Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Good Gobbledygook! What Happened To The Stroke of The Pen?

Yes folks, we have been lied too once again! Lil' Larry said our holiday time could be changed with a stroke of a pen.

Now it's official. Even though we work 10 hour shifts, we are only getting paid 8 hours when we work holidays.

We called for a ticket strike. The chief asked us to let him work with the commissioners. So, we there that get us?

Here is Chief O'Brien's email to all the chiefs:
Chief’s…..If you have not already done so, please let employees know that in regard to the unresolved holiday pay issue concerning 8 or 10 hours of leave, the decision has been made.
If an employee works 10 hrs on a holiday, they will bank 8 hrs of holiday time and 2 hrs of comp time.
If they are on a scheduled off day when the holiday falls, they will only receive 8 hrs of banked time
All suspension time will reflect 8hrs.  If a 10 hr employee is suspended for 8hrs, they can either use accrued vac., holiday, or comp time in order to take the entire day off.
Please keep in mind that this does not apply to the two remaining unfunded holidays this year.
William O’Brien
Chief of Police

We don't fault Chief O'Brien, we fault the commissioners.

How much longer will you trust the commissioners and the propaganda being dished out at roll call? "Come on guys, if you'll just write more tickets, the commissioners will love us, we promise."

The madness continues.



I want to look him straight in the eye, and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey $h%t he is! Hallelujah!!! Holy $h%t!!!! ....Where's the Tylenol?

Anonymous said...

Hey Clark....Me too !

Anonymous said...

When has Chief O scheduled the next "Round Table"?..... those went away fast.

Anonymous said...

You cant be forced to take comp, holiday or vacation time if you don't want to. If you want to come in after your 8 hour suspension and work for two hours, you can. They have to let you. And since you went to work that day, you can get off work and go to your part time job.

Anonymous said...

I still dont understand why any police officer would want to continue working for Dekalb County. There are so many better places to work in metro Atlanta now.

Anonymous said...

Here is what a REAL PD looks like: The below listed salary figures are comparisons only for what a cadet who successfully graduates to become a sworn Austin Police Officer could earn and are eligible to receive once they are deemed qualified to receive that yearly pay. Amounts will vary depending on what set of specialties or stipends each individual cadet is qualified to receive once they become sworn Austin Police Officers.

Cadet Starting Salary: $2,666.75 monthly salary for 8 months as a cadet. A cadet with full GI Bill benefits could earn up to an extra $1400 monthly during the academy. GI Bill benefits would also continue for an additional 3 to 4 months of Field Officer Training after graduation. Health, dental and retirement benefits start the first day of the academy for the employee. Spouse, family and dependents are also covered under the employee benefits starting the first day of the academy.
Probationary Officer Salary: $52,374, an officer assigned to a shift starting after 2pm, is a Bi-Lingual interpreter and has a Bachelors Degree would earn $60,714 per year ( $3,600 per year for shift differential, $2,100 for Bi-Lingual Interpreter and $2,640 for a Bachelors Degree). Amounts could vary for type of degree earned if any.
Police Officer 1 Year Anniversary Salary: $60,536, an officer with the same general description as the Probationary Officer but also receives one year of longevity pay for $100 would earn $68,976 per year.
Police Officer 2 Year Anniversary Salary: $68,819, an officer with the same general description as the 1 Year Officer but receives 2 years of longevity pay at $200 and becomes a Field Training Officer ($2,100 per year) and Crisis Intervention Officer($2,100 per year) would earn $81,559 per year.
The above figures do not include any departmental overtime received from late assignments, court appearances and voluntary assignments an officer may accrue during the year.

Listed below our current pay scales are the benefits received in addition to your base salary. If the officer possesses additional specialties from the list below, their base salary increases substantially per year.

View the complete pay scale (pdf)

