Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Burrell Ellis Is Asking For 6.5 Percinct Increase In His Budget

Even though he is predicting at a 5 percent drop in tax revenue, the elitist Burrell Ellis is asking for a 6.5 percent increase in his budget and an increase of 5.8 percent for the commissioners.

This after a year of insurance premiums, for us and our retirees, furlough days and lost paid holidays for public safety.

We came only assume Burrell and the commissioners think they can buy us off with their proposed "payday loans".

It seems the only time they use the work "cut" is with the pay and benefits for the police, and only time they can say "increase" is when it comes to their own selfish pay and benefits.

On your next watch, be sure to write those tickets boys and girls. It's really paying off. To the tune of a 6.5 percent increase for Burrell and 5 percent for the corrupt commissioners.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone in DeKalb Police has a TAKE HOME CAR except the Uniform Division.

Here the question is ..why does officers with TAKE HOME CARS are not first responders ? They are not on the list to be called in.....Recruiting... Training.. Aides and we go on and on.. where is the fairness?

Millions of dollars could be save if we cancel this perk for the favorites of the department.

Who will address this problem ... Commissioners?

I would like to have a car with free gas and perks. I only wonder where they justify the next perk?

Anonymous said...

How many millions of dollars could be save with the cancellation of everyone having a Take Home Car?

Balance the budget is the question.

Anonymous said...

Do you have to live in
DeKalb County in the Hood
to get a Take Home Car or
can you live in Stockbridge?
When are you all going to
stop moaning and show up
in the audience when your rep speaks.
If the BOC take the raise its
all a joke they along with Ellis.

Anonymous said...

You all have a great idea. No more take home cars. Just remember no one has had a raise in about 4 years. Take the cars away and see moral hit rock bottom. Most people in those positions have worked long and hard to get where they are. But it's ok, when you need an on call detective at 0300 or on the weekend, all you are going to here is radio tell you that they are not en-route. I definitely am not driving in every night I'm on call in my POV like I do now. So quit your b%*ching, and do something about it. Like put in for a specialized position when they open up.

Anonymous said...

Oh, here we go again. Okay, lesson time:

A Uniform Division officer jumps into a $38,000+ 2012 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. It's only a few months old with a few thousand miles, still looks and smells brand new. To show the appreciation, officer then goes out and promptly totals said brand new car. As does another. And then another.

A specialized position officer earns the position based upon applying for said postion, recognition for hard work, and selection based upon trust that the job will be done well and without having to be babysat. The officer is assigned a 2003-2005 old Ford Crown Victoria or Chevrolet Malibu with 160,000+ miles on it. The officer washes it at own expense. The officer sees that it is properly maintained as and when required and doesn't drive it into the ground (or trees, curbs, poles, other cars, etc). Current retail value, about $1,500-$2,500.

Now then, whose costing the county more money?

Conclusion. They are on-call positions for a reason. You can think of those officers as the county's first line of defense to call up in case of a natural disaster (remember the Dunwoody tornado) or terrorist threat/attack. Unless you are psychic, you probably can't predict when something like this will occur so you can prepare accordingly.

Lesson objective. Show you worth and pursue a specialized position so that you can be trusted with the "perk" that comes with it.

Opinion. If it were up to me, we'd be like Gwinnett, or Dunwoody, or Sandy Springs, or so on and so forth. Then, savings would truly be realized.

Lesson over.

Anonymous said...

WWJD about take home cars??? YIKES!

Anonymous said...

Try 2001 Impala 162K miles on it and I have had it for almost 2 years. I dont wine about it, I know im lucky to have the free gas. If you want a take home car stop bitching, dont get arrested and work hard. Interviews are usually once or twice a year. Then try coming back to work after you took a few days off and see how much work you have when you get back to the office.

Anonymous said...

I guess I get to keep my holidays which were promised to me when I was hired and the CEO and BOC get that well deserved pay raise. They will never learn.

The City of Brookhaven can't come soon enough!!!

Anonymous said...

C'mon y'all...get on board the "Burrell Ellis Train"...choo choo...

"“I am proud of the work that we have accomplished but there is still much work to do,” he said. “I am optimistic about DeKalb County’s future and I look forward to earning the support of DeKalb County voters.”

Anonymous said...

Take Home Cars..... The ones who have a Take Home Car are the ones who are never called to respond to an emergency.
PAL Program- Recruiting - and all the aides who are assigned cars to to drive back and forth to work.

Who approved this adventure..someone needs to explain why we give someone a car and gas to come to work?

This county does not know who has a car and who doesn't not a car as a perk.

The Uniform Division will be the first call to respond and Special Ops will be secondary if they make all the contacts.

Check the Call Outs and see how many in the last 5 years.

How much money has been waste on this Have A Car Car Program.

They all live outside the county and response times are long and wasteful.

Save money where you can and give us a raise.

Anonymous said...

@January 27, 2012 9:53 AM,

Good point and right on target. Same is true for me. Gonna be taking a couple of weeks vacation here soon. And will have two weeks worth of cases waiting on me when I return on top of what I leave behind.

So, uni's, it's not just a perk. I'm not complaining, just explaining.

Anonymous said...

Wonder why uniform does not have take home cars???..look at the way they drive the new vehicles....actions speak louder than words...heavy gas...hard break....and not on the way to a hot call...or any call for that want to talk to someone???go talk to the ones that service the units....some good...some bad...but at least they see it all...only if it is on asigned screw it up!!! comes out of your paycheck......we would be loosing a sh*t load more of officers!!!....that's why uniform does not have take home cars!!!!besides.....really and honestly think about won't....but the ready line speaks for itself!!!

Anonymous said...

To anon 10:59
Backgrounds and Accreditations have take home cars. Where's their on call responsibility? The first line of defense has been and always will be Uniform. The call down list involves bringing in Uniform, not CID. I was here when the tornado hit Dunwoody. They did not call in CID, they called in Uniform.
To anon 1:02
The only aides with take home cars are the Chief's, Director's and Holmes aide.