Thursday, June 7, 2012

Burrell Ellis Ask; "So Whatcha Gonna Do 'Bout It?"

Burrell Ellis is stepping up his thugish rule by ignoring the law.

Funny thing is, the commissioners will jump up and down, (sorry Commish Barnes, we know you are hampered just a tad) and scream and cry "this is wrong" and against the law. But in the end? They'll vote to approve the project.

Congratulations on another fine investment of taxpayers dollars. A 1 million dollar investment (not including bribes and cost overruns) with a return of $15,000. a year. Fantastic!


Anonymous said...

WOW...Thats the first clean word that comes to mind with this news clip.

Soap box derby park? Really? Hey Ellis...How about a F#*&ing Raise for the employees of this county that haven't gotten one in years?!...I don't care which "fund" the money to start this came from. This is bullshit.

In most counties and cities across this great nation, traffic citations bring in more revenue than property taxes do. I propose that our pens start to run out of ink....quickly. Enough is enough. You don't start giving, we stop writing. Its just that simple. They can't fire or xfer everyone.

Think about it

-anon 1118

Anonymous said...

PS---F U Dick Stoggs...The raise you took from me and other employees is falling out of your pockets

Anonymous said...

What's the problem? In 67 years it'll begin to turn a profit! Most of us will still be working here and might finally get a raise.

Anonymous said...

Is that Soapbox Derby Park a "Need" or a "Want".

Another waste of Dekalb Tax dollars. I wonder how Ellis is tied to the construction company building this fine establishment.

$15,000 return a year on $1,000,000? That's a 1.5% Return on Investment!

LOL - I have an idea on how they can increase the annual revenue. They can do the following:
1. have derby cars for rent.
2. have a pizza place in the park
3. serve beer during adult hours.
4. include a dance floor and stage.
5. rent it out for parties- children during the day..adults at night.
6. have a county liquor store on site with a humidor.

Environmentally Friendly said...

Okay...... Is it $15K per month in revenue as the prop showed or $15K per year like Monica said.... I really don't see 15K per month.

Politicians should NOT be investing public funds... look how well that's worked at the Federal level.

This must be one of those "green initiatives".... cars with NO Engines.

Anonymous said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa write dem long copies boy's and girl's !

Anonymous said...

Its all Higzillas fault!!!! Hes on the rag again.

Anonymous said...

Simple math here. One millllllllion dollars (insert pinky into the side of the mouth) divided by 15k per year. Expected date of return on investment is sometime in the year 2078. That's right, it will take about 66 years to pay off just the investment. There is no mention of how many tax payer dollars per year it will take to maintain this boondoggle. But it's easy to spend the money when it's not yours...right Mr. CEO.

Anonymous said...

Heres how the scam works. Someone who wants to sell land a profit simply pays cash to a "consulting" firm which is loosely tied to a commissioner. The "consultant" launders the cash and then pay out a portion of it directly to the commissioner or to some relative or friend of the commissioner.

If a construction company wants to win a bid they simply must pay big bucks to a "consulting" firm...which is loosely tied to a commissioner.

Its the same way drug rings launder their money.

The FBI just broke up several Gwinnett commissioners who had been doing it for years. 1's on her way to fed prison, 1 resigned and lost his law license, another is about to be indicted.

Same crap in Dekalb but since they are black democrats the DOJ doesn't touch them.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of return on investment. How about the loot that the pension board loaned to the county for the flub of an early retirement.
How about it Robertson, can you give us an answer on this one?

Anonymous said...

Another waste of money, but I bet he'll promise to make it up to his constitutents by furloughing us 4 days the last six months of this year. Remember this money spent, when you're writing tickets and then sitting at home on a furlough day.
I think they ought to donate the land to an indian tribe, so that they can build a casino on the property. It would certainly bring in more revenue.

Anonymous said...

No money for raises for cops for 6 years, but we've got a million dollars to build a stupid soap box derby track?? Assuming we have about 800 officers, a million dollars could have given each and every one of us $1250 this year. $1250 isn't a ton of money of the course of a whole year, but that's just from ONE stupid project!! This is NOT the only thing the county is wasting money on!! Add it all up! How much extra money would that be in our pockets??

We've taken this shit long enough. I think it's time for a warning ticket blitz. If you don't have the decency to find a way to give us a raise, we're not going to be your source of revenue to buy votes and pad the pockets of your friends. Warning tickets!!

Anonymous said...

How many officers does Dekalb have?

Disappointed and done said...

How many officers?.... no where near what is needed and even less when you see officers who mail it in day after day with no repercussions or fear they will be called on it.

No Virginia, there are not enough good officers in Dekalb and the good ones are just plain tired and frustrated. The good ones now do their jobs and have little hope of changing things or seeing the department be what it used to be.

Anonymous said...

Dekalb County govt is a criminal enterprise.

Robbing those of us who actually pay taxes.

I own a business in what is now Dunwoody and I am more than happy to pay higher taxes for better and honest services.

The ONLY fix for Dekalb is more cities forming....becuase we all know the masses who vote for a living arent going to elect honest leaders that will change anything.

Anonymous said...
Check it out
Ellis behind the wheel

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see some satellite before and after pictures of the derby track site.
Interesting how they managed to clear so much timber off of the site.
Timber was at an all time high a few years ago. I think what we're seeing here is somebody selling off some trees for profit.
PS profits gained from such sales are supposed to show up in the county general fund budget. Think that'll happen?
This is a replay of the 30 acre waterworld site that didn't happen near Evans Mill. Waterworld didn't happen, but someone sure made off with a lot of timber from the property.