Benefits and Pay Incentives

Field Training Officer $175 (monthly)
Crisis Intervention Officer $175(monthly)
Bi-Lingual Pay $175 (monthly)
Shift Differential Pay $300 (monthly)
Health Insurance
Long Term Disability Insurance
Vacation Leave 150 hours accrued yearly
Holidays (11)
Personal Holidays- 16 hours
Emergency Leave- 40 hours
Tuition Reimbursement
Court Overtime- Minimum 4 hours
On Call Compensation-8 hours per week
Call out from home Overtime- 3 hours minimum
Dental Plan/Eye Plan
Patrol Officers work 4 ten hour days with 3 days off
Life Insurance
Sick Leave 145.92 hours accrued yearly
23 year retirement plan (3.2 multiplier)
Clothing allowance for select units $500
Uniforms and associated equipment provided (except for pistols)
Associates Degree or 60 or more college credits $100 (monthly)
Bachelors Degree $220 (monthly)
Masters Degree $300 (monthly)
Master Peace Officer Pay $150 (monthly)
15 Military Days per year
Sick time buyback at retirement up to 1400 hours
Longevity Pay- $100 per year up to 25 years (yearly)
Deferred Compensation Plan
The Austin Police Retirement system pays a pension based on a minimum 23 years of service at any age for a full retirement. It is based on the following formula: Years of service (23) X multiplier (3.2%)= percentage of base salary (73.6%). Officers may stay additional years past 23 to accrue additional retirement funds with no limit. Military personnel are eligible to purchase an additional 2 years into the retirement system added on after 23 years of service with the Austin Police Department. Compared to most police departments in Texas and the United States our retirement system ranks as one of the best. Most police agencies offer a 20 year retirement at 50% of their pay.

Anonymous said...

We are always being told that we have to take Comp Time. It is my understanding that, even for Public Safety, we can get overtime if we want it. Start telling them that you want the overtime pay. It won't be given to you but document the date, time, place, and supervisor that you spoke with each time you ask for overtime. Can we say "Class Action?"

Anonymous said...

You can be forced to use comp time, you can't be forced to take comp time. Take the overtime, don't take any comp time. Then you will only have vacation time and holiday time, which they can't force you to take.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:09......Pack your shit and take your petty qualifications and go. I'm sure that region has a lot more funds than does this hole. There aren't many areas left in DeKalb that can be robbed of their tax money. South and East are nothing more than public housing areas, with a majority of the folks being government dependent and hog all the services. They keep the cronies in at the BOC so they will keep the services coming.

Anonymous said...

Well said Griswold...well said...

Anonymous said...

Anon 1213 you are clearly one of the stuck walking dead losers at Dekalb. Obviously Austin appreciates our "petty" qualifications, education, and professionalism unlike you and your pitiful "PEERS" at Dekalb. Enjoy what remains of your doomed, wasted career and dwindling retirement idiot.

JerryMyer Jackson Jr. said...

At the first BOC meeting next month I urge the following :

1. That as many DeKalb County Employees as possible show up at the meeting and fill out Comment Cards to speak.

2. We need dozens so that we can clearily exceed the 10 Number of Speakers lit'l larry rule !

3. We must also exceed the 30 minute rule !

4. Should Commissioner Johnson or another Carpetbagger on that Stage of Clowns not allow everyone to speak I will file a "Writ of Mandamus" with a US District Court Federal Judge that I assure you will bring a halt to this Practice of Denying First Ammendment Rights and I shall Request Damages from The County !

5. I have the Ink and I have The Paper = Will not cost anyone a dime.

6. In the mean time I am talking to a couple of Lawyers that I have know for years that are most EXCELLENT in this Field of Law - They want to see You Guys and Other Employees show up to Get Involved - Can you blame them ?

7. The choice is yours my brothers and sisters that try so hard to do their job only to be treasted like SHIT by these self-serving Hypocrites.

8. All you got to do is : Wake Up - Clean Up and Show Up !

and Don't Forget - Me = Former Labor Union State Vice-President later President for Insurance Workers International Union Local 138 from 1976-1980 for The State of Georgia representing Prudential, John Hancock, North Carolina Mutual, American National to name a few. I never lost an Arbitration - PERIOD !

Once again be Safe in all that you do and Get up, Stand Up and Speak Up for Your Rights !

Anonymous said...

The best labor lawyer is Lee
Parks in Atlanta, he doesn't
take a case unless he can win.
CHIP in and visit him. He will
tell you where you stand.
Show up so they can see a sea of
The people who keep us safe and are doing an excellent job.

Anonymous said...

Keep on keeping on Mr. Jackson. We need your friends and neighbors to join you. You have to understand the retributions to employees that speak out too much. Anybody heard of the O'Brien's other brother becoming the second in command at FD? I heard some talk of that plan the other day. What was the shake up at DEMA all about? Somebody has to be in the loop. What about the Wiz for CEO rumor? Heard he was considering a run, man that would take things in the right direction. Citizens, contact your state elected officials regarding abolishing the CEO position. That is where the changes have to come from.

Anonymous said...

