Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Joke of The Day: Commissinors Exploring Employee Raises and Perks For 2013

The Atlanta Journal story leads off by saying "After years of holding worker salaries steady" Whoa! Stop right there! Salaries holding steady? What a crook of BS propaganda by the county and the commissioners.

They have reduced our pay, furloughed us and taken away paid holidays, and our salaries have remained steady?

April Hunt, you are a sorry excuse for a reporter. Do your research. You are so typical of today's media. No facts. Your article is a blatant lie. And in the same breath, you write an article about the possibility of DeKalb losing between $25 and $27 million in revenue, some of it as early as December if Brookhaven becomes a city this summer. Have you been hanging out in some of the county's finest crack houses?

Excuse us while we go change the bottom of our bird cage.

Click here to read her horse squeeze.


Anonymous said...

Just because she works for the AJC doesn't make her smart. The AJC is such a left wing rag, it is amazing that anyone reads it at all.

Don't believe what you read in the AJC. For that matter, don't believe anything you hear from the BOC and the CEO as they are big liars also.

Anonymous said...

Let's start with Recorders Court; Dekalb County is complaining about not having any money yet officers are being subpoenaed for "special trials" only to have the DA's dismiss the tickets on some BS. Who's great idea was it to have the DA's handle OUR traffic tickets??? Were they there at the stop? NO! WE DO NOT NEED the DA's to make deals on OUR tickets. Judge Withers....if you are going to continue with this practice then take your "special trial" subpoenas and stick them up your rear end!!

Anonymous said...

Recorders Court what a joke. The have the organization skills of a 3 year old. What with everyone receiving multiple subpoenas for each day of the week, it's a wonder why any of us write tickets. If they keep it up at the court, they won't have to worry about special trials and working deals with the ADA. They'll be worried about laying people off as they won't have any tickets to process.

Anonymous said...

The AJC has proven with the APS and DeKalb school system testing scandal that it knows how investigate and report a story.
Dekalb government is in serious trouble, and the AJC refuses to report on the issues unless it is provided a press release by the DeKalb CCO.
To the AJC management and editors. It would be easy to blame one person for the failure of the AJC to investigate the simplest of issues with DeKalb government.
Example: Why is the new DeKalb economic development director paid 166 grand despite supervising less than 20 employees in a low-stress environment?
DeKalb political leadership and staff are the highest paid in the south. They refuse to negotiate with their constituents in Brookhaven who are threatening secession, does anyone in the AJC find it ironic that DeKalb leadership is the highest paid in the region and incapable of meeting Brookhaven citizens demands?
I have two words to describe the current AJC reporting of DeKalb government. I do not mean to insult the AJC staffers, however you have brought the words on yourself by publishing DeKalb government media releases verbatim for a decade without analysis.
Useful idiots.
Best of luck, guys and gals!

Anonymous said...

"They refuse to negotiate with their constituents in Brookhaven who are threatening secession, does anyone in the AJC find it ironic that DeKalb leadership is the highest paid in the region and incapable of meeting Brookhaven citizens demands?"
Truely unbelieveable, inept,incompetent and deplorable. see this as the end of Dekalb Co as we know it and the BOC seems completely oblivious to the outcome as it will effect the future of Dekalb County. The AJc is just as bad for not bla bla bla

Anonymous said...

"The County Commission’s budget committee has asked the human resources department to come up with ways to conduct a salary study for DeKalb workers."

Like the staffing and previous salary study, is this going to be a study that will be rejected?..... typical politicians ...lip service..... years ago one asked my grandfather if he wanted him "to sponsor a bill?".... grandfather told him he wanted him to not only sponsor one but, work to get it passed.... sponsored bills die at the end of the session.

Anonymous said...

If they give any type perk-such as a raise,merit increase just wait and see what happens after that is done.

Increase our pension and furlough days again, increase insurance premiums something to take it away.

Remember the 3 holidays in 2011 that you could not get paid. Well you still lost 3 percent of your salary for the year over not being furlough.

How did we win on that issue.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this option is being explored. It looks as if there will funding to give everyone in the CEO's staff a 10% raise. Commissioner's food budgets will receive 20% and employees, well maybe next year!

Anonymous said...

I'm ready to go work in the city of Brookhaven with chief Obrien.

Anonymous said...

It's just more lip service in an election year. How can raises and perks be offered when the county is going to lose around $25 million from Brookhaven? Five percent of the budget is gone -- poof -- and these pols are yammering about raises and perks?!

We know the CEO and BOC ain't about to cut spending as they've already gone back to increased budgets. Their reserves are almost non-existant. So if raises and perks are offered that means homeowners and businesses in Tucker, Embry Hills, Oak Grove, Toco Hills and Druid Hills better break out the lube cause they're about to get it hard, real hard.

Something that's not been talked about much is that residents in the area south and southeast of Chamblee are going to vote in November on whether they want to join the city of Chamblee. If the majority votes yes, then Chamblee's population will almost double. The number of people involved is about one-fourth of the projected population of Brookhaven, but that is still thousands of people and tax dollars leaving county coffers.

On a much smaller note, the few islands of unincorporated DeKalb between Dunwoody and Doraville will likely be made part of Doraville by legislative annexation.