Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Law Enforcement Message Board Up and Running

Click here to be directed to Law Enforcement Recourse


Anonymous said...

Another place for officers to bitch, whine, and moan about everything. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

That page hasn't got the first bitch on it. I am impressed.

old warhorse said...

Read the intro.. The D.B. is what this was for,from the very inception. Although,sometimes,some do get carried away with childish,immature,b.s.. But,in all fairness,what is important,or significant to some,may be unimportant,or insignificant to others. That is what the blog master is for,to screen and forward what is significant,and delete what is not. Ax grinding,back-biting,bad mouthing,and petty differences are not the issues. We are all guilty of it at times,due to these never ending frustrations. We have way bigger issues,with way big consequences for all,(including our families),than wasting time on minor issues,that we cannot change. This is still,and should remain,strictly,and solely for DeKalb officers,only. No one else. Citizens should create their own blog,to express their opinions on their issues wityh the county,and stop interjecting their bias opinions on P.D. issues ,that they have no personal knowledge,or experience with. Just one more opinion.