Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It's Good To Be King

Today all the precinct commanders and their staff get their new cars.

Also today the uniform officers are shown their appreciation by Chief Cedric. He has summoned all line officers to Sanitation for shit sandwiches and drink.


Anonymous said...

What would happen if there was no chief at all? Suppose the department was governed by a computer. Would then there be any of the line officers still bitching on how the department is being run?.

Think about it...In this day and age of high tech, what would be the biggest complaint?

Simply put, there will always someone. somewhere in this department raising a stink about the most dumbest reason.

It has been stated before.......If you do not like this place....MOVE.

Anonymous said...


Sandwiches at Sanitation??????????????????

Gee, I will bet that is nice!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Typical and historical DKPD management answer to everything.
"If you don't like it leave"

Anonymous said...

What time is lunch at sanitation? Will God Alexander be blessing our lunch or just blessing us with his presence.

Anonymous said...

Lol...why is it the people NOT answering calls get cars while those who need them stand around waiting for high mileage units to come on off the road... example: a crime analysis officer with a screened take home patrol car.

What do they mean by "staff"... does that mean the civilian secretary, the screening civilians , the admin lieutenant and their captains?

Anonymous said...

The important thing is that the department goes forward and not backwards.

it is super important to have a forward focus mind.

Dekalb can be a cool place to work with the right motivation.

nice impala picture! never thought i'd see dekalb colors on a gazelle.

Anonymous said...

So who got cars... precinct sound off.

And.... who turned in the keys with their letter of resignation?

Anonymous said...

also, perhaps a mission statement should be available on the blog.

there is no storyline to the complaints from officers on this website.

random complaints do not magically meet the guidelines for a proper continuous achievement based format. you can't expect gospel results if you don't adhere to the schematic of how a gospel is designed.

perhaps a 1 or 2 page foundational writing document, maybe call it 'article of establishment' to decipher complaints because the main headings do not really show a severe picture of abuse.

infact it looks good.

you take your 35 grand a year, your educational benefits which are available to some extent, your obama care healthcare so now you have no reason to complain, and your 2 part time jobs that pay more than any college diploma career and lead a happy life.

as far as take home cars, fleet maintanence has a proud tradition of reliability and celebration (ask king solomon). furthermore wisdom is among large counsel. there is a very broad lineage and text book understanding of the fleet vehicle. it is a proud tradition that spans thousands of years.

cars on fleet are often driven harder, sexier, and accomplish their true God given task. which is ultimatly to show off and make the governing force proud - whoever the individuals 'governing force' may be. pick the right head for your life and there is no problem.

the honest truth of the matter is that these other departments you guys complaign about - with suped up cars, etc. etc. ... they have some severe issues.

they don't have the freedom you guys do. they are always pushed around, forced to do things they really don't want to do, and quite honestly their lives are probably miserable. city employed policing is the same thing as child abuse. you'll be treated like a child, always under the threat of being fired unless you perform the same sins of the management and eventually the fruit of your life will reflect it.

it is a very aggravating thing to constantly be told your doing something wrong when your not. working for a city police force that has a reputation of extreme 'quality' (and i'm not mentioning any city in particular) is nothing short of torture. absolute torture.

the honest reality is that dekalb county might just be the best police force in the state of georgia to work for.

the grass is not greener on the other side just because they have take home cars. you should be thankful that you dont take your kids to school or take your wife somewhere in the same car you took someone to jail in. that is what my good book calls 'ritually unclean'

you shouldnt be jealous of the officer that has that available, rather pity that person.

i wouldnt want a car that criminals go in that i drive all day to be parked in front of my house. infront of my wife. heaven forbid not a child.

that is the definition of nasty. and its absolutly shameful. and its anti deuteronomy, anti levitical and anti numbers. it is ritually unclean and it cant be good for the body (which by the way is organic and grows to its surroundings)

there is no document that supports the take home car/horse/wheel doctrine. it has always been frowned upon by every wise king. and has always been against the religious text of any civilized civilization. its always been known to be foundationally flawed by every wise king.

opposite organic organisms always adapt. women that live together menstrate together after 3 to 4 weeks. cars that are taken home after arresting some nasty idiot and then taken home to take kids and wives to school ... that causes serious fungus and dont forget that the human brain is essentially a fungus organism. i would seriously not want a take home car.

Anonymous said...

Please don't refer to Alexander as "Chief." He may have fooled N.O.B.L.E. into thinking he is a law enforcement officer...but not me.

Anonymous said...

Sandwiches at Sanitation.... sounds like a candidate for CEO is trying to get in good with county citizen workers who vote, can strike and can hold campaign signs.

Who said the doc's not brilliant!

Anonymous said...

This blog and bitching is getting ridiculous. If you don't like the way its being run, test and make rank and change it. Otherwise shut your pie hole. Oh wait now you will complain the test is rigged by Auburn University.

