Friday, November 2, 2012

A Joke Of A Reporter For A Joke Of A Newspaper

On October 23, we announced on the blog the retirement of Bill O'Brien as chief of police. Being on top of things, April Hunt of the AJC reported O.B.'s retirement on October 31. Not really a big deal.

But the big deal is she gives the corrupt incompetent Terrell Bolton and the bigot Louis Graham a pass. April Hunt wrote in her article "He (Chief O'Brien) took charge of the 1,060-member force at a time of low morale stemming from budget cutbacks and the perception of benefit reductions when the county cut paid holidays for all employees". What is she talking about? Morale was at an all time low because of Vernon Jones and Terrell Bolton! Then the commissioners decided to kick us in the gut while we were down.

Exactly what does she mean by "perception of benefit reductions?"  Our benefits were reduced! We lost paid holidays! Promotional pay was reduced among other things.

Give us a break Ms. Hunt.

You can read more of her trash here.


Anonymous said...

Hey BOC how offering sick checks this year.

Anonymous said...

How many are on the force now? To me, that itself is a story.

Its amazing how no one from the AJC or any other news outlet in this town digs into how F'd up things are in DeKalb County. Of course, I have my suspicions as to why they don't.

-Anon 1118

Anonymous said...

No one ever said that some of the new breed of reporters that the AJC has hired are members of the brain trust.

It is amazing that these people have the intelligence of knowing how to get out of bed in the morning, muchless writing a story without proofreading it first.

April Hunt is probably the product of our modern day school system in which "dumbing down" was on the final exam.

Furthermore, the AJC over the last twenty years of so, has become nothing more than a trash can liner for the trash news they report on by trashy reporters.

Get your trash cans lined up......

Anonymous said...

No surprise here. Sadly, the AJC and Channel 2 are generally anti-law enforcement. Politicians get the benefit of the doubt, but never the police. Channel 2 is busily chasing down whether Athens police are arresting seriously intoxicated underage kids for the money. I don't see any indication that our local 'news' is serious about getting to the bottom of the corruption in DeKalb or anywhere else.

All that aside, be safe today.

Anonymous said...

How many are left?... soon to be one less. Updated my status from "Looking" to "Actively Looking" to leave DKPD.... damn shame.....I used to enjoy coming to WAS a "hobby job".... now it is just a pay check.

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing that they are still perpetuating the lie that there are over 1,000 officers in DKPD.

Anonymous said...

Hey Blog Master here is a little fact check. Under Vernon the pay scale for police was adjusted and MPO's got a 5,000 bonus, remember? Tebo, not taking up for him but he made it very known the pay needed to be raised. Obrian did come in at a challenging time I admit that but what did he do????????? I tell you this the job was held for him to become qualified and what did he do?????? OB is a nice guy but he took care of his friends just like everyone else did. What did he do?????

Almost Outta Here said...

1000 officers....they may be including retired officers who qualify annually to maintain their federal concealed carry as a retired LEO.

That would be the only way I could see 1000 strong.

Anonymous said...

If I'm out of tissue I reach for the AJC

Anonymous said...

Hey Wiz will the promotions be fair this time or do you have another girlfriend you want to promote. just anther reason to come to work, do the minimum and go home. who cares if these citizens get robbed, burglarized or beat up. The BOC dont care, the idiot CEO dont care and the Wiz only cares about who he is sleeping with. So i say to hell with going above and beyond for thi place.

Anonymous said...

I say you aint seen nothing yet if they don't look outside of Dekalb to fill the Chief's position...wait they did that already with Bolton....smh Dekalb is doomed either way unless they start cleaning house at the top and don't stop till they reach the scum at the bottom!

Anonymous said...

Here is what I would do:

1. Hire from the outside. Find someone who has no ties to Dekalb County, Georgia, or anyone or anything around here. Give them the authority to do what they need to do unimpeded.
2. Once hired, remove the ENITRE command staff back to their last merit system rank. Hire all new command staff from the outside, again with no ties to Dekalb County.
3. Hire a professional 911 Director who knows something about Communications and the technology it takes to run it. Get rid of any sworn personnel in there and put them back where they should be.

FYI, I am available to take the Chief's job and do all of this.

Anonymous said...

Again, no productive taxpayer wants to live in a ghetto. The big government socialist environment at DeKalb has helped remove what little tax base was left. The residents of Dunwoody and Brookhaven, not to mention the soon to be annexed regions, are not ignorant people, they saw their tax dollars evaporate long enough. We have seen this coming for YEARS, but the crime and lack of punishment issue was not corrected, The top-heavy, wastefull government was never addressed. DeKalb rather chose to live off their 1970's reputation as a top Georgia County. So as the county shrinks, and lay-off notices are distributed, be certain the remaining citizens will continue to be satisfied with status quo, and the B.O.C. will continue to enjoy their catered lunches, the police brass will insulate themselves more than ever as the officers left on the street will have more calls and liability than any other department with the most inequitable risk reward structure in the state.

Anonymous said...

Dekalb only need to look at Detroit to see what happens when the tax base shrinks.

The leaders and brass still get their take homes, catered lunches, and body guards while the uniforms get broken down cars, crappy pay, a stripped pension, and shit on by the remaining residents who cant get out of the ghetto.

Get out of Dekalb while you still can get a job with a better agency. Your life will be better in the long run and you will be happier!

Anonymous said...

News anchor arrested on DUI charges

By Fran Jeffries

Mon Nov. 12, 10:09AM
A local television news anchor was arrested on DUI charges on Sunday after she was involved in a wrong-way crash, according to Atlanta police.

Amanda Davis, an anchor at WAGA in Atlanta, was driving northbound in the southbound lane of Piedmont Avenue near 14th Street in Midtown around 12:20 a.m. when the crash ocurred, according to Atlanta police spokesman Gregory Lyon.

When the investigating officer arrived on the scene, he saw a black Toyota Corolla facing southbound driven by David Jarman and a Green Fiat facing northbound driven by Davis, according to Lyon.

The wreck scene suggested a head-on collision with Davis’ vehicle traveling northbound in the southbound lane of traffic, Lyon said.

The officer said he noticed that Davis smelled of alcohol. When he asked her if she had been drinking, she responded that she had, according to Lyon.

During the course of the investigation, the officer determined he had reasonable cause to believe Davis was driving while impaired. Davis refused to a field sobriety test and state-administered chemical tests, Lyon said.

Davis’ Georgia drivers license was confiscated and sent to the state. She was taken to the Atlanta jail on charges of DUI, failure to maintain lane and reckless driving, according to Lyon.

In a statement, the Fox 5 vice president of news wrote, “We are aware of the situation and we are currently investigating,” according to Channel 2 Action News. Davis has been at Fox 5 since 1986 and co-anchors the station’s news at 6 p.m and 10 p.m.

The other driver involved in the crash was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital after complaining of injuries, according to Channel 2. Davis bonded out of jail on Sunday morning, Channel 2 reported.