Monday, January 9, 2012

Governor Nathan Deal Is Playing Politics With Georgia Law Enforcement

Governor Deal has placed one of his political cronies, former state representative Tim Bearden to run P.O.S.T.

How does this affect you? Think Terrell Bolton, but on a state level. Not only is Tim Bearden not qualified, his character is questionable at best.

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Anonymous said...

Just like DeKalb - appointments until the elected person gets mad at you or defeated in an election.

Wonder who will run DeKalb after the next election?

Anonymous said...

And who would expect more or better from a Governor that had to resign fron his Representative Office before the Stroke of Midnight to avoid Censure and possible prosecution.

When POST was first organized the First Commander was a major player in a ticket fixing scheme which involved a Governor and his big cronies.

And if you want to get "run down" on interstate I-75 just be passing by the POST Headquarters as the various schools are letting out. The Officers with their uniforms in the windows will pass you going 85 - 90 miles an hour. I guess they consider themselves above the law.

Law Enforcement ain't what it used to be.

Anonymous said...

GSP used to be known for backing their officers to the very end since police work is not a controlled lab environment and unpredictable things can and do happen. As we now see if you don't follow exacting rules and regs they will cut you loose to fend for yourself. There isn't enough money in the tax base to get me to ever return to the modern world of liability fear-based police work.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 1:12 PM....

Amen to that brother. The criminals took over DeKalb and the lawyers took over the career field. Fort Knox dont have enough money for me to work the streets again.

RETIRED......thank GOD!

Anonymous said...

what is it going to matter who is in charge of GPSTC, which is NOT POST HQ, they are in Powder Springs. The place has gone so far down hill that the Pope couldn't fix it....

Anonymous said...

The article is a bit misleading. Deal is replacing the director of GPSTC, not POST.
The POST position is vacant as of now.
Law enforcement training has been a joke in GA and its always due to a lack of funding. If you want good training then join a county force with its own academy.
Firing Dale Mann, the GPSTC director who has 23 years training experience and master degree, command college, FBI NA grad, etc etc
With some guy who has a HS diploma and a few years working patrol in some small agency is completely stupid.
"Deal said Bearden will use regional training centers to focus on basic training and the main center in Forsyth will work to become nationally renowned for specialized and advanced training"

This is exactly what Dale Mann worked so hard to correct. This idea that all advanced training must be done at one central place in Forsyth is totally stupid. It only enures that most GA cops will MAYBE make it to GPSTC once every other year at best.

Put the advanced training at regional academies you doofus, so everyone can attend them. Most cops in GA make no money and are in rural areas. They cant afford to send but maybe 1 or 2 guys to GPSTC a year.

Second, allow certification of online training videos. This will cut the cost of training in half and allow officers to train at their own agencies not some crappy training center 200 miles away.