Anonymous said...

Again - another problem. people trying to make rank. trying to change things. trying to be more or listening to people who try to tell them to be more. enjoy the home your at NOW!

just enjoy where your at and grow as a outdoorsman, or reader or whatever. there is NO career like law enforcement where you can grow. its a privilege to walk into someones home and tell them the law. it really is. and its a privilege learn so much. your being paid to learn. and grow in what should make you a more wholesome human being. guys in other departments like the cities in dekalb dont grow, they get held down.

the concept of trying to change something is itself something a derivative of the law.

if your going to be a police officer, the implication here is that you want to discern the law. obviously there is only one way to be right - and that is to be justified by the law.

but consider this: the law changes depending on every situation because every situation is inherently different.
yet the law does not change at all either because it is a proper foundation. and there is a set procedure for every situation.

the gray area in between is the lapse in time that determines history and manhood.the law cannot be worked for or defended because the law is a covenant. something against a covenant destroys itself, NOT the covenant/promise/law itself. This is because a covenant is not able to fail. the foundation of a covenant is a set principle that is properly grounded.

i see no true list of issues with dekalb police. it looks a great place to work.

you have the cash. you have the part time jobs. you have the highest pay in the united states for education. you have an air conditioned enviroment. you have a staff that supplies you with quality clothing firearms and laptops

no one in GA cares about quality uniforms and pistols like dekalb.
yet it seems people like to complain about some pretty high quality equipment. i know for sure M&P puts pride and quality to their products. its a quality piece of equipment, and i would of hoped you would of all enjoyed it and embraced the diversity. while all your neighbors carry glock that scratch index fingers irritate pinkies, you have leather quality at a military name.

basically with part time job, 60k with benefits, air condition and a awesome looking mobile office.

not to mention a NON abusive work enviroment which is where many officers work.most dkpd don't know what its like to be pimp slapped into sitting at a gas station holding a radar gun praying you dont get fired because the sgt expected you to be at 2 places at once.

just saying, some of your err.... neighbors in dekalb county work for inbreds and to them, work is like sucking on their mothers nipples..and you aint one of their spouses. and they are greeeeedddyyyyy for their mothers nipples errr... i mean Moolah $$$$

any more comfort than this and you would be male models - not partners of the law or whatever you would like to consider yourselves.

if the CEO gave you make up and mascera, would the complaining stop?

dekalb is a great place to succeed.

if you can just:

have your own personal growth agenda. just chill - take it easy dont stress it.

embrace diversity (DKPD has cool cool stuff - different than the other guys and its own theme - if you can embrace it - things will go smooth)

learn and grow

take it slow

dont worry about the other guys credit card.. i know most of you overcame problems many people cannot understand.

maybe even grew up in non english speaking homes. instead of complaining, why not be happy. you made it dawg. take your 60k and buy your mom something nice, buy a image of the pope, worship the virgin mary on your spare time instead of complaining.. lord knows thats what I would do. your heroes to your family. why complain about stuff that isn't even your problem.
just keep your nose out of trouble and bring honor to your families, ignore the wind.

Anonymous said...

No it was jus fix for mumbles the POS you have for a Uniform Chief. Ever wonder why he never gives a sound bite for TV? Shit for brains and shit in his mouth.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous at 7:30...

You make no sense. It is obvious that you don't know anything about the issue!!!

NO sane police officer is going to drive their wife and kids around in a patrol car!

Anonymous said...

"ritually unclean" got to love that.
However, this person does have a point. When I was policing there, I loved the idea of a take home car, but the reality is that I would have to keep the damn thing clean....on MY time, not theirs. An impossible task if there ever was one and just another thing to get bitched at about if its not clean enough. Also, the way I had it figured, since that car was full of funk from all those J-1's, id be spending that much more time in it trying not to get sick myself. As for having perps in the neighborhood drive by my house and see that car there....I never wanted to live in a place #1 where perps are walking by my house and #2 I never would live where anybody could ever see ANY car I drove from the road. I like to shoot my guns in the back yard so that always sorta limited where I lived anyway.
Maybe things are different now or something and maybe take home cars might be a good thing but I never relished the idea.
Call me crazy, most folks just called me Sgt Friendly. "Road kill stew anybody"?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonynous 9:47 pm...your comment would have merit if anyone at the ranks that make decisions that change things had actually made their rank honestly, and because they deserved it, and were actually doing a damn thing to make changes for the better. All anyone does it get the rank sit on ass and collect a better pension.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:20 am if ya haven't looked out your window lately...Let me clue you in THEY are moving you moron, faster than we can get them through academies. Hey I've got a cool idea. How about we start trying to make this a better place to work and bring us back into the age of police work....and try to keep some good ones.

Anonymous said...

