Monday, August 13, 2012

Higher Taxes And Cuts In Service

With the creation of the city of Brookhaven, the remaining residents of DeKalb are facing a 5% across the board reduction in service.

Property taxes could be raised as much as 11.4%, in addition to the 26% tax increase in 2011. That's 37% increase in property taxes in one year alone, not including the tax increases coming from the school system to make up for a 85 million dollar deficit.

Any thoughts of cost of living raises or improved equipment are out the door. Some of us will be lucky to have a job.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Dekalb! You elected all of these bastards back into office. Enjoy your decreased services, tickets and tax increase.

Tucker, what are you guys waiting on?

Anonymous said...

Where are the applications for Brookhaven and Chamblee? Im out of this ghetto County.

Anonymous said...

I can feel it coming in the air of the night....what can I feel coming in the air of the night you ask?

I can feel BOHICA coming in the air of the night

(Bend Over-Here It Comes Again)

Another financial raping from our employers for their irresponsibility,incompetence, cronyism, and corruption.

-Anon 1118

Anonymous said...

To - Anon 1118, Grab those ankles baby... Your friend "M gone and Happy"

Anonymous said...

Kick everyone of the crooked bastards out of office and kick them each in their respective butts, tell the public that they are all bi-polar, and seek criminal indictments on all.

Start the whole process of electing new BOC, get rid of the of the CEO's position, and totally eliminate the school board. Have everything in the county and school system run like a profitable business insteading of two totally inept, fucked up government agencies that they are. If the school board is in the red, then serious cutbacks are in order.

We will always need public safety, but we will not stand for useless parasite waste such as the director of PS, staff of parasites, chauffer service, etc.

When Brookhaven does get going, there is no reason why the ramining county citizens should bear the brunt for the shear stupidty of those idiot beasts in Decatur who do nothing but spend, spend and spend some more.

Our housing values are way down, our street feel and look like shit, The sewer system is crumbling, and the whole county is bankrupt kindly because of our crooks.

I am sorry that I have rambled on, but this is a very sore subject in my book.

Anonymous said...

Milton P.D Is hiring....Check it out....

Anonymous said...

So if you just got promoted enjoy that 5% increase on your paycheck for the next few months then your back to good ole MPO or SGT pay. I knew this was coming. Get out while you can!! Leave DKPD now!!!!

Anonymous said...

BOHICA is right! I am wondering if political staff is still recieving annual raises?
It just sounds like something the DeKalb rulers would do.
When I left two years ago, my section had been stripped to the bone, and we were the guys in charge of the data network, telephones, cells and smart-phones.
Any further cuts that came had to have been made in maintenance contracts and service agreements.
It was kind of odd with the county continuing cutting our budget and buying more and more mobile communication "toys".
No money available for the basics like maintenance or needed services, but there is always money for "toys". Its the county way!
Best of luck mates!

Anonymous said...

Cost of living raises? Improved equipment? I'm wondering when the furloughs start.

Equipment... let's make a game of it.. the first precinct with 50% of their patrol cars with over 200K miles gets an extra day off.. (unfortunately, that will be a furlough day).

Cost of living increase? A cost of living increase at Dekalb is increase in the pension contribution on top of the increase on the health insurance.

The hits keep coming. Next thing you know, O will retire and we'll get a new chief.

Anonymous said...

Mayberry is hiring...Dunwwoody could use a few seasoned homicide detectives...Just sayin

Anonymous said...

Why are you not in Deferred Comp???. 10% contribution to def'd comp will guarantee that you have enough money to live comfortably in retirement. If you are relying solely on the pension, you are trusting that the idiots that run DeKalb County won't bankrupt or rob the pension before you die. Is that really a bet you want to make? It just pisses me off to see police officers, people with guns and badges who are empowered to chase people at high speeds and take human life when necessary sitting around whining and bleating about their financial future and doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it themselves. Putting 10% in def'd comp is a before tax event so the net is about 7% reduction in take-home pay. You can make this up by working an extra job 2 or 3 times a month. The politicians can't touch your def'd comp and it can make you a millionaire by the time you are 65 if you start in your 20's or 30's. IF I CALLED 911 AND A DEKALB OFFICER SHOWED UP AND BITCHED AND COMPLAINED INSTEAD OF CONFRONTING THE DANGER, WHAT WOULD I THINK OF THEM??? So, why are you doing that when your retirement, your future quality of life, is in danger? Don't have $$$ for def'd comp? Quit buying new cars and make that new car payment into def'd comp and you will be a millionaire. ENOUGH BITCHING --- TAKE ACTION!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ 0845 THAT may have been true in the economy of the 80s and 90s but NOT now. Corrupt Wall Street investors/bankers are solely interested in what THEY get out of your money and NOT you. Having said that the best one can currently do is pay off their home and be debt free, one extra mortgage payment a year designated to principal essentially cuts your amortization in half thus saving you tens of thousands in interest over the life of the loan. Go sell your tonic water to the unsuspecting.