Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sharon Barnes Sutton Failed To Disclose More Than $101,000 In Contributions To Her Campaigns In 2006 and 2008.

For that, she agreed Friday to pay a $2,500 fine. We hope they don't accept checks.

Seriously, how much longer can she go without getting the attention of the State Attorney's office, or even the U.S. Justice Department. Oh wait, we take back the part of the Justice Department. Hell, the ATF is killing their own. But that's another story.

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Anonymous said...

Indict her butt, convict her and throw away the key. There is no difference between SBS and the most common thug walking the streets. She is the poorest excuse for an elected representative and a human being. SBS probably took lessons from Fed Representative Barney Frank as it appears they are two peas from the same pod.

SBS is wasted space, wasted taxpayer money, wasted furniture, basically an elected parasite.

How can someone like SBS be on a committee on the Dekalb County Commission with her track record of lousy finances and stupid ideas?

But, after all, all of this is nothing new for this totally screwed up county, and it will get worse before its get better.

Anonymous said...

Sharon Barnes Sutton is supposedly taking part in a clean-up project next Saturday on Memorial Drive. I really find it hard to believe that she would do manual labor. She'll probably show up early for the donuts and then leave for the salon to get her weave adjusted.

My guess is this clean-up project is part of a community service requirement for some misdemeanor fraud charge.

Here's the article with the details:

If anyone wants to do DeKalb a huge favor they could throw Sutton out with the trash!

Anonymous said...

The US Justice Dept no longer goes after black politicians who use their office to steal, cheat, and lie.

Anonymous said...

No reports on the conviction and fines by the major local news organizations, kinda reminds me of the AJC's refusal to report ACORN's downfall and disgrace or president Obama's employment by the organization during the 90's.
Note to local editors; Censorship by omission is no longer a valid tactic in the Internet age when any blog or person can spill the beans. Either man-up and do your fracken' jobs or go the way of the AJC. Relying on press-releases, PR professionals or refusing to publish events concerning the citizens to support your political ideology can only lead to less subscriptions by your consumers who only want the facts.
Who, what, when and where.
I beg of you to get back to the basics of reporting, remember your duty to the citizens. They did teach you that in college didn't they?
70 percent of the citizens no longer trust the news-media for obvious reasons. This is not a joke and your jobs are on the line. Think about it before you axe the next valid news story that does not fit your political narritive or talking points from the white-house.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I worked for GA Pacific back in the nineties. They have to pay out millions each year for asbesto claims. Does that make me a crook? Nice logic, loflyer...

Anonymous said...

Yea shes a Criminal Kenyan Muslim, the last thing we need is more women like her in office. I want my America Back!!! I want Stone Mountain to go back to home it was before the Olympics or should I Circus came to town. And that YMCA she helped open will only make the traffic worse and attract thugs who want to play basketball!!! She is always trying to get young people to read, influencing the youth to her crazy liberal lefty pinko garbage. The best thing she ever did was to gut the hope scholarship to all those losers in Tech School who need to get a job, lazy drug users and bums. And No walmart on Memorial Dr or Light rail to stone crest, we must not allow any more of them with their crazy ideas. She was on the radio this morning laughing. She will lose.