Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Even More Evidence Why Miller Should Resign

Wiz Miller says "I was extremely shocked when I heard we had this many officers coming under these kind of charges at the same time." Wait, isn't he the boss? You mean the storm was brewing and nobody warned Wiz Miller? B.S.!

He reeks of incompetence. He claims not to have known so many officers were under investigation, but he sure as hell knew when an aide was about to have her car searched for weed. Funny how that works.
"DeKalb County's top cops spoke out for the first time since the arrest of three officers for racketeering last week, saying they are reviewing policies and reminding all officers of the need for strong ethics on and off the job.

"Not only is this embarrassing to the department, it's embarrassing to the citizens of the county and the law enforcement profession," said DeKalb Police Chief William O'Brien.

O'Brien says he recently rolled out a new ethics program with reminders at roll call and staff meetings.

He sat down with Channel 2 investigative reporter Jodie Fleischer, as did Public Safety Director William "Wiz"Miller and DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis to discuss the recent arrests.

"We want a department that operates and upholds the trust the public puts in it. We've made it very clear that we don't tolerate wrongdoing," said Ellis.

On Thursday, a grand jury indicted officers Blake Norwood, Arthur Parker and Anthony Robinson for racketeering and other charges, stemming from the beatings of several handcuffed teenage burglary suspects.

"You can't be out here with these officers every day. Obviously we've got a number of them that have been making some extremely poor decisions," said O'Brien.

He says his department has done everything it can to stop officers from getting into trouble, including reviewing all complaints against officers. Internal affairs detectives forward any possible criminal activity to the criminal investigations division and then prosecutors.

"I think when you look at some of these and see that the results have ended in termination or folks resigning in lieu of termination, I think it's a proven system that shows it works," said O'Brien.

He points out it was fellow officers who turned in Norwood, Parker and Robinson. They are three of at least seven officers charged in the past year. In January, Officer Ghayth Abdul-Mughnee was arrested for theft and violating his oath.

In September, Gwinnett Police arrested Officer Clifton Casurra for battery and interfering with a 911 call. Last year a grand jury indicted Officer Jeremy Reynolds for rape, having sex with a person in custody and violating his oath.

Officer Donald Bristol pleaded guilty to charges related to helping others hide a stolen vehicle, and lying to federal agents.

"I was extremely shocked when I heard we had this many officers coming under these kind of charges at the same time. So yes, we will review our policies, we'll see if we need to do something different, but we want the public to know we take these things seriously," said Miller.

Three separate Channel 2 investigations also officers either cleared or lightly disciplined for cases now under criminal investigation.

Officer Tarik Crumpton is now on restricted duty for his actions while working off-duty at Dugan's sports bar last year. Crumpton allegedly attacked a man who said goodnight to a woman Crumpton was speaking with, slamming the man into a patrol car, then charging him with destruction of government property and obstruction.

Internal affairs issued Officer Crumpton a one-day suspension. Prosecutors are now investigating his actions and dismissed the charges against the victim earlier this year.

Internal affairs detectives found Officer Jerad Wheeler's use of force justified after he kicked a woman in the stomach while she was nearly nine months pregnant. He charged her with obstruction, which prosecutors dropped last week. Wheeler had two additional use of force complaints in the past nine months.

Internal affairs cleared him in both of those as well, including shooting a family's dog after responding to the wrong address, and twisting the arm of a grandmother after her daughter's traffic accident. The use of force in all three cases was not directed at anyone involved in the original police call.

Officer Eric Adkison resigned in lieu of termination after several investigations, including his role as president of the Frontrunnerz motorcycle club.

He's accused of hosting an unsanctioned hearing regarding a rape that occurred after a club function.

"We have a lot of officers who get it right the first time. We have a lot officers that need a little nudging and sometimes you have to give them a little kick in the pants to get them right. Then some need more severe disciplinary action. We try to make the appropriate call every single time and again, sometimes we don't get it right, we'll admit that," said Miller.

Miller says he recently shifted the command assignments within the police department to bring a fresh set of eyes to certain divisions and situations.

All but one of the seven arrested officers, have resigned, been fired or are in the firing process. Many of the others, are on restricted duty pending the outcome of their investigations.

Chief O'Brien says he has to be fair to officers because some complaints really are unfounded.

"We don't just terminate them based on an allegation, we have to thoroughly investigate it, let the facts play out and if warranted then we remove them from the department," said O'Brien.

He says if an officer is cleared by internal affairs but then criminally charged later, it doesn't necessarily mean something was covered up.

He says prosecutors can often get information out of officers and witnesses that detectives cannot. He says that was the case with Robinson, now accused of ordering subordinate officers to beat suspects.

"We interviewed him early on in the process, but didn't have enough information to proceed either criminally or administratively on him. The district attorney's office had the luxury of being able to work with Parker and Norwood and their attorneys to work out a deal which, in fact, led to information on the sergeant," said O'Brien.

