Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wow, Wow, Wow, Now Wait Just a Minute! Are We Being Hoodwinked?

Ms. Benita Ransom, can you explain something? According to your Buzz report, (the title alone speaks volumes) "Employees scheduled to work the holiday (but take the day off), will not get paid for holiday. Example: Employee regularly works four 10-hour days, one day is on the actual holiday, but worked 30 hours instead of 40."

So lets say an officer is lucky enough to take the day off (holiday, vacation), or becomes ill and takes a sick day. According to you, that officer only works 30 hours, so they will not be paid. Meaning, their check will be short 10 hours.

Continuing along the same line, are you are saying the entire command staff and their aides are only going to be paid 30 hours? Because you know as well as we do, there is no way in hell the command staff will work a holiday. So, they will only work 30 hours?

There you have it guys and girls. It may not effect all, but it's going to effect some. So while you are enjoying your day at the park or in the backyard with your family, mentally thanking your C.O. for letting you take the day off, remember, it's gonna cost you a days pay.

Of course none of this applies to the commissioners because hey, they get paid regardless.


Anonymous said...

If you read it many times you have to wonder why and the hell did we hire her to become to our Human Resource Director.

She retired from Atlanta- even with her contribution to the new Mayor.

Something must have been in the works, why else would she leave the new political powers in office.

Unless she knew she was on the way OUT.

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to proof her BUZZ reports before they are distributed to the departments.

We get what we hire and what they are loyal too.

This was a political appointee I bet and I wonder who called in the favor?

Anonymous said...

I was looking at the new hires and guess what , they are everyone who retires from Atlanta Government.

I only wonder why we hire all the one who retired from Atlanta.

I guess they are the best ones to fill a position with this county.

God Help US All.

Anonymous said...

Why do any of you continue to risk your life for these ungrateful derelicts? Please start to value yourself more and move on to greener pastures.

Anonymous said...

Federal labor laws indicate that full time 40 hour employees that work on Holidays will receive pay at time and a half. So if we work on the Holiday and dont get to bank it then we should receive time and a half for the day. Start making calls to HR department. This will be a federal violation so lets get together on this law suit.

Anonymous said...

Lets start thinking of ways to fight back... I have the first idea. As you should know now that in November all Officers will be attending recorders court two days all day long in order to catch up with cases. I suggest that on these days we call out sick with a doctors note causing mass confusion and hunderds of cases to get dismissed. This will hit the County hard on funds. Lets keep the ideas going come on lets stand together.

Anonymous said...

Remember folks, its not just us officers who are taking the pay hit. The trash collectors and ditch diggers are in the same boat if they take the day off.

These crew workers aren't paid high salaries either like those elected officials that are exempt from the pay cuts.

It looks like the merit system is trying to fairly apply this monstrosity to everyone. Senior elected officials made the decision that only those who work will get paid. The merit system gets blamed for having to carry out their orders, just like we have to carry out what the Chief O'B tells us.

Anonymous said...

From half the people I talk to about this, the generic response is "Don't let it kill you, ruin your day, Be positive,,, etc etc etc".

That's part of the problem around here is that it doesn't bother a majority of the people working here that we keep getting treated like dogsh#t and are NEVER given any damn consideration or respect at all when it comes to financial "saving" decisions.

It may be due to the following
1-People are used to it and are numb
2-They are drinking the Kool- Aid
3-Are already in a job with DeKalb that they are underqualified for and would otherwise be collecting some govt assistance check
4-They already have an exit plan and are a few steps away from the exit door

Sometimes you kick....Sometimes you get kicked

We been getting kicked. Lets do some kicking back. Next BOC meeting...WARNING TICKETS all day every day. F em all

-Anon 1118

PS- M outta here-Keep on postin baby....You paid your dues

Anonymous said...

In defense of Director Ransom she is about 200 percent better than our previous HR director Bell who actively participated in Vernon's bid to "create a hostile work environment" for the employees.
For the last decade I had attempted to break loose the employee demographics from HR and was rebuffed every step of the way including the Feds.
Director Ransom ordered her employees to give me the information as it was public records and documentation.
HR was extremely surprised at my summary numbers of the employee demographics because they had not done the summary section of EEO-4 reports. My main objection to Mrs. Ransom handling of the issue is that HR will enhance Hispanic recruiting but found the discrepancy in white employees to be acceptable, there will be no enhanced recruiting of white employee candidates. As far as HR is concerned if you are not an official minority you don't count for jack-squat in the employee demographics.
For all that, Director Ransom is a 200 percent improvement over convicted Director Bell.
The next EEO-4 report will be out in September. I plan to obtain it and publish unless Director Ransom refuses to release.
Best of luck, guys!

Anonymous said...

Hey BM why are you worried about it? The Officers are getting paid and the Command Staff will not. So if your not retired just do what you always do, nothing.

Anonymous said...

Before folks try to quote the Fair Labor Standards Act they might wish to read it. It has nothing to do with vacation, holiday or sick time. It only deals with actual hours worked.

Anonymous said...

Are paystubs covered under the Freedom of Information Act? Posting them here seems a good way to keep tabs on some people...

Anonymous said...

Something tells me that these three unpaid holidays are just an experiment for 2012...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Previous HR Director was Joe Stone, not Bell. However, you are correct that he was an a-hole of the first class variety.


Anonymous said...

JW, Whoopsie! Thanks for the correction, and I'll try to avoid the same mistakes in the future. My appologies to Mr. Bell, the mistake was mine, Mr. Bell was our former finance director.
One thing that everyone has to understand is that all county employees work for the CEO and commissioners, especially the directors.
In my discussion with Director Ransom I brought up the issue of the need for better communication between the BOC and the employees, Mrs. Ransom rightly informed me that we work for the BOC and the employees cannot suggest how the BOC should operate.
This is all true, but to even the most obtuse, it is obvious that DeKalb's political leaders have insulated themselves from the employees. I was banned from the CEO's office for speaking freely on issues affecting the employees and having the temerity to suggest that the CEO visit my building and other facilities to observe the poor working conditions the employees work under.
For the employees its a crappy situation because most of DeKalb's politicians have no desire for even basic two-way communications between masters and servants.

Best of luck, guys!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. LF - I'm not sure whether you need to drink more, or less. Just please doublecheck your facts before your rambling rants. This ain't the first time you've been way off-base. Maybe you could stop sounding like "Bitter - Party of 1" while you're at it? Go enjoy your retirement.

Anonymous said...

If you aren't taking flack, then your off target.
Best of luck mates.

Anonymous said...

It is time for everyone to quit complaining and start doing something about the problem. Officers in Dekalb need to unite and start working on the problem as one group rather than complaining as individuals. The changes that are being inflicted on the officers can not all be legal. As far as the unpaid holidays are concerned there is no way it is legal. Some people will get hit once, some twice, some three times, and some not at all. It is inconsistent and targets only a portion of the county's employees. That cannt be legal. Officers unite get an attorney on retainer to look into the situation and do as he/she advises. The only way anything will ever change for you is if everyone comes together and works together.

Anonymous said...

How is Dekalb celebrating the American worker this Labor Day (besides not paying them)? Why anyone still tolerates this horse shit is beyond me.