So .... What exactly IS the problem?

What IS the issue?

is it the new uniforms? new Black Slick cars? new boots that go 'click', new uniforms? the new guns? the good pay, the part times? the close to 3 digit annual pay with part time jobs with no degree and air condition? the lax command staff that grow fake gray hair on non sense complaints? the diverse work enviroment?

.... maybe if someone stated the issue ... hmm ... really is there an issue?

Anonymous said...

I just saw the recent promotions, I'm speechless I can't believe as top heavy as we are and as bad as we need officers on the street we are promoting more. I can understand a few sgt's and maybe a couple LT's. But capt and majors give me a break.
Now I know that the great Wizard of oz known as the God Doctor is an idiot. When you first come to work here the first thing you do is demote chief Gassner to a captain, maybe that's because she had the respect of the troops and she is a real police officer which you are not. Now you have promoted some real idiots like chief Harris and now his little Minnie me capt gassner to major. You promoted the wrong gassner. I guess you don't like when people tell you the truth and stand up to you, I come to roll call and have to tell the troops to hold their heads up and be proud and give me a 100% . You make it really hard to get the troops to believe you know what you are doing when we keep taking from the troops and not giving back. Please give uniform division a real chief and for god sake stop surrounding yourself with ass kissers and be a leader that you claim to be. Be a fair and honest man.

Anonymous said...

Hey 8/9/14 @ 6:55PM.....Is there anyone in the department that you do like? It seems you have a problem with personalities. (mainly your own)

Why not do your job the way you were instructed to do so and take some duck tape and put it across your mouth and you ass as you haven't said anything worth while.

Anonymous said...

To anon 8:24 since this is the only department I have worked for and since I have given this county 25+ years of my life and gotten my rank on my own yes I have earned the right to say what I want. Maybe you are one of those ass kissers I was referring too, and I said something about one of your friends who is in our sorry command staff. Well put on your big boy pants and deal with it, I do not want to see the department I spent most of my life with run into the ground. So just go hide somewhere like the rest of the slugs.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:22PM

I'm not sure what you are trying to say. Are you saying that you think everything is OK in DeKalb Co. and you don't think there IS a problem?

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that the cars at Camp Circle will be going to CID instead of to uniform.... anyone know for sure what has been decided?...(which is probably why they're still not painted and striped like patrol cars...)

After the precinct command staffs got a number of them last week, the rest going to CID doesn't seem so far fetched.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I mean, "JUST DAMNYUM". Sounds like Scott Gassner got offended. Well sorry to agree with anon 6:55 but the truth sure does hurt. There is absolutely no reason for us to have all the freakin Chiefs, Major & Capts we have for a dept so short of man power. Let alone the size. The problem is all these guys truly feel that they're entitled to it because of tenure....Sorry to say but anon 6:55 nailed it. Scott you are a little minion and its sad but true. The wrong Gassner got promoted if you ask the troops in this dept.....We know how it works...The God Doctor is so in love with BC "Brain Child" Harris he can't see past all those shiny stars. Its nothing personal ...just the truth.

Oh and by the way we did have true leadership and she got knocked down because she didn't play into the God Doctor's run tell that.

Anonymous said...

August 6, 2014 at 11:46 PM

Cedric? Is that you? It has to be.

God help us…...

Anonymous said...

When the Lts and Capts were asked for their resumes several weeks ago many were speculating on who Dr. God would appoint to Major.
There was a post on this site at that time that said it would be one of his, "special" friends like Sonya or Connie or one of B Harris' do-boys from SOD.
It is sad when it becomes so easy to predict.

Anonymous said...

Today's "the day".... the BOC will vote on whether or not to approve money to outfit what's left of the new cars that were supposed to be patrol cars for the uniform division.

A large number were given to the command staffs... their low mileage old cars will go to CID and uniform may get the leftovers.

It all makes perfect sense ...why waste money on cars going to uniform... they only answer calls and aren't worth the investment.... another academy will start and we can replace the veteran, experienced officers with rookies.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again with promotions causing the uniform division become depleted again. The answer is all the future academies schedule this year.

One day we are too top heavy and the next day we have promotions.

Take from uniform and fill the other divisions.

Everyone transferred out of uniform to another division get a Take Home Car immediately.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that there are rumors flying all over the rumor mill at the police department where the rumors orginate

Anonymous said...

Lol...I heard the same rumor.

Anonymous said...

Chief Alexander on 11alive news. Good points.

Anonymous said...

Director Alexander,,,,please stay off CNN and stick with DeKalb County. Do you want to work here or NOT?

Anonymous said...

So if Cedric thinks Ferguson needs more black cops because white cops can't relate to black people, then why did the people of Ferguson, a city that is two-thirds black vote in a white man as mayor? Why would black people vote for someone they can't relate to?