The CEO says he still has full confidence in the police department and its officers.

"To the extent that we find out about these things in advance, I have the commitment from the police chief and the director of public safety that they're going to let me know about them immediately and they're going to report them to the authorities," Ellis said."

By Jodie Fleischer


Anonymous said...

The problem now is that no one cares anymore. The Police Department has been crapped on by the BOC for several years now. Our pay has hit rock bottom and we have the worst equipment and benefits around. We no longer work as professional trained Police Officers but as everyday low class criminals in a criminal organization as mentioned by our own DA. Officers in Dekalb do not care!!!!!! Until we are paid and recognized as the professional Officers the majority of us are then
we will continue to do as less as possible.
I heard the Tucker Precinct Major came back from his FBI training class today and was egar to meet with Officers in roll call about a new strategy to fight crime. Come on Major the first thing you and all Majors need to do is fight for us. Fight for a pay raise, take home car, better insurance, equal and fair promotional testing. We dont care!!!!!!! about a freaking study from the FBI academy. I need to pay for my bills and feed my family and then and only then will I care about entertaining your new found FBI studies. That is the problem with the command staff now. Its all about them with no respect for the Officers who make them look good and put in the hard work. Sorry but right now.... We do not care at all !!!!!!!!!!! Keep your new found studies in your pocket until we see something on our end.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at that article knowing that Holmes and Miller themselves should be investigated for what they did in the parking lot with Holmes secretary. Now Miller is saying that he will make sure that the department is run by good cops. The department is a product of its leaders. From Tebo, Vernon and now Ellis and Miller. When you are corrupt, you hire corrupt. Doesn't surprise me one bit with the shit hired over the past several years. I know there are good officers hired as well, but you know they brought in some questionable people because they are questionable themselves. Come channel 2, bring on the dirt with Holmes and Miller. Let's really get the dirt out.

Anonymous said...

Why is Wheeler mentioned in the Channel 2 story on "Officers who violated their Oath and were arrested? He didn't do ANYTHING WRONG and he WAS NOT ARRESTED!

Yellow Journalism at its best.

He reported his Use of Force, it was investigated by his supervisors and it was cleared by both IA and his supervisors. The question is WHY DID THE SOLICITORS NOT PROSECUTE? Did the solicitor not prosecute her because she was a new mother? The solicitor left the officer hanging.

Anonymous said...

What a joke!! Why didn't Jodi Fleischer ask Wiz and Ellis why they covered up the weed incident?

Anonymous said...

So we blame Wiz????? Let's just say if this was a foot ball team Wiz would be the GENERAL MANAGER rock On OB would be the Coach. When a team is doing bad who goes first??? Now if I know you guys correctly you are going to find a way to side step the answer. But the responses should be fun. Haaaaa I'm going to enjoy this.

Anonymous said...

Good article. There has been so much "stuff" going on, it was hard to remember it all until this article gave a refresher.

To keep it short and simple, raise the pay and quality of benefits, and the quality of applicants applying for this job will follow. The department can then raise its hiring standards and have a better pool of applicants to choose from because of competitive forces. The amount of "unfit" hires and the turnover rate should go down.

Right now, you can see the results of lower hiring standards, low wages, and lackluster benefits. Sure you may save on the short term bottom line, but what are the long term effects and costs? Bad press,lawsuits,turnover, poor morale...... Turnover forces the department to go out and put new people (many sub par) through costly and time consuming training. Turnover also means that experienced officers are no longer here, in a sense making the department incompetent on many levels.

Its been years since anyone has gotten an annual increase. Employee contributions for benefits have gone up and the quality of benefits offered have gone down. Some benefits, like short and long term disability, and even AFLAC should be paid for by the county due to the nature of this damn job.

Its not all about the money, especially if you chose this job, but there comes a point where you got to show me the money.....SHOW ME THE MONEY.....SHOW ME THE MONEY.....SHOW ME THE MONEY

-Anon 1118

Anonymous said...

They should indict the three goons being interviewed-They are raping this county.

chevyz71 said...

Me personallyi am coming down there from Minnesota to try and become a good officer, I an looking forward to the testing dates I have in July. I just want to be a cop and a good cop at that hope to work with some of the good officers that are on this department.

Anonymous said...

did you really look at Wiz's facial movements during the interview.....his eyes...down and to the know this means he is lying out his ass....if you have ever had any of these classes or read the books on's all there....
go back and watch his movements CLOSELY.....even us dumb folk here at the FBI call that a clue.....
poor ol can tell he cares....but is holding even see that in his words and body language.....and of course....the is your CEO.....almost did the best keeping his mouth shut. You could tell he was squirming in his seat.
Heads up gang.....good things come to those who wait!!!

It's not over yet...remember always gets darker before the storm.

Anonymous said...

