Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Unknown Soldiers Blog

This is off the subject, but please check out the Unknown Soldiers Blog. The blog is about "valiant U.S. troops who do their duty - largely without media attention or fanfare – and how a nation at war cannot afford to stand idly by".

A link to the blog has been added in the left column of our blog.

God bless our troops!


Anonymous said...

Soldiers die in combat and no one seems to care anymore. If you're a coked up has been singer you get flags at half staff, weeks in the media, and tons of podthumous praise. Anyone else see an issue with priorities in our country these days?

Rick Caviness said...

Although I see many problems with this country, I praise the one's who stand and fight for my freedom.
Great Blog site!!

LoFlyer said...

Some stories never get much attention, but deserves it. LE reservists played a decisive role in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
LE brought a host of techniques and procedures that made a BIG difference. From biometrics to data mining, reserve LE contributed and deserves recognition as a major player in the events.
Well Done guys and gals!
Bravo Zulu!