Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just Don't Get Any Prouder!

Dekalb Police Sergeant Fired!
"A police sergeant, indicted on charges of racketeering for allegedly ordering officers to beat teenage suspects, was fired Tuesday, according to the DeKalb County Police Department.
DeKalb County Police DeKalb Police Sgt. Anthony Remone Robinson was fired after he was indicted on a total of 15 counts, including aggravated assault, battery, violating oath as police officer, making false statements and racketeering.

Sgt. Anthony Remone Robinson was indicted on May 10, along with two other officers, on charges of aggravated assault, battery, violating his oath as police officer, making false statements and racketeering. In total, he is facing 15 felony charges.

The other officers, Blake Andrew Norwood and Arthur Parker III, had already resigned in lieu of termination months ago for allegedly beating a handcuffed Travarrius Williams. The 18-year-old victim suffered internal injuries and a broken tooth.

After that Nov. 15, 2011, incident, Norwood and Parker were charged with battery and violation of oath of office. They now face the same 15 charges that were in the indictment returned earlier in the month.

The DeKalb district attorney said the three were engaged in a criminal enterprise between Dec. 23, 2010, and Nov. 15, 2011, that involved handcuffing young burglary suspects and beating them.

DA Robert James said earlier this month the teenagers -- 15, 16 and 18 -- were handcuffed when Robinson ordered Norwood and Parker "to beat these young men with hands and feet.” James said.

The indictment said Robinson, Norwood and Parker “used excessive and unlawful force on multiple occasions … on persons who were not resisting and were in custody, posing no risk to … other officers or the public."

Williams also filed a lawsuit against two of the officers in March"
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Anonymous said...

Your department is an embarrassment . Please get rid off this blog you are humilating yourselfs.

Anonymous said...

man someone is so jealous of this major it is killing them, give it a rest that was in his past.

Anonymous said...

I’m a little pissed about something I am beginning to hear and I have this question for the DKPD. How in the hell is our fucked up situation the fault of the current Distinct Attorney, Robert James? I believe that some (not all) of the command staff is beginning to say he is, “targeting” the DKPD. Sounds like bullshit and a weak ass excuse for not doing YOUR job in my opinion. James has only been the D.A. for maybe a year and a half. We were fucked up way before that so why blame him for doing what he was elected to do?

I have heard countless officers in this department say we have a bunch of dumbass thugs working here. So the D.A. starts busting some of these idiots and putting them in jail. Now some officers want to whine about it? You can’t have it both ways people!!!!

If there are more criminals in this department, and I am sure there are, I hope James keeps putting them in jail where they belong! I didn’t become a police officer to work with idiots, thugs and criminals. If the supervisors in this department can’t properly discipline the morons then I guess the D.A. will have to assume that role.

Is it embarrassing to have DKPD officers arrested? Yes it is. Is it necessary? It seems to me that the answer is also yes!

Anonymous said...

Who is disciplining the moron supervisors.... No one!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who is checking to see what the incompetent sgt's are doing to the ones working. No wonder officers are angry and fed up. Public service is now community service!!!!