To anon 9:30 AM
Yeah, go ahead and throw that line out there and blame O'B. Those that know, know that the decisions are not made by Chief O'B. So, that would make the Director the coach and the CEO the general manager.I wonder who the team should get rid of first; now??? The three of them were there for the interview. In pecking order, the Chief was at the bottom.
Haaa,I too am going to enjoy your response!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:24PM, the weed incident is at least the second time Wiz blocked a probe into illegal activity in this county. He can't keep get away with it and he knows it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:30 confirms it folks, a true side stepper. And Anon 5:24 impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer is a FELONY.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:30 is right. Or did you miss the blue order from Wiz that said all requests for police services must be approved by him? Shouldn't that be the Chiefs job?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1118. You are on target as ususal.
Several others and myself set down with Elaine Boyer and spelled out the issue. Boyers response was basically we know there is a problem but there is no money fix it and we are considering additional benefit cuts.
Thats horse-crap Ms. Boyer. Why is there always money for political appointees like the new economic development director for 166 grand but never any money to hire quality rank 'n file employees?
We all know exactly what happened. Three big bond issues the commisioners wanted got passed in "special elections" and the county has overextended itself ands refuses to reorganize.
So who suffers? The rank 'n file employees.
Just what the hell are commissioners going to do when Brookhaven bolts? Sit areound with a finger up the rear while the county falls apart?
Are y'all fracken nuts?
Rant off.
Best of luck mates!

Anonymous said...

To anon 6:30 and 12:22 you shouldn't have even responded to 9:30. He obviously uses convoluted logic to base his opinion. He probably believes that Elvis is alive and well living in a trailer park in Flagstaff and you should only drink bottled water, because that's not really flouride in your tap water.

Anonymous said...

Dekalb citizens are getting exactly the corrupt police administration they deserve. They have voted for criminal democrat thugs for years now and this is what they get.

Those who actually pay taxes are getting sick of it and are moving forward with creating their own cities and their own PD's. They are tired of the BOC crapping on them...after all, they are the ones actually paying for this whole circus.

The best thing that will happen to the Dekalb PD and Dekalb as a whole is for several more cities to form reducing the size of Dekalb PD.

The FBI's public corruption unit just obtained two federal convictions this week on Dekalb employees involved in construction contract bribe schemes.

The FBI is not blind to whats going on at Dekalb PD...but damn if they arent slow as hell in dropping the hammer on these idiots in charge.

Anonymous said...

-anon 1118.

Gwinnett PD pays less than Dekalb (although the benefits and take home car is a huge perk) and their hiring standards are far more strict than Dekalb's. They seem to have no problem hiring very qualified applicants.
Gwinnett PD actually places police cadets under physical surveillance.
Imagine what we would learn if Dekalb PD this to some of its cadets or officers.

Anonymous said...

Haaaaaaaa! What do you expect from a police department where officers use a time clock, and chiefs work part time jobs? What a joke of a police department!

Anonymous said...

I with 4:26 all the way. When the head is sick, the whole body is sick. What saddings me, are all the vets that dedicated so many years to this department. Im 4 years in and strongly doubt ill be around to see the new year. I love the job but this department has drained my spirit.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jodie, why not investigate how many of the higher ups are on their second job while on duty. We know Wiz is a joke, we just don't know what he must have on Ellis to escape any criticism that is thrown at him.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:20 Democrat Thugs. What do we call Republican's?? To start let's call them hypocrites. Ga House Speaker, Rallston is just an example of what the party represents.The party of do as I say not as I do.

Anonymous said...

You guys have chiefs working part time jobs in Dekalb? So if someone calls the chief and says I want to hire officers for $50 an hour, the chief can just work in himself? Wow!

Anonymous said...

$50 an hour ....what part time are goi working?

Anonymous said...

I sent the video to a buddy of mine in behavioral science of the interview with the "FAB 3".

He writes books and teaches Law Enforcement on body language and intervies techniques...mainly at the federal level and to locals when he travels....
he had a hell of a laugh on the one....he stated that Mr. Miller was lying out his ass and he need to be interviewed or questioned more in depth.

He also stated that the chief was trying to speak...but was extremely cautious on his words....trying to get information out....but holding back.....basically a distress signal...if we saw it in the military...the subject showed signs of being held against his will.....then the CEO....he was holding back...trying to make everyhting look if he was ....yes I'm for the team....but standing close to the exit gate.

He stated that 2 of the 3 needed to be pinned down to the chair and interrigated....plain and simple...
thier body language said it all...some things you just can't hide.....

I'm just passing the info on.....what you do with it is up to you all......great training video....thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 7:04 are you saying Rock on OB doesn't have the BALLS to tell the truth?

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for. Take home cars simply let the perps know when you are home, there are guns in you house, and that you will be glad to provide directions or answer that burning question about their bitter divorce while in your boxers. Gwinnett PD 's grass aint greener.