corrupt ass police department.

the rest of the city fell into line after that.

Anonymous said...

I do applaud the Doraville commissioners for leading by example, but keep reading. They are cutting numerous positions in their department. Even though they are "non-patrol" positions, that's still people losing jobs and more work that will have to eventually fall on the line level officers to make up for the deficiency in workload. More than likely someone's going to have to come off the road to do screening, property, admin type stuff, etc. These are the times we live in, and it seems that Doraville's political leaders actually have their heads on their shoulders rather than trying to spend their way out of a recession.

Anonymous said...

I think Doraville cut 10 of their 40 positions, plus furlough days.

Anonymous said...

I hate having to defend the BOC but I'll cry foul on this one.

Doraville politicians were making 14k a year and there are SIX of them? I mean really, that actually makes our BOC look overworked.

Also, take the time to read the comments on the link, doesn't sound like people are too happy with them either.

Anonymous said...

I believe it was civilian jobs that got cut at Doraville PD and Commissioners are paid $40,000 a year? I never made that much in a year when working, not even with OT.

Anonymous said...

The DeKalb CEO and Commissioners produced the no "Pay for performance plan" in 2002 to reduce employee salary and fund the bond issues over the last decade.
I propose a reciprocal tactic, "pay for performance" for the actions of the CEO and BOC.
If the CEO and BOC was to be graded over the last three years, they would fail by any definition.
CEO's Jones and Ellis would be fired, the commissioner's pay reduced to 50 percent.
Presently the CEO and BOC are not accountable for their actions.
Why do DeKalb citizens continue to pay their tax to collective incompetents?

Anonymous said...

I do not recall the numbers exactly, but back in the spring of 2005 the CEO and the Commissioners gave themselves a pretty hefty raise. Vernon was even on the record (before the election of course) saying he would refuse the raise. He held out for 4 months then took it, along with the 12 weeks backpay...nice.

Of course he said he would refuse the increase only to avoid the heat the commissioners were taking at the time. Once it cooled off in a few months he took his raise (with backpay) like he knew he always would.

The commissioners took a lot of heat from both the public and the state legislature because they gave themselves 75% pay raises without consulting the state legislature or holding public meetings, which they are suppose to do.

So, does any of the current BS surprise anyone? I mean really?!? These jokers have been crooks since day one.

FYI - Just looked it up.... His annual pay went from $99,000 to about $145,000. The commissioners went from around $20,000 to around $38,000 (they are considered a part time job). I do not know what the current salaries are for either.

Also realize some fairly nice expense accounts and benefits go along with these positions as well. Free food, travel, etc.

- John W.

Anonymous said...

Cmon dude! No one said they weren't aware you worked 10 hour days. It was the structure of the holiday compensation agreement

"brookhaven/dunwoody i dont truly consider dekalb" - dam. As a dunwoody resident I sure wish it weren't either. i'm sick of the ignorant, lowlife, criminal behavior - and it ain't over by a long shot.

Shut up LoFlyer. I'm sick of you too.

Anonymous said...

A new recommendation for the Public Works / Road & Drainage employees. The BOC should pay these employees piecemeal for their service and maybe a lot of these project will get done much quicker. Instead of having a R&D crew put in a speed table with 8 men with only 4 doing the work, let all 8 do some kind of work on that job and be finished in 1/10th of the time.

Would have to worry about benefits, off days, pensions and bullshit.

Works in other countries, so lets try it here.

Anonymous said...

That cut is not significant because it takes them back to where they were a couple of years ago before the liberal council raised their salaries. It is time to show some real leadership on the council and get things done such as cutting the budget. Symbolism means nothing when you can't provide leadership to get the job done.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:31, I will shut up when someone provides a viable solution to DeKalb's financial issues.
I welcome your ideas to solving the fracking problem.
Please email me to explore the issue.
Make it fast because I am heading to hills the on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

This was a minor cut for show only. The same liberals still run Doraville and they want to get reelected.
The police department has improved somewhat and their swat guys have been to every school they could go to...but seldom are called out for anything good. (using 15 guys and an armored van to pull the front wall of a house off after a narc purchased a bag of weed doesnt count as a full call out)

Anonymous said...

LOFlyer still stirring the shit whike offering no suggestions of your own.
Comparing Doraville to DeKalb, really. Doravilee is like a pimple on the elephant's ass. Without GM they are broke. With out DeKalb they cant pave a road.
Without writing tickets the have NO cash.
Do us all a favor and someone stop talking in general terms and get specific.
Other than Barnes Sutton, where are all the perks for the BOC and the BOC staff? Who is lining their pockets and how. And before you brave lads and ladies attack from the woods be specific on what the target of you hate has done to derserve your attention.