Lee Parks has beat the county several times before. We need to all go in on a class action suite. Someone want to get that movement going? Look at the hiring package from H.R. for current openings. It clearly states 10 paid holidays. Would cost to much for a large group to band together and retain legal representation. We are wasting our breaths in front of this BOC and complaining to the great CEO. Hell he never comes to work for you to complain to. Also for you ticket junkies that I continue to witness give it a break. Have you seen the fruits of your labor? Does anybody know how uniform can get the half day plans that sod units are getting for special details? Work 4 and get paid for 8 sounds better than work 10 and get 8 hours credit. Others know what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

Anon September 13, 2011 11:46 PM,

I do believe you are correct. Since you are working that day, well then, you may go work a part-time. Beat the BOC at their own bullshit.

I think I would take my two hour suspension at the beginning of the shift. Come in, roll call for at least 1/2 hour. Stand around and wait for unit, another 1/2 hour minimum. Now, that leaves 1 hour left. Drive to territory. Depending on traffic and time of day, hell, by the time you get there its time to go to the pumps to top the unit off with gas. So, head to pumps, pump in gas, drive back to precinct, check out, clock out, and see ya.

Anonymous said...

Just go see Lee Parks he'll
let you know.....You all have got to stop talking. The BOC thinks that you are not going to do anything so they keep doing the same thing.
The CEO wants to go to Washingon
Miller will never get CEO, wish
all of them would go somewhere other than here.And they abolish the position(CEO)soon..

Anonymous said...

Wiz Miller, CEO? Are you freaking crazy?

Lone Ranger said...

Been quiet for awhile....decided I would sit back in the shadows to see if anyone would take my advice and as expected ...nothing, nothing, nothing.

You all are freakin pathetic ...talk a whole lot of crap but sit on your freakin a$$es doing nothing. I knew exactly what to expect. Why in the hell would anyone want to listen to an officer with DKPD....they do nothing but bitch and put up exactly no fight.

Where have you all been the last 2 months...not at a single freakin BOC meeting I can tell you that, you have to be kidding me and now you want someone to feel sorry for your lazy asses because you cant fight your own battles....

Like I said before, I'll lead the fight when I see the show of force needed to go against the BOC, but I be damned if I'm gonna fight for this alone....bring your asses out in force. There is no extra job that damn important that you couldn't miss one single morning to attend a meeting as that of you future with this dept. You dumb asses stand a lot more to lose in benefits, furloughs, and pay than what some stupid extra job could ever pay you.


Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the Lone Ranger fight for those in need, by himself, and NEVER for the glory or recognition? I guess the modern Lone Ranger needs a crowd behind him to do the right thing. Oh well, sign of the times I guess.

Anonymous said...

Unless you do what several people said show up at BOC Meeting,contact Lee Parks no one really knows what is going on.Only people who read the Police Blog know.And don't you think the BOC
knows that.Things will never get better
until DeKalb is embarrassed. The AJC acts like they have been bought.They print stories in a bias manner. And report dates
for Cleanups. The only way your
cause is to get the media interested and no better way
than a Police turnout at a BOC
Meeting with Lee Parks
announcing he will review the case.
Otherwise its SHUT UP and stop
Complaining.God helps those who
help themselves.Wake up nobody
even knows what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

To 9/14 8:49 poster: stranger things have happened in this county! Who would have ever thought that Stogner would have been re-hired after his Fed conviction involving his role in county racial discrimination? And look at who brought him back!

Anonymous said...

Its time to hit the streets as people are starting to discredit this blog. I talked to some DKPD officers who were having lunch and asked them about the blog. They simply referred to it as a bitch blog full of disgruntled veterans and uninformed rookies. You got friends in the media, its time to start blowing up their e-mail boxes with your issues and tell them to stay on top of it.

There needs to be a listing of all media outlets posted on this blog and everyone needs to send letters of outrage to the media and let the media do their jobs. Support the ones who do and condemn the outlets who don't.

Champion Newspaper
Crossroads News
Home Rule News/Exceptional Radio
Patch (Dekalb has several of them)
Neighbor Newspapers
Creative Loafing
CBS Atlanta
WSB Radio
and the list goes on.

The media listing could be linked to the blog and there could be an e-mail blast that goes out on a weekly basis to them. Get retired officers to make guest appearances on radio talk shows, write letters to the editor, show up to HOA meetings, business association meetings. The question remains is do you want it bad enough???

Jerry Myer Jackson Jr. said...

You as Employees MUST attend in Large Numbers these DeKalb BOC Meetings !

And who among the Good Employees of DeKalb might step forward and challenge these Incumbent Politicians in DeKalb ?

Who shall be Superman ?

Wake Up - Clean Up - Show Up !

Stand Up - Speak Up - Stand Up For Your Rights !

Be Safe as You, Protect and Serve !