Thursday, January 17, 2013

Burrell Ellis and Kevin Ross, Their Time Is Coming. Pun Intended

We screamed about Burrell Ellis, his underling Kevin Ross and the EMS contract years ago. Now it's coming to a head.

This is truly going to be fun to watch.

Oh, and you Special Ops guys watching Mr. C.E.O.'s house; sucks for you. Kinda like guarding a mob boss house while he awaits conviction. Keep your heads up. All that comp time will come in handy. NOT!

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Anonymous said...

Will he become another millionaire like the former CEO. It's like get elected CEO in DeKalb and you become rich.

Anonymous said...

Now that Eurkel has Legal Counsel
who pays for his legal Counsel?
Do DeKalb citizens pay?
He'll probably award him some kind
of convoluted contract in the future. They didn't say it was pro

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Public Corruption Unit?

Anonymous said...

For a minute there, I thought there was a 1% chance he didn't do anything wrong. Then I read he hired J. Tom Morgan as his defense attorney. There goes that theory! 100% guilty!

LoFlyer said...

Damn.! This is going to cost Ellis.
The issue is not just about CEO Ellis.
DeKalb government is falling apart. Its s not just DeKalb government, everyone forgets DeKalb school system soaks up seventy percent of local citizens tax revenue.
Both are in big trouble and have no clue how to fix the problem.
What is even more disturbing, DeKalb citizens keep voting in incompetent political leaders.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget about his former number 2 Keith Barker, his ordeal with the County.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a simple audit would be revealing as to the issues here i.e. WHERE THE HELL DID 24 MILLION GO FROM RECORDER'S COURT?