Sunday, January 15, 2012

Benita Ransom, Burrell Ellis' Lap Dog and Human Resource Director, Fights For a Power Grab On The Pension Board

Be afraid, be very afraid.

During the September 2011 pension meeting, Benita Ransom questioned why she and finance director Joel Gottlieb are not allowed to vote on pension matters.

This is the same woman, an outsider from the city of Atlanta, who instituted our new wonderful holiday pay plan. You know, the one where we are paid 32 hours for 40 hours work.

Joel Gottlieb is the same person who is responsible for the illegal use of 40 million dollars illegally taken from the green space program to be used in the general budget to cover bills.

On a side note, the question was asked, when was the last time our retirees received a cost of living raise? Some say 2005, some say 2007. For any of the members not knowing the answer to this question is beyond ridiculous.

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Anonymous said...

"On a side note, the question was asked,when was the last time our retirees received a cost of living raise. Some say 2005, some say 2007. What a joke."

When was the last time those who are still here received a cost of living raise?

Anonymous said...

I really fear for our pension. At least Robertson was on the phone from whereever the hell he lives.

Anonymous said...

Why do they have so manny investment advisors? I wonder if these "fees" have made us much money...I also wonder what the closed door meeting on "litigation" is about? Seems we as pension contributators should be in the loop more.

Anonymous said...

Well...this was NOT encouraging. Does anyone know what the results of the Pension election are - specifically - who is the retiree rep? I really, really am not encouraged by any of this. DeKalb County has worked for years trying to get at our Pension Fund - starting with Levitan - and, that was during good economic times. Now, it just appears they have become more overt about their efforts. Unless the economy gets better - these vampires are going to get real hungry...need to go buy some garlic...

Anonymous said...

Only crooks and ass kissers get those COLA raises, all other just get a kick in the ass.

Why do you think that toilet paper manufacturers now pack their products in such large containers?
Its because there so many ass kissers out there that the roll of paper has to go around more so.

The politicos at Dekalb County are not any different. One needs a large roll of butt wipes in order to wipes those politico asses.

There is a phrase at the end of the Georgia Lottery Megamillions drawing every Tuesday and Friday nights....'PLAY ON AMERICA". In Dekalb County, its "WIPE YOUR BOSS'S ASS's DEKALB"

Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Last week the AJC had a one paragraph note reporting that a grand jury panel had found that the $40 million from the Park bond fund was used because of an accounting error. There was nothing illegal. So it was not criminal.. just the usual DKC incompetency. That should make all of us feel better.

Question... where is the money for the pension COLAS supposed to come from?

Anonymous said...

Anyone find the millions missing from Recorders Court? Better yet, is anyone even looking?

LoFlyer said...

This is one of the most detailed pension board minutes seen in years. Well done!
Allowing Gottlieb amd Ransom voting privilidges is a naked attempt by the CEO and commissioners to gain control of the pension board.
Ransom and Gottlieb work for the CEO and the commissioners. They do not have DeKalb retirees best interests in their job descriptions and are foolish to portray themselves as such.
DeKalb employees and retirees have been run over too many times by previous HR and Financial directors to take this crap anymore.
In case no one rembers. CEO Vernon Jones. Executive assistant Richard Stognar and HR Director Joe Stone were all convicted in 2009 of creating a "hostile work environment" and not one DeKalb leader or manager has ever addressed the problem.
Allowing these two bozo's voting priviledges on the pension board is insanity for the retirees.
Well done to the pension board for standing up to these arrogant asshats.
My opinionated opinion,

Anonymous said...

Please, someone KEEP THESE IDIOTS AWAY FROM OUR PENSION ! WE need legal reprsentation to protect us from the BOC and THEIR goons and from the pension board. How the hell did our long distance retiree rep get re elected....geezzzzz, I give the hell up !

RDF863 said...

T he question was asked when the last "COLA" raise was given to retirees. I retired in 2002. IN 2003 received a 3% raise. Since then, nothing.

DeKalb Officers said...

To Anon 11:12,

Yes, you and I deserve a raise. Our salary has been cut, our insurance premiums have increased and we are forced to take furlough days.

But unlike our retirees, we have the ability to work extra jobs to supplement our income.

Some of our police retirees are unable to find work in these dire economic times, or simply too old to work, Most invested in deferred comp, but with the market in a nosedive, they face uncertainly there too. And, just as you, their insurance premiums, like everything else have increased. There are quiet a few retirees living before deferred comp was offered.

Not to mention that the commissioners have such disdain for us, the police, they refuse to let our retirees work through a police reserve program. Even that bimbo Tom Brown utilizes a reserve unit.

Please give our retirees a break. They did their time, just as you are doing yours. They deserve whatever they can get, just as you when you retire.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys ever thought of positions with the DeKalb County School System (DCSS) Security force? The salaries of its 204 members are

*DeKalb County Schools – 95,481 students – $10,844,887 for 204 Security personnel
Salary Range Number of Security Personnel in Salary Range % of Personnel in Salary Range
$100,000+ 5 2%
$90,000 to $100,000 5 4%
$80,000 to $90,000 11 5%
$70,000 to $80,000 22 11%
$60,000 to $70,000 25 12%
$50,000 to $60,000 20 10%
$40,000 to $50,000 80 39%
$30,000 to $40,000 22 11%
$20,000 to $30,000 4 2%
$10,000 to $20,000 3 1%
Less than $10,000 7 3%
Total Personnel 204

How do these salaries compare with yours? The top 65 guys seem to do pretty well

Plus.. some of them have take home cars, no furlough days, pension is controlled by the State TRS (but DCSS has missed a few payments), not much work during weekends, summers and other vacation days. Also, school kids do not seem as dangerous as the South DK perps, no real pressure to solve any crimes, no tickets to write, etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

Time to start looking into Bernita's background. She is showing her true intent on this issue. By the way notice this was from meeting minutes in October. It would be nice not to be 2-3 months behind on this. How the hell are we supposed to do our job on the streets when these thugs are raiding our retiremement in search of money to fund their